Allowing Transcendence & A System for Handling Disappointment

In this premium membership experience we have partly a practitioner coaching session as well as a system for allowing transcendence, revisiting your true divine nature from even a young age.

Mind-benders and consciousness breakthroughs available here. Our messages have been a haven for those interested in ascension, awakening and unique cosmological theory since 2010.  These are offered as a premium experience to our paying subscribers. Members often report feeling incredibly relaxed with these experiences. Others feel inspired, informed and centered in layers of themselves that they didn’t know they had.

Anyone interested in consciousness, philosophy, metaphysics, science, spirituality and mind-bending meditation is sure to love this experience. . In some monthly experiences we are led to provide unique, inspired insights into current events.  Some of these types of messages include prophetic trends, in which case we also provide strategies and recommendations to best experience the upcoming cycle.

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