Galactic Council Meetings influencing this Reality and interesting Q&A

We covered many different areas today in this impromptu message that was originally shared via Facebook Live.

This is a transcription of a podcast message.

Hey everybody, my name is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome to this week’s message. I almost didn’t do today’s message because I was already doing a live event last night. But I am a little tired because I had some other things I was working on. But I wanted to hang out with you guys today. So here we are. Can you guys tell me if you can hear me? Okay, that would be great. And then a bit of a background kind of situation here. I like to say situation. Hi, Liliana. Hi, John. Can you guys hear me okay, if you could let me know please. I’m back in my kitchen because I actually didn’t like the way the lighting was turning out in the office. Thumbs up. Okay, that’s a good sign. So we’re moving back in the kitchen. I think the lighting is a little better in here. And then also I’m back on my phone for Facebook Live, and I’m not really happy about that because it’s just logistically not as streamlined but the camera is better and the picture is wider like I like it to be when I make the video. So anyway. Anyway, here we are. So I’m back in my kitchen. So let’s take a couple nice deep breaths here. You may want to like shake your shoulders. Whoa. nice deep breath. Okay, awesome. Thanks, you guys. I’m glad you can hear me. Hello, everybody. We’ve got a nice group coming together here. Okay, so what’s going on? I’m, there’s a lot to talk about today actually. There’s a lot of different possibilities for where we could go. Hi, Kirk. He says, Hi, Jill. I’m going to get you money this week. And I know what you mean, but they don’t know what you mean. Kirk is coming to the Platinum Age retreat in Zion. And Kirk, that sounds great. I’m glad that you’re actually ecstatic that you’re able to come and I do have some other spots for others that if you are spontaneous enough to throw together a trip to Utah with me, we’re leaving in a couple weeks now, November 1st through the fourth for the Platinum age retreat in Zion. And there’s just something very special about the Platinum age retreats and it’s really wonderful to hang out together. It’s very activating for each other to hang out in this way. And I love to do these trips. So if you’re interested, just go to my website And then what I think it’s forward slash forward slash zion. But you could just go on the search field and search Zion or look in, travel. There’s something there’s, you’ll find it. You’re going to find it I I know you will. Okay. Very good.

My team is just like, are you going to talk about that? Like, I don’t know. Yeah, let’s talk about that first. Okay. So last night, I had the chance to be on beyond the ordinary with John Burgos. And I know some of you got to listen to that. And the way that he set it up this time we did the live call last night, and then he’s going to replay an encore tonight. So if you’re listening to this live, it’s for Tuesday night. And I love how he’s doing that because it was a really fun call. There were a lot of other cool things actually. Actually, I haven’t listened to the replay, but a lot of things that come through, and the feedback I’m hearing from people is that they love that call, so that that’s a good sign that you may like it too. I’ll talk about the ascension codes in a minute, you know, for those of you that have never done the telesummit, and I mean, like you really, you really may want to listen to this call, because I know telesummits aren’t for everybody and just like we all have our own kind of flavors of how we like to, you know, receive information and feel inspired, acquire knowledge etc. but I know the way that I do the telesummits anyway, you guys those are those are like screaming deals because the way it’s set up is that every speaker has to come to the table with an offer to sell to their audience and the discounts that were basically required by, I mean otherwise it won’t work otherwise anyway that’s what makes them out of work because they amazing discounts so for those of you that aren’t quite into telesummits I I get it because I mean, not everything is for everyone. But you may want to check this out. Anyway, so you know, some of you have hung out with me long enough to kind of see or experience how I normally do things. This was different because with my special offer this time with the ascension codes, I pre recorded everything and normally I don’t even remember why we did this initially. But at some point I decided that for these telesummits, I like to put together a live experience where we would do like three calls together, including Q&A etc. And for some reason this time, yeah, I just had to breathe right there. For some reason this time with the ascension codes, I was clearly guided to pre record the materials. It actually felt like more work for me sitting in a room in my house like talking to myself basically in a recorder without talking from my team for hours and hours and hours. And we just did it I think in two different sessions, but I love what came through and really, I you know, the information in the ascension codes is so different than what I normally do and where I was being I want to say asked and guided to go into the afterlife experience into the life review experience. I mean, this very strange experiences for us to journey in our consciousness from within our human body suits. And yet it’s so important that we had these insights that we are offered this clarity and Thoth, the Egyptian, right. assisted in part of it and he was so clear, so honest, and I want to say even vulnerable, which isn’t I know, some of us that know Thoth, that’s not that’s not normally how he comes through. He was admitting where they got things wrong in the Egypt in that Egyptian timeline about death and the process of preparing for the afterlife. And that was just so comforting is the word I want to use. It’s like incredibly, like, Oh my gosh, this is such amazing information. I wish everybody had this right. And also just reassuring. I guess there’s another word. You know, there are layers of the fabric of our humaneness. The more the mortal side of our humaneness that just gets uneasy about the idea of of death and the afterlife and what happens there and the mystery and the mysticism and and to kind of totally pull back the veils and offer such specific, rich, amazing truth for us to have while we’re alive. It’s wonderful, you guys, we wouldn’t have been able to access this before. It’s because of all the amazing conscious expansion and all of these amazing vibration raising experiences that folks like you and I have been doing for decades that actually allow for this type of material to come through. So it does feel like you know that proverbial standing on the shoulders of those that came before us. That is how it feels. And it’s funny because talking about the afterlife and life reviews doesn’t feel like the sexiest topic that I’ve done. Before, but it almost, in some ways feels like the most relevant in many ways. Hey, Andrew, good to see you here, brother. Yeah, so this any, it isn’t just like, Oh yeah, this is nice to know the way that the information came through. And it was so readily applicable to our human journeys and the parallels between the afterlife and what’s happening there and that in between state and what happens in our life here. We’re so relevant. And I guess in some ways, I don’t know why I’m surprised as human Jill, that there were such parallels but I definitely I am surprised pleasantly surprised with what came through.

So anyway, the advantage of me having worked my ass off to get all the pre recorded materials there is that if you do decide to check out the ascension codes, it’s all there. So if you do decide to jump in, it’s all ready for you. So there’s eight recordings. There will be a live Q&A call November 11. At I think I scheduled it for like 8am. Pacific time 11am. Eastern on November 11. And that will be recorded. So if you’re jumping in later, you’ll have that archive and it’ll be all it’ll be all set for you too. So anyway. It’s just funny. I’m just realizing that there are so many things I’ve said yes to in my, I want to say career and my work here in this this esoteric spiritual realm that I wouldn’t normally say, Yeah, I want to do that. But in hindsight, I’m so glad I’ve said yes to so many things that my team, I want to say encouraged or offered or suggested to me. And I do see that there’s so many parallels from what you and I do together that do. result from galactic council conversation and sessions and we’ll talk about that at the Platinum age retreat. I love to talk about galactic council sessions at the Platinum age retreat because it’s such a beautiful kind of sacred space of coming together, etc. But at galactic council meetings, there are a lot of conversations where we as our kind of in between consciousness, not quite our higher self, but very connected still to our humaneness, where we show up and we’re almost like we’re not whining, it’s not a bitch session, or complaining session, but it’s a notation of what maybe we could be doing better on, where we’re running into challenges where we’re feeling roadblocks, etc. And in those, it’s not just like to file a complaint it’s to, its to creatively explore solutions. And it’s very clear to me that what folks like you and I do is in our consciousness, we almost feel I want to say fed or led to bring up those conversations and kind of insert those proposed solutions, and ideas and upgrade of thought forms and counter arguments to the status quo, etc. And we insert them into this reality through our humaneness. You and I are the human ambassadors for our team. This is actually a higher functioning system than then one may imagine. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. So I love the role that I’ve signed up for as Jill and I I definitely feel leadership in in what I share and and why I share it. And I hope that you feel that way to about you in your life and it it doesn’t have to mean you guys that you’re connected to your team. Right? It doesn’t have to be that it doesn’t. It doesn’t have to feel that way. There’s a reason why you wake up some days and you’re just naturally inspired to, you know, try something new or get more aggressive get more assertive about this in your life for that project or, or this new experience. You just get passionate about things for reasons that your humaneness may not understand. But your higher self maybe going Oh, there’s she just got the memo from our galactic council experience. So there she goes, right. So trusting yourself that you are more connected than you may realize and that it’s not necessary for you to have like a dialogue with your team in order to feel guided and supported in this reality. Okay. Okay, I’m just feeling led to comment. I was just not prioritizing curling my hair today. This is where my hair looks like. It’s just blow dry. Oh, no, I felt led to mention that that last week and this weekend, like, I’m not going to have time to curl my hair today and that’s okay.

So I focused on sending out my private session recordings and getting other stuff done. But yeah, this is my, this is my uncurled hair appearance. Okay, and then the other just kind of weird housekeeping item I’m encouraged to share with you is that I would you know, those people that either like high school or college, etc. that when when everybody had to do a public public, speech, right where they had to get up in front of the classes and speak. You know that one that you’re just like, oh, you have this is the one. She’s so bad at that. her throat is going to get all dry. She’s going to be all awkward. She’s not going to be looking at us. She’s going to be like wishing she would die and not know what she’s going to say next. And it’s going to be awkward for all of us. You know that person. You guys that was me. Thank you, Cassie. She said I was just looking at your hair and thought it looks great. Oh, That’s so sweet. Thank you. It’s a lot easier this way. That’s for sure. Anyway, so I know some, it’s funny because I told my daughter’s this recently because they’re like, well, that’s, you know, they made some comment like, we are good at public speaking and I’m just like, Oh, no, I wasn’t always though. Yeah, so I, I led to share that with you guys that I was not always as comfortable speaking or sharing my ideas. And I literally was that one person in the class that everyone is just like, this is going to be painful to watch. I was that way up until college. And I did have or just wait 20 minutes. I think you can go get a drink. Go get a drink of water. So what happened for me? And I feel like this is kind of a good hacker strategy. Okay, Yeah. So this this hacker move that I did and I mean hacker in the best sense of the word which hacker by my definition, which I have I love hackers is somebody that they they realize there’s like a quick road to success. And they’re not cheating anyone. They’re not lying or stealing or anything like that. They’re just they found a really savvy sort of sneaky workaround to get the results they wanted, with very, with a lot less effort than most people take or a lot less effort than most people would expect. Okay, sorry, Samson is serious about going out. So, I Okay. Right. Okay, so what’s my hacker move? You guys may want to know because I feel like you could apply it to a lot of different facets of your life. I know I have for sure. Okay, so what I did, I had a presentation that I needed to do when I was working at Hewlett Packard. Let’s see how old was I at that age 28. Probably. And my former, I think I had just gone up for promotion and gotten it. And my former boss, whom I loved, but she was intimidating. And I did like to impress her. She brought out a she brings for me anyway, she brought out the best in me because she had very high standards and you could tell and it made you want to, like do really, really well on things you just didn’t want to disappoint or she wasn’t scary. She was just intimidating because of her standards. Anyway, so She was in the she was going to be in the audience of this presentation that I had to give for representing my team and what we were working on. I was terrified. But I knew Teresa would be there. And we were, I was waiting for my turn. And I was I had all the materials I was prepared. I didn’t like rehearse it, but I knew, I knew my shit. I knew what I was gonna say, I knew I knew the content well. And it was almost like I said to myself, and I’m guessing like pro athletes. This is like what they talk about when they would they got to get their head in the game, right? I was basically telling myself, you don’t have an option to fail. You have to succeed. You have to nail this. And I’m sure part of my inner voice was you’ve seen enough amazing presenters and smooth talkers. And there’s some going here right before you that do it like they were just born to public speak. So that’s going to be you. You’re just going to do it.

You’re just gonna, you’re just going to wing it and That’s going to be great. Like you’ve never done it before. And that’s exactly what happened. When it was my turn. I felt like I created another version of Jill, in that moment, and I could see my former boss Teresa, who is busy almost the whole time I was speaking for the way probably working on her presentation. I don’t know. I saying or not saying. But anyway, she she did a good job kind of psyching me out to want to do my best and, and it went so well. And I just remember throughout the presentation, part of me just being like, Oh my gosh, I’m actually doing this, like, Where did this come from? Why didn’t I do this before? Right? But I hope all of you have at least one of those moments in your life where you feel like there may be something that you’re typically not good at or or you’re not normally known for. And then all of a sudden you’re just like, I just have to do this. I just have to figure this out. And create a new version of me that’s going to like shine in this situation and it’s so liberating. It’s so it’s just feel so good when you realize that you have more layers to who and what you are, you can make new layers to who and what you are, that weren’t there before. We are capable of so much in this reality. And we we sincerely don’t give ourselves enough credit to be an exceptional version of who and what we are. So what in your life have you decided you’re just not good at? Right? I mean, it’s hard for me to imagine what my life now would be like had I just accepted this identity that I’m a horrible public speaker, right? I certainly wouldn’t be doing this. And I would not be doing you know, the live events that I do, etc. So Wow, we are capable of so much more than we realize. And I love to help people see and, you know, see themselves more clearly help them feel more bold and more bright in their possibilities so that they can shine so that you can shine at levels and in ways that you didn’t know you could before. I love it when we surprise ourselves. It’s actually more fun than surprising somebody else with our amazing this, okay? All right. So we’re just going a bit in random and random random topics and I’m okay with that today. The other now I kind of wish I would have kept it there. Every once in a while I go on to my YouTube, my YouTube channel and I look at the comments and I used to have it. Okay, so this this section of our time today could be called, how to feel comfortable deleting the assholes. The trolls, the stupid mean commenters on your social media, social media profiles. I’m very comfortable deleting bullshit comments that are on my social media, I really have like, zero hesitation about just delete. And I for some reason I want to explain that because I am still, I don’t understand that we all have our own way of doing things. But I don’t understand how my peers and the people that I hang out with that are a lot more popular than me sometimes on social media, how they just let this this toxic goo just like sit on their wall, this hate and vile and disgusting comments and just you suck and The one that I deleted so rapidly this morning was something about it was like I’m so sick and tired of seeing this woman or as if people like this in her posh kitchen, selling her stuff, making money and I’m just like, it’s just like, I kind of glanced over it with this look on my face. And I hit delete, and then I’ve walked in and just kind of just I’m just laughing because it’s just so funny. I mean, it just cracked me up. And another another one another one of me just wants to give the verge like We weren’t handed this house right. We work hard. Damn it. It just he obviously has issues about people that have posh kitchens. That’s a judgment. I don’t like that judgment. But he is entitled to his judgment.

He’s entitled anything he wants to say. But I’m entitled on what I say goes on my freaking wall. Okay, so on my comment page on YouTube you normally will not see bullshit, rude, insensitive, ignorant, just stupid comments that if you don’t like my stuff, then keep on walking, okay? I have no interest in entertaining someone’s hate of me. Okay. I’m not here to be liked. I’m here to share what I want to share with the world. And I get to decide what that is. And he gets to decide what he is. But this notion that in social media is somebody just blowing up the hearts all over the place. I love it. The notion that in this age of digital media and social media and personal profiles and in anybody having a platform for sharing who and what they are, that we have to just let this hate that we have to give room on our content for hate of others. I don’t get it. I just I just don’t understand why that’s the norm. So if you are like, okay, and you actually like the hate on your wall power to you, it’s your wall. That’s the beauty of your wall. You get to do what you want with it. But Wow, why, right? It’s not like, it’s not like my cleaning. My comments is leading any Samson, Sammy, I need you to go through the pet, go through the pet door. Go go go around. You can do it. Go do it. Okay. The idea that I mean, yes, I clean my wall of comments. And for some of you, you’ll actually see the icky comments. And then yes, I actually know because I hang out with you guys too, right? And sometimes you’re like I saw that comment on your wall today, just waiting to see what you’re going to do with it, were you’re going to engage were you’re going to delete what you’re going to do. Yeah, typically I just delete it. But it’s about like people that go to my wall or go to my YouTube channel or whatever. If they see all positive comments. It’s not like they’re thinking, Oh, everybody loves Jill. Nobody hates Jill. I and I wouldn’t care if they thought that anyway, doesn’t matter. Thank you, Samson. I appreciate that baby. Thanks, honey. No, he’s got a really noisy bone on our tile Hey honey, if he drops it, it’s going to be really loud. Hi, honey. always going to the carpet. Bonus. Okay. Anyway, so. So, this freedom of speech, right? The first amendment in the United States says that we’re all entitled to say what we want to say, well, not on my wall. You’re not because it’s my wall. So I’ll do what I want to do. And I will not make space for your hate. me or anyone else on my wall? So yeah, that’s how I do it. And I actually wish more people did because what I sense is that there’s quite a few people on social media that feel compelled to leave the hate there like, it’s like they’re less of a person if they delete it, and like there’s something wrong with them. If they really wish they could just like scrub it clean, right? And I just I get that there’s that pressure of what’s wrong. Can’t you take it, can’t you handle it? Why is it about that? Why? Why is why is that the goal of of how tough are you? Right? I’m trying to make the world a better place by sharing information that I don’t see here. Otherwise, if I don’t share it, I’m not saying everything I share is new. But I do intend anyway to put a unique spin and make things fun and playful that are very expanded. Very out there in a lot of things or just unusual and helpful. Yeah, so this, going with that? I don’t know. But I, I hope that everyone has the giving themselves the permission to be authentic with yourself that if you don’t like something and if you’re on social and I know some of you are saying, This is why I’m not on social media, that’s fine. But if I weren’t on social media, you and I probably wouldn’t know each other. And I’m glad I know you. I’m glad I can be cheering you on and get to know you when we get together at events and things. So I am on social media because it works well for what I do. But for those that are on social media, and you feel like you’ve had your share of you know, haters or whatever, you guys, you get to decide what you do with that wall. I look at my YouTube channel, my Facebook wall etc. I look at it like an extension of my home. And I will not put up with shit in my home. If I have a guest over or if I were having a family, you know, a dinner or even a family dinner with extended family if somebody is acting like an ass. Yeah, my, my core family, my husband and my two daughters, they’ll just be looking at me like my mom’s gonna say something. And I will. So no, I have a I have a zone of no bullshit all around me. And my family knows this well, so why wouldn’t I extend my no bullshit zone onto my social media wall. So that’s how I do it. So just because somebody has something to say doesn’t mean I have to make room for it. In my home, my walls. Okay. Anyway, so I just wanted to point that out. That there’s a reason right? That we all do the things that we do, and I Hope that you feel more permission to do things the way that you want to do them. And question the way that things are typically done if you’re uncomfortable with them. Some of us are more sensitive than others, right? I do know. That’s true. I do know some people well, that are very active on social media and they get a lot of, you know, engagement on their, their YouTube channel, etc. And they definitely get their fair share of hate. And I actually think that there’s one in particular, I think he likes it. I think he likes the controversy, not in a sadistic way it just to him that he appreciates that there’s dialogue. He’s so comfortable with disagreement and things like that. I guess I have a softer side to me that’s just like, well, that’s just not nice, because I would never do that. I would never go on somebody else’s wall and just be like, you’re doing it wrong. Right. I may point out like, oh, there’s another side to this. I might typically not sometimes I do sometimes I dont, but I wouldn’t do what this guy did. So I guess I just have a different flavor of, you know, tastes and preferences in terms of how to interact with people, even when you do disagree with them. But anyway, that’s all. Okay. Alright, what else should we do today? So the Galactic council conversation will continue for those that are going to be at the Platinum age retreat. I do intend to record those. Just audio every time I try to record the Platinum age retreats with video, it gets wonky, and I think it’s because the energy is so different and unique and it and hopefully expanded at those those experiences. Plus, I am too cheap to pay somebody to manage that kind of stuff. So the audio recording at least then we have it. And that’s good for the folks that are there too, because there’s a lot that comes up. Anyway, so we’ll talk more about the Galactic council meetings. There, what you guys want to talk about me? I don’t want to have to scroll through my phone. But are there questions or topics that you guys want to talk about before we wrap up for today? We’ve already been talking a half hour you know, Steve, he says, For me, I think it’s personal respect. I like that. I agree. Some people don’t have personal respect. Okay. Oh, awesome.

Yeah, awesome. They’re one of our friends here just said going in for the ascension codes. Okay, good. That’s a it’s a really powerful series. And I’m so happy it’s there. And I I love to hear from for those of you that have already signed up, I’d love to encourage you to put on the comments where the content materials are, post your comments about, you know, how it’s going, what’s going on for you, etc. It is a it’s a like I said, it’s a very different series and I’ve done before and I would appreciate the engagement with you. Hey, Brittany, she’s saying, do you think there is a significance to today’s date 10/10. OK, so my I’m not as into the dates like that. I did host an event on 11/11/11. And I’m glad I did it, but I really honestly feel I could have just as easily have that event on 11/13/17. So I’m just not as into the numbers. And the reason is because it’s much more my style even as my higher self that we should be excited about every day. So this fascination with certain dates and certain things and you know, I just, I feel like for some of us, it almost becomes like an like an addict, where we’re just waiting for the next big date. The next key date and and letting other days just be less spectacular. When everyday we’re on earth can be spectacular. So I prefer to work my life that way. Yeah. 10/10/17 I mean, I like the numbers, is it I make every day special. So yes, it is slightly special. But I like it better when we think about everyday being special. Hello, Emma. She’s saying are the ascension code recordings channeled material? Yes. How did you bring them through Jill? I have a way of the way that I do it is I share from a level of me that I have access to as Jill into the realms of the all that is that is beyond what I know, humanly as Jill and I would say 80% at least of the book, there’s some story I like to tell personal stories and for those that have done my classes before, some of them love the personal stories because it helps their human layers make something real and able to be applied in their everyday lives. Okay. So with the ascension codes, and I think most I would say all of the classes that I have an archive and there’s there’s a lot there. Let’s see, where would it be on my website. so There’s a whole tab for online classes and there’s there’s tons of really, really good stuff there. I would say 80% of it is what I would call channeled, which is again, just information again, just it’s information and wisdom that’s coming from beyond this reality from beyond the time space continuum being inserted. So there is reality through if you will, my human Jill. Now I’m not a big fan of channeled material. And this is just my own preference. I’m my team is like, have we heard this before? Yes, we have. We all are looking for different things. Okay. So Emma, for me, I don’t like it when I hear somebody’s channeling and I’m not a consumer like of channeled information for my own reasons, but I’m not a big fan of channeled messages where the channeled entity is kind of disparaging and snarky regarding humans. I also as my higher self, I’m not a really big fan of an entity or an energy in the all that is inserting their inserting themselves into this time space continuum through a conduit that isn’t their conduit. Okay? It feels a little bit to me like sticking your nose in where you have no business being. Those of us here we have a we have a human, our higher self cared enough about this reality, had permission had authority to create a human to be here in this reality. So I don’t like it that another energy form that doesn’t have a human here didn’t start with the human hair doesn’t claim a human here just kind of pops in and and dumped some wisdom here and there. I find also that some of the information that comes through it feels arrogant. It’s like you humans. What would you do without me? You would be nothing without me. You’re just bumbling around you idiots, you know what I mean? That’s kind of the tone that I feel sometimes when like I’m on my Facebook page or you know somebody has something that they shared and I’ll click on it just be like, Oh, what’s this? And I just got this you know, just kind of it’s it is a personal taste and preference of mine and I totally own that. So, when somebody says to me like, is it channeled or you know, are you channeling or you channeler, I hesitate to say yes, because I’m not channeling an entity or something else that’s different than what I am in the all that is, I’m giving permission and allowance and acceptance even even the light about the fact that my all that is energy, my higher self energy, my team is what I call it is interested and cares enough about this reality that we created a human to be a representative be an ambassador for the light and the love and the wisdom that we are in the all that is in this reality. And that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. That means that I have a lot of other quirky layers of being human. And not everything goes perfect in my life and I don’t expect it to go perfect in my life, whether I’m at channeler or not.

So I have a very different way of looking at a lot of things in this reality, including almost everything in spirituality and enlightenment, etc. So hope that answers your question, Emma. Good question. I do appreciate it. Okay. Emma help me out here, you’re saying so why is this being allowed? Why is what being allowed? Let me know because I I feel like I like your question here. I want to know more. Okay, Hello, She’s saying what do you think of astrology and numerology. I like astrology numerology as a fundamental it’s a divinity tool right? So it’s a it’s a tool that can be used to tap into the divine energy and support and guidance etc that we have in this reality. I have definitely seen different ways of I didn’t study astrology and numerology By the way, so I’m not an expert by any means, but I know experts. I I find it interesting that there are so many different ways that an astrologer or numerologists can work with you think the same materials and you’re welcome. Emma says Thank you. You’re welcome. I’m glad it makes sense. They, they all have their own spin on it their own take on it and I like that, that even though it’s the same divinity tool that somebody’s own unique soul signature comes through their soul personalities, the certain passions and interests come into it their vibrational range comes into it right? so you can I mean not to be judged it may come across as judgy and I’ll own that. But there can be a low vibe astrology reading there can be a low vibe kind of numerology reading and there can be an incredibly cosmically yum yum high vibe astrology reading and numerology reading. So I like that there’s that much play of creativity and individuality in those divinity tools that that the individual using the divinity tools can kind of apply to it. And I feel that same way about a healer or an intuitive or channeler quote unquote etc. Okay, thanks Anna. She’s clarifying why so it would be Emm’s question is why is it allowed that the entities, the entities being present butting in? In other words, why is it allowed for forces that are not Question. It’s a loophole. Basically, there’s a lot of loopholes that have been taken to, to play and interfere and interact in this reality without a human representative. There’s been a lot of creative license taken to interact and engage and insert oneself into this reality that that is annoying. troublesome. That’s kind of like oh, yeah, I can see why they I can see why they did that, given their intentions. They’re being they’re not consciously connected to the light of source Creator God, not these entities that are being channeled, but just in general, somebody that would insert themselves in a loophole kind of way. Remember, we were talking about being a hacker and I love hackers. And I like the idea of a hacker that’s not trying to harm anybody, and not trying to push anybody aside or violate anybody’s free will. It’s just saying, Hey, I think there’s a quicker way to get to this. So let me try it this way. Let me go around the system. Create a loophole that doesn’t harm anybody else. So I guess they could those forces that would use a loophole in a way of inserting themselves in this reality without a human representative unofficial one. They could probably justify it that way. Well, I’m not hurting anybody, right? said every criminal everywhere I’m not trying to hurt anybody. It’s such a strange place, right? This reality is such a strange place. Okay, very good. All right, let’s see what else. Hello, is she saying? What’s your take on genealogy especially if you’re able to trace back to your 750 and see themes that are so present in a person’s mind at present day life? I if you’re interested in that, that’s really cool. I’m not as into genealogy. I mean, I’m slightly curious about like my heritage that I chose to be a part of as Jill with the parents I chose because obviously our higher self we’re picking, things like that we chose our parents, therefore, we chose our lineage and our DNA composition, etc. but some of us as a higher self, we don’t put that much emphasis on that when our planning our human when we are planning our human journeys. I see it for me as my higher self as when I do human journeys. It’s just kind of like, Yeah, that’ll work. I can work with that DNA. I can work with that structure, and I can see where that that won’t get in my way. Or I probably wouldn’t let that bother me. So yeah, that’ll work. Say yes to those parents. Whoo hoo. Right.

You may even like them, Jill, may even love them. And I’m glad I do. So we have so many choices as our higher self and obviously from now in the human construct. It’s challenging to feel that way. But so no, I don’t get really into the whole like, what’s your lineage because I This is gonna sound so weird. I don’t place a lot of emphasis on. I do not want this to sound I can’t catch all out sounds I just know how I mean it. I don’t I place a lot more emphasis on your I want to say eternal disposition as your higher self and kind of why you’re here and what your kind of intentions are and being in this reality Were you here to like be a bringer of light onto the planet. I care about that kind of if you will genealogy, lightology, I guess I call it a lot more than I do human genealogy, like the human gene and the genetics and that kind of stuff. So that’s where I am. Okay. All right. Okay, hi Anna, she’s saying I feel Lois again she’s saying do we or could we re insert into certain minds through reincarnation? Let me make sure I understand. Do we or could we re insert into certain lines? Oh yeah, definitely. All you have to have is is to parents that say yes. So you could definitely keep coming back in through the same bloodline if you wanted to. Yeah, yep. What else and then I think I’m gonna call it a wrap you guys she’s saying lightology. Love it. All right. I think that’s it. who is in your team, what to call them. Thank you that I’m That’s a nice little segue actually. Because he asked he knows the answer, but he asked on behalf of the audience the same question and I like how the answer came through. So that would be on that replay. I will post the link to that encore tonight. The encores tonight at 5pm Pacific 8pm Eastern and I’ll post the link in the Facebook comments here. Actually, I’ll probably put it in the item so you can see it more clearly. And then you can check it out tonight. Okay, I know. I could just answer you, but it feels better that way and it’s getting late and I have sessions more sessions today. So All right, you guys, that’s it. I love you. Let me point out that I do still have a couple spots for the Zion Platinum Age retreat and that you’d have to be spontaneous though, because that’s coming up November, excuse me. November 1 through the fourth. We have the ascension codes that’s already launched. So all those materials are available. And that’s at All one word, no hyphens just Ascension codes. And you’ll be directed then you’ll be able to check it out and then for now I have it available exclusively at that discounted price through beyond the ordinary, the Egypt and Petra Jordan trip is coming up. That’s an epic trip, obviously, February 3 through February 14. And I do have spots available for that private sessions. I am booked out a few months and I’m taking quite a bit of time off over the holidays and obviously for the Egypt trip. So if you’ve been thinking about a private session, I do encourage you to go in and just book it because they’re getting further out. Now the good news is that even I often have it where somebody books and then they send me an email saying I just booked a session but the next only the next available you had was like November or something. And if you have anything sooner, let me know. And I set my calendar for various reasons so that I have time for Jill too write, and time with my family and time for me in my own humaneness.

So I don’t work like 40 hours, 40 hours a week on private sessions. I save me for other things and other work like this. But what I have found consistently is that when I do meet with the clients, they’re not even worried about the fact that they had to wait that long because you guys it is worth the wait. It’s hearing from your team in these sessions is life changing? It really is. And the cool thing is that your team always has something amazing to share with you. So even clients that meet with me, they buy a package and I meet with them eight times a year. I am never disappointed and more importantly, neither is the client that there’s always something new to talk about. There’s always something new to share. There’s always new insights, fresh strategies, more love, more healing, more activations that are offered for us by our team. Our teams are doing everything they can, within I want to say the bounds allowed to support us and encourage us. We’re the ones that make it hard. And it’s not because we can’t hear them. It’s because we don’t trust ourselves. It’s because we have not given ourselves the divine authority that we naturally have, as a sovereign being, to live the life that you are creating every day. There’s so many false notions about well, I can’t live my life because I don’t have authority over this or this person is right. And what’s cool is that we actually talk about a lot of those in the ascension codes, so that we can get our feet planted and headed in the right direction. Okay, I want to make it easier for you. I could probably sit and talk for 24 hours a day, seven days a week and just be like, and this and this and this and this and this and this right. But I I want to be Jill too, you guys, I like my life as my humaneness as well. So I share a lot of material, right. And there’s a whole bunch of YouTube videos, and there’s a lot of archive classes and none of them are dated in a real way. They’re all timeless, because you and I made them that way. We make them that way, timeless wisdom for all of us. To get clear, get the truth, get real, get practical, get confident in the light of source that we are that we’ve always been that this reality typically won’t tell you you are. So we have to claim it. Yeah, well, we don’t have to actually that’s not true. We don’t have to claim it. But if it’s going to be claimed if it’s going to be restored, it’s going to be because claimed it. That’s, that’s what we meant to say. Okay, I gotta go. Love you guys. I love you so much. Thank you for everything. I really appreciate this opportunity to get to share with you. Please know that I’m always cheering you on. I want amazing things for you and your life. And I hope that that you want it more than I do. Because that’s when it really starts to happen. You creating new versions of yourself to live and be and thrive and expand and not grow because you have to grow but grow because you want to grow grow because you want to see what comes next, what else you’re capable of in this world. Breaking through your own boundaries, breaking beyond your own genetic codes in your own family lineage. being truly evolutionary, as your one and as your humaneness as a member of this human family. Yeah, there we go. Okay. Thank you also for liking. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter on my website. Thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel. All of those things matter to people that look at numbers I don’t, but I really appreciate you sincerely. Thank you so much, you guys. Bye bye for now. Bye bye