The Power of Asking Why, Especially Now

Sometimes really nice sounding things also include not nice agendas.

Be wise. Be discerning.

Something that sounds positive, like “oneness”, which many view as positive, can include subtle and even calculated layers that suppresses individual sovereignty.

That’s just one example on my radar.

National security can turn into rapidly eroded personal privacy rights.

Personal safety or a group’s “protection” can slide into serious degradation of everyone’s rights.

Be vigilant. Question. Be curious.

If you easily get offended or defensive, explore why, within yourself. Not as something to fix, perhaps, but rather as a revelation of something you truly love.

The reason you get defensive is because something you love or an idea you cherish is being challenged. Ask yourself a litany of “Why?” questions to get to the core of that thing, that idea, that you love.

What’s the Big idea. Get there. It could be big enough to be part of your life’s purpose.

As I understand it, before the Holocaust, Jewish Germans were placed in separate holding areas and the non Jewish community was told they were being protected. I heard this when I visited Munich in 1998. If I recall, the holding area at that time was right in town, a new use for a space that had high brick walls. Good hearted, wise people were fooled. And then it was too late. It was a time and a system of not being safe, or advised to ask why.


Why is that little question so threatening. Or is it?

Possibly only to a group or a person that has something to hide. Sometimes even that person doesn’t fully understand the importance of going deeper into the why. Many a decent and intelligent individual has gotten into situations where they eventually noticed what they were a part of and thought, “Oh… no”. And then “what have I done?”


Ask yourself Why. Often. Why you do things. Why you don’t. Why something is a soft spot for you. Why you are deeply passionate about something.

And listen to the answer.

Sometimes it’s simple, and beautiful.

Sometimes it’s complex and hard to unwind. And you find your own questioning blocked. Blocked by gated energies. Like a wall that is needed to protect an agenda.

In these murkier realms ask, does it make sense. Are the facts plausible.

Throughout recorded history there are instances of facts having been manufactured. By very powerful groups. That have an agenda.

The USA and our allies attacked Iraq in early 2000’s because our intelligence and our allies intelligence showed that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (wmd’s).

Which were never found. And the proof we had was later, decades later, shown to be highly flawed. Compounded by the fact that no or little wmds were found.

So with Syria when apparently it was Macron who said we have the evidence that there was a use of chemical weapons and that it was by Assad, I pause.

I pause. Because intelligence, often isn’t intelligent. And agendas, to use military force, to show national strength and alliance unification is just too tempting by many… who want many things… many more things than to supposedly protect civilians from chemical weapons.

I just have questions. That will likely never be fully answered. But even having these questions, feels good. Feels right. Is it possible the souls of anyone persecuted, even killed through genocide, are cheering us on, in our having our questions, in our pause, as sacred?

Questioners are called troublemakers. Rebels. Unpatriotic.

I see it differently. Perhaps those that question are unwilling to concede to authorities, to peer pressure, for reasons that benefit all.

And maybe we should listen more, to those who question.

Even when they disagree with ourselves…

Cosmic hugs,

Please note: I’ve seemingly contradicted myself on this matter of asking Why in that some of us have “need to know” brains where the question Why asked consistently in matters of spirituality and consciousness can actually get in the way of spiritual progression. The brain in these cases is acting as if it needs to know why for something to be true or for a step forward to be taken. And yet in matters of esoteric concepts there are many times that we can’t explain why but we sense deep within us of its truth. I have one of those brains! In my earliest consciousness experiences, my brain kept wanting to know more, learn more so that it could be involved. But I realized that answering all of its questions was going to be a lifetime pursuit and I just wanted to get deeper into the experiencing available, even without knowing the why. The brain’s questioning was like an unnecessary brake on my spiritual experiencing. Hence, my strategy was then to respond to my brain’s incessant questions with, “I don’t know. Good question. We may not get the answers. And we are going forward anyway. Let’s go.”  It worked. I still have questions, a lot of questions. And my consciousness has expanded more than my brain and it’s questioning could ever have imagined.