Our Theory of Everything

(zero mathematical equations needed)

We offered our theory of everything in April 2020 which, if we did it correctly, is inclusive of every belief and non-belief, utilizes simulation theory and deploys zero mathematical equations.
Beyond the big bang. all “times” and
beyond. time.
beyond. space.
beyond life.
beyond death.
but all. within.

Available at https://jillreneefeeler.com/jrfsimulationhypothesis/


“Dear Jill, I am feeling whole and complete. I love the new verbiage we have created. It feels expansive. I have been so done with “woohoo” new age, spiritual, religious terms. I also feel like I dropped baggage that I didn’t even know I was carrying around…but I don’t feel, high, like in the sky, or outside of myself. I am centered in my truth, and curious about what else we can create…” – Renee

“If you’re looking for an upgrade and a new, fresh understanding of how Earth works, please consider this workshop. Jill nails it as she shares truths about our transcendental self actualization. Learn how to access your authority to choose and create whatever it is you want!!! Appreciate a new sense of Self as you experience that outer edge of expansion. These tools and truths are exactly what you need to give yourself permission to play in the realms of creation and experience the you that you want to be! Thank you Jill, this one was epic! xoxo” – Connie Rutledge

With love,