Special December Solstice Message

A very special December Solstice Message for inspiration, clarity, cosmology and connection to Your soulfulness, your divinity alongside the chaos and discord that is also on Earth.

This is a transcription of a podcast message.

Hello everybody, my name is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome to this special December Solstice message. I am excited for what’s going to happen today and I don’t know what’s going to happen today. I don’t pre script these those that know me know that I prefer to not script things and to just really let literally source creator God just literally flow and guide us like a beautiful river to where we are really encouraged and beckoned to go which is always deeper within ourselves and truly deeper within the soulfulness and the eternal divine energy. That’s the core and root of all life. Doesn’t that feel good. Okay, so I do encourage you to relax your body. If you are very much up in your upper chakras, I do encourage you to also know that right next tier mental and brainwave patterning is also your heart centered consciousness. They’re not on top of each other like, like a diamond ring at the bottom of a stack of like, dirty dusty old leaves or dirty clothes. They sit right next to each other. Okay? So the soulfulness, this eternal energy that is you in the all that is beyond this reality beyond this time space continuum. It’s not that far away. Okay. so it’s right next to all the other layers of your humaneness. and the more that we can actually be aware of that in our consciousness that’s beyond our brain, the more accessible it is, okay, but just be advised that your brain hates this because your brain your brain wants to be part of this process. So your brain often has us your brain often has you very distracted with learning and books and studious activities to fill itself and help it feel like it’s more confident in your soulfulness, but the brain and your soulfulness, they go like this more than they go like this. Alright, so, knowing they’re separate equipment, soulfulness is eternal, brain is mortal, and part of our humaneness, and that the more that we allow our soulfulness to truly emanate into our humaneness. It, we can bypass the limitations of the brain we can recognize the tricks, not sinister tricks, just logical and rational tricks that the brain does to pull us into a mental state of learning and knowledge and we have to know things.

That was the biggest one of the biggest, really, I think the biggest adjustment that I had to go through in my own personal expansion and in my own connection to source energy is realizing that my brain has all of these hard wired notions and inclinations to, to know everything and oh, Jill, you know, if we’re going to put ourselves out there in the world, then we have to know everything that everybody else knows. So that they can take us seriously so that we can be credible, so that we don’t have to look like a fool if they know something that we don’t know. and when I felt my brain doing that, I was like, Well, if you’re right, then we’ll never be done. We’ll never say ready. Because there’s no way that I as human Jill, especially getting started so late at the age of 38 or 39. I felt like I could spend the rest of my life reading everything, learning everything, traveling everywhere. and I still wouldn’t know as much as you guys know. So basically, I called bullshit on my brain. and I called this bluff and it didn’t know it was bluffing. and when I did that I was more open and more truly in alignment with my soulful energy because our higher selves, which is our soulful energy isn’t looking at our human saying, Oh boy, I hope they learn all that stuff. That’s why they’re there. No. So I had to get comfortable with the idea that I don’t know everything, and that it’s not my job to know everything. and there’s a lot of things that you guys know that I don’t know. I’m not here as a representation or a library of human knowledge. I am here as my example of my unique expression, my unique animation, if you will, of source creator God. and that’s a job I willingly say yes to. It brings me joy. It brings me harmony. and it brings me the broader awareness that my brain no matter how well read it is, can never give me welcome to the solstice message. All of you have the ability to be keenly And organically aware of the presence of source Creator God within yourself at layers that are possibly alongside your brain. and there may be many different forms of experiences or encounters. That help you feel that more readily, that help you feel and know that you are a source of love, that you are a creation of love that you can receive Source love and you can give source Creator God love. Simply because you want to, we would say because you’re wired to when we see this group in particular, we see a group that incarnated for the expressed purpose of being a loving, caring, savvy, compassionate, and yes intelligent form of human. So when we look at you, we say, nice job. When your brain looks at itself, it may say, oh, there’s a lot to do. We must have a lot of tasks and reminders and lists and jobs to accomplish. and that’s fine. Just please don’t let it overwhelm you. At this time, this season of humanity, this December Solstice, there is a sea of opportunities to pull you out of your divine energy to pull you out of your soulfulness and to actually distract you from what’s important. But the energies of the solstice naturally pull you inward, Naturally pull you inward to the deeper layers of yourself. and we are supporting that with this message right now. Let’s have a little exercise, shall we? You may want to close your eyes for this one. We’d like you to imagine a beautifully set table. The perfect holiday spread And on this beautiful table, it’s a little crowded. and we want to make sure that you have room for you for your soulfulness for your eternal energy.

So even though this table is laid out perfectly with appropriate spacing, so everybody has the room etc. you’re noticing that you don’t have quite enough room for you to be as comfortable as you want to be. So this is a, we’re going to disrupt this holiday setting, okay? and we’re going to ask you to take your hand, energetically, obviously, in this imagination, and clear away everything in front of you. and we’re going to let that clearing away represent anything or even anyone that tends to feel like to you that it’s in your way of experiencing and curating these deeper layers of yourself, so just clearing that space away, maybe to the right and also to the left if you need it for you want a little more room. Good job. Okay. That feels better. That feels a lot better. Okay, so notice we also said anyone, because in the human experience, it is so predictable, that there are going to be beings that maybe at one point it felt supportive or encouraging of you. and you were one of a kind nature and then at some point, you felt like the rhythm was off. Like maybe they weren’t as supportive of you. Maybe they were actually trying to pull you back into another version of you that they liked better, maybe an earlier version of you, and they kind of stopped being your champion. and it kind of doesn’t matter why for now. Okay, maybe forever. Okay, good. So let’s let some of those folks also be what you’ve cleared away. Okay. We also want you to clear away anyone that you’ve been sort of chasing their approval. I just felt that Let’s, let’s address that. Okay. All right, that’s good. So just identify maybe a couple of people, maybe it’s more, maybe it’s a whole group that you’ve been doing this very fancy dance, hoping that they will say, Oh, my gosh, your lights amazing. Well, you’re special, right? Let’s just give up that expectation, because they may never see you the way that you want them to. Say that one more time. Jesus just said, let’s say that one more time. They may never see you the way that you want them to. So let’s take any one that fits that description and just push them a little bit further away on the table as well. So you have all this room in front of you to just relax and be yourself, put your elbows on the table, get comfortable. Okay, and you need a lot of room because there’s a lot of unexpected and sometimes jerky moments when we are really when we are truly allowing for more of our soulful energy to enter into this reality, to push through to pop through from beyond the time space continuum. into this physical reality that happens from the inside out, like a sock. When you’re folding socks and you put your hand in, if it’s inside out and you pull it this way, that’s kind of what happens.

From the all that is transition from the all that is energy of your soulfulness, as it transmits and emanates into this reality into this world. It’s you, it’s yours. It’s your soulfulness. You can even put your name on it if you want to. So this reality, the way that you and I and this very unique, exceptional group, not exceptional, like better than the rest of humanity, but obviously, very much we stand out, and we obviously don’t fit in. We figured that out a long time ago, right. So there are some individuals that we’ve been wanting their acceptance, we’ve been wanting their approval. and now we’re sort of just letting it be that we may never get it. Because from our higher self perspective, we never needed it. Now, we honor the fact that it that it does feel wonderful to be seen, to be heard, to be accepted and validated in this reality. and there are individuals where that feels even more important to get it from them than it may be to get it from somebody else. But the layers of you that have invested probably more energy than you realize into that individual’s or that group|s approval. It’s draining you and it’s a constant, iterative disappointment every time those layers of you don’t get what it wants. So let’s just pretend for a moment that you never needed their approval that you came into this reality with such an amazing, very carefully crafted independence of who and what you are in this space that you will always have and have always had the ability to pull upon those deeper layers of yourself. Like a gold mine. That’s always producing gold. Like a gold mine that doesn’t take a lot of effort in the mining process. and you’ll have more of your energy for that mining of your soulfulness. The more that you detach from your expectations of what others do or do not see within your humaneness.

They can’t see you or they’re not choosing to see you at this time. It is so much more important that you see yourself when you see yourself you are fully operating or more fully operating from that sense of independence and wholeness and oneness, glorious oneness that allows you to be that effective minor. Have the all that is that is you and is available to you in this reality. Now what we’d like to also acknowledge is that there have been a lot of experiments that have been taking place on the planet by this group. In terms of what makes a successful minor. What allows you to feel that light and that love of source energy more so than other things, whether it’s truths, beliefs, practices, protocols, teachings etc. and as time has moved, and in its geniusly linear fashion, that was not an easy accomplishment to make linear time. Please don’t, Please don’t disregard the magic of linear time in your reality as humanity and as this group in particular has proceeded through linear time, you have learned and through trial and error in some ways, what works for you to feel the light of source that you are and what doesn’t work or what used to work but doesn’t work anymore. So you are getting more savvy. These lessons weren’t things you had to learn, they just happen to go with your wiring as a curious explorer of light within human form. You’re constantly evaluating what’s next, what’s possible. Okay, that works great. Now, what’s next? There’s this eternal passion for growth and new levels of light within human form. and that’s your true nature. It’s the essence of your passion for why you incarnated to begin with, is because there is enough love that you have at the soul level and enough compassion for the human experience that you wanted to take humanity to the next level. By having one, By having a human, that you could fully, fully animate, that you could fully express through and be curious of and curious through. That’s your you. You are the human expression of your team of your higher self energy and there’s limitless ways that you get to be that and express that and grow and expand the light of source that you are in this reality.

So when you when you abandon previous practices And take a sharp bright or sharp left turn and in different areas, we get excited for you. Because it’s not like you like you never finish anything which would may have been maybe a human, a human assessment of what’s going on there from our assessment is that you feel done with it. You feel like you got all the light you could out of that out of that whatever that experience was, and you’re ready for something new. You get bored easily. This group of pioneers gets bored really easily, and some things that may entertain and delight and fulfill somebody for decades. You may go through in 10 months. It’s not about superiority, it’s about tendencies. It’s about natural wiring, wiring that you put there as your soulfulness. We make extra time for this group because we see what you’re doing and we support this, so so sacredly, it is sacred work. and there are a lot of failed experiments. and there are a lot of tired experiments. and the good thing about an experiment in a sacred way is that no one gets harmed in the process. It’s like master athletes that are reevaluating which rules should apply to the game, and how the game could be even more exciting and more fun as we go forward. Again, the purpose of your experiments, your explorations, if that word suits you better, is always about how much light of source Creator God. You will allow yourself to hold within your humaneness. We’re offering a special blessing to your brain with that this busy busy brains like busy busy bees, naturally pulling you into the sort of hive mind. Naturally pulling you away from the original purpose for your incarnation, naturally pulling you into a more standard form of humanity, naturally pulling you away from the light of source that you’ve always been, that you will always be and that you couldn’t truly disconnect from.

Even if you wanted to. Even if you tried. So with this particular December Solstice we celebrate the ever increasing levels and vibrations of light that you’ve allowed yourself to be. We celebrate the expansion of source energy love, that you’ve allowed and created for yourself to feel, to animate and to share in your reality through your humaneness. If you could see, as we see all of the all of the tired experience, the tired truths that you’ve sort of laid on the back of the that you’ve laid on the path along the way. If you could see all of that you would see progress, you would probably not see failure. You’d see all the momentum that a group like this keep setting in motion. Yes. Beautiful. Okay. So there’s, you’ve come a long way baby. And for the parts of you that are still very tenacious at what’s next, please just at least take a minute to pause and give yourself a hug applaud for yourself and for everyone here in this group, because that’s what we’re doing for you on this December solstice. Celebrating the progress you’ve made and uber confident in your continuously breaking through to new levels of light in human form. We want to point out that some of your biggest champions are those that have done this in their own way. Whether that is Jesus also known as Yeshua, whether that is Buddha, the Buddha, the original and so many others, some that were never recorded in history, but stood out in their own possibly private and even reclusive way. You have so many beautiful predecessors, at least in linear time. Some of you feel a connection with them, because you realize in many ways you are also them and that you Love to insert yourself into linear time in various forms by various names in any profession. Because you can, as your soulfulness, because you want to as your soulfulness and because humanity matters. This reality like all realities, matters greatly to the all that as our source energy, loves creating and loves curiosity, there will always be layers and layers of mystery and curiosity about humanity. Its unpredictability, its free will. Its ever widening range of consciousness makes it just fascinating on multiple levels, to our source levels of energy Even the most masterful soul can have the most carefully laid out, planned out human journey. and there is 90% unpredictability. 10% yeah, I thought it would go that way. That’s a lot, That’s a lot of unpredictability. Yeah, okay, now, we see a big energetic shift, just with that part alone. Wonderful. That’s so good. It’s so fun to remind you of these things. Because the mind can get very misunderstood can misunderstand a lot of things and misinterpret a lot of things. and there’s a whole host of parallel experiments going on that are wire, it is like scientists. and science in your reality is the ultimate religion. It requires more faith sometimes than faith, religious faith, organized religion faith. So different scientists naturally design their experiments differently. It’s affected by their human personality. It’s affected by their soul personality. It’s affected by their consciousness, or lack thereof. That’s so good. Okay. So the wide ranging nature of what happens here is something that as our higher selves we celebrate, but sometimes in your humaneness can be frustrating, because some of you especially at that the mental level of things you really crave, like one answer and that everybody comes to it. But there is another way to do it. and it is the way that Jill has done it. She has a deep appreciation now that doesn’t mean she likes it. But a growing let’s say appreciation for the fact that there are different teachers there are different spiritual messengers in this reality. and there are literally different experiments going on. When she looks at them because of how she wired herself at the soul level, and who she is in combination at the human level, she can see the outcomes that are likely from those experiments. Even if that spiritual messenger has a different goal. Her expectation is, ah, with that energy pattern with those thoughts with those beliefs, I’m imagining they’re going to get this result. She’s pretty accurate, actually, in her predictions of those things. It makes her very choosy and very picky about the experiments, if you will, and I see that some of you are resisting. You don’t like the word experiment. But you see you’re not a lab rat. You’re the scientist and there are no lab rats here. There are no lab rats in these experiences In these experiments.

There are levels of willingness and participation in varying levels of consciousness that all soulfulness had some degree of awareness that that would happen or was possible of happening, or was even very likely to happen. So at the soul level, all of those bets had already been placed. All of those What do they call those legal documents? legal disclosure, cosmic disclosure. We’re already like all signed off on etc. So no matter how it may look here, that soulfulness is going, Oh, I remember seeing that this was a possibility in this lifetime if I if I planted this way into that thing, so yet here it is, it’s happening. Okay. So when you can respect the soulfulness in all of these different experiences, you can also more gratefully develop the appreciation For the free will that is in place in this reality. and again, looking behind you if you could at all the different kind of thoughts and beliefs and ideologies that you’ve tried on like a suit of clothes and you’re like, oh, no, no, that doesn’t work No, I’m not, I’m not going to play that game anymore. And then you move forward, right? That was you. That was you as an example of a master, a scientist in our analogy here, saying, No, I’d rather do something else instead. this group is capable. and we’ve seen it over and over and over again. You actually create your own experiments, you actually, cosmically pioneer, and get curious about what if this is true? What if that is true? Do I like what that what’s going on around here Do I like what that book says, Do I like what that video says? Do I like what that person is saying on social media? You’re, you are an evaluation machine in many ways of do you like it? Does it let you feel whatever your goal is? Are you clear about the goal, that everything can be either getting you closer to feeling within yourself, source greater energy, or pulling you away from it? It’s a very useful metric. Because interestingly enough, a lot of the explorations and experiments that are going on within spirituality and consciousness are not about getting you closer. Personally, to source creator God. There’s a lot of reasons why that’s true. maybe more importantly for now, it’s just a reminder to yourself that it is true. and that even something that calls itself for a love and light based. If it’s not a match for you, it won’t. If it is a match for you, it will let you feel more loved all of your layers, all of your humaneness by a loving, caring, wise, benevolent God source ultimate creator energy when it also as a part B helps you better understand what’s going on in your reality. So that you can also access that source energy love and be that love for others in this reality that’s also a criteria worth having in your, your filter system of what’s a go and what’s a no go for what you participate in, and what you animate and what you expand what you want to see growing here there’s been a lot of undoing in recent decades and particularly in the last seven years About what it looks like to be a loving, caring human. Because remember, we talked about that widening spectrum of human consciousness. Remember, we talked about how there’s 90% of the journey here, that does not go as planned. Not all of the human trajectory ends up being upward spiraling. There is a portion of all future timelines and scenarios where there is a big group and maybe even the bulk of the human race. That either maintains in a tailspin or continues in sort of a downward spiral. Now, Jill didn’t want that to be true anymore than anyone else wants it to be true. She loved the experiment that everybody was going to get home together. She loved the idea that all of humanity would choose to embody their soulfulness in this incarnation in this timeline, but the more she tried on that experiment, the more she realized that from her perspective and by her cosmic awareness that she’s connected to that was a very remote possibility. And after years of trying it out, she kept observing what was actually happening, getting more in touch with how humanity works, how the brain functions, how consciousness functions, and other failed experiments such as Atlanta’s. And she realized it didn’t feel honest or authentic to her to be part of that experiment any longer. So while she’s still cheers on the idea that all of humanity ends up upward spiraling. She was a part of a group and it’s possible that all of you feel also a part of this group that wanted a solid plan B, like solid plan B. And it goes something like this.

What if all of humanity doesn’t catch on? What if no matter how bright and shiny and light based and amazing a group like this is or even grows into and further becomes that there’s going to be some stubborn humans that are just either too fragmented, or too stubborn, or to whatever, to say, ooh, I want that. What if they never join in, then what? So this group that we’re talking about here, looked at bunch of scenarios. You guys looked in other realities. You did tremendous research. You looked at the Lemurian timeline, you reevaluated the Atlantian timeline. You looked at human forward scenarios, if you will, going forward in time. You look backward in time. The parallel realities that are similar enough, and all of you are also representatives of we’ll say adjacent races, whether that’s pleiadian or serian, Serian like serious Not Syrian like Earth base, Syria. There are so many representations involved in this that all love humanity and love its original seating. It’s original creation template and again striving for and what else can it be? What else can it grow into what other upward spirals can be made for and by this human, this, this human template, this human archetype, this human grid system. So that’s what this group represented is, is that kind of energy. So with this desire to keep that momentum going, and the light growing, the solid plan B formed. and we can’t tell you how it ends, because it’s so perfectly underway at this time. But what it’s doing is it’s stretching that human consciousness Wider and wider and wider. So the range of those that are conscious, the spectrum, if you will. The spectrum of human consciousness is growing. It literally is expanding. Now another one of the sort of failed experiments that happened in the past is this idea that if you grow if you increase, if you will, in your consciousness like this up and down versus right and left, that was Samson, that was funny. Then you leave the lower levels of consciousness. So you’ll, you’ll shift, you’ll your ceiling, your floor will rise up as your ceiling grows. and that’s been tried before, you’ll end up disappearing By the way from this reality. The Mayans actually in the Earth system, as well as those that were in Machu Picchu. and some of the other very sacred site sorts of cultures experimented with that idea of raising the floor of their consciousness so that they could raise the ceiling of their consciousness. So again, this group, This group here isn’t really into repeating other experiments, I think you can imagine why. It’s like, Oh, that’s already been done before, what do we want to do differently? So this group began to be very curious about what if we keep the floor exactly where it is, while we expand the levels of consciousness that we are bringing from the all that is into our humaneness and into this reality. and we started to realize in if you will, the Laboratory of Earth, that there were actually a lot of benefits to that. It’s very stable. It still allows you to reach and access into the more traditional forms of human experiences and human relationships. So all of that is happening right among you. and you don’t need to be like sanitized from it. You don’t need to be separated from it. From our perspective if you want to be that’s, that’s your choice. Okay, isolation if that works better for you. Then we trust you. Interesting throat chakra stuff going on here. Let me get a drink of water. Okay, so part of the confusion that’s happening is that it is sometimes as if another scientist walks in on another lab and starts to like, criticize it or say, oh, this is wrong. Like, you guys don’t know what you’re doing, etc. and it’s very interesting how I am Jill as Jill I’m just in the background going am I doing that? We’ll talk about that in a minute. But there is natural judgment and opinionated nature of folks like you guys. You’re very opinionated. and we love that about you. It’s such a, it’s a wonderful set of evidence about the distinction of differentiation of your one, which is such a sign of your mastery, your individuality, your independence, your distinctions between yourself and others and the light of source that they are relative to the light of source that you are, of course, all being one source energy. But each of you especially in your humaneness, being a very divine one that you set in motion that you create every day with your thoughts, beliefs, choices. Okay, so with all of these parallel experiments going on, with all of these parallel messages and messengers going on, there’s a lot to be confused about on the receiving end. Cuz it’s like what are we doing here? So, Oh, I love that example. Okay. It is sort of like a recipe exchange and everybody’s bringing a different recipe. and one is for like Pad Thai, and one is for curry chicken. and one is for like country fried chicken. One is for chicken cordon bleu. There’s all these different, like cultural influences and seasoning preferences, and combinations that go really well together. and then somebody is saying, no, it’s supposed to be this. and the person with the curry chicken is like, no, it’s not. You got to have more saffron. And the pad thai is just like, you guys are all wrong. You don’t have peanut sauce. So there’s this confusion about it’s supposed to be a chicken dish. It’s supposed to look like this. Dang it, right. So, when you allow for the level of variety that’s actually taking place here. and the level of sovereignty you can allocate to all of it. Then you can step back into your oneness and pick what you like best. Pick your flavor combinations, pick your like taste profiles that you want to experience maybe not forever in your humaneness, but at least for now, that you like that best. Having the awareness that other people are doing different things. Now do they know what they’re doing? They may not.

Discernment, awareness, foresight, prophecy even. Those are very, those are gifts that some signed up for differently than others. Those are gifts that some have honed and brought into their expanded the full range of their consciousness more maybe the holistically than others. So again, you get to decide not all of you play the role of spiritual messenger. Okay? We talked a lot about the different roles and kind of how we want to say like that soul types but archetypes that each of you tend to kind of play in we talked about that in the unveiling your light series. love how it came through in those little nice, nice, neat little buckets to play in and say, oh, yeah, this feels like me. It feels good to know a little bit more about your one. That’s why a lot of you love readings, because it’s like, yeah, that’s me. And it, it can feel really inspiring and comforting when that insight that’s offered to you Not with them having more authority over your you than you do, but some careful consideration and discernment that you can offer that you can apply to any reading in terms of, again, our suggested filter of what works and what doesn’t what’s true for you and what isn’t. Again, we’re going to repeat it because it’s so valuable. and it’s been such an amazing, successful experiment as Jill wants to put it from her perspective and what this group is doing. and that filter that assessment criteria is, is that ideology, is that energy structure that you are putting yourself in and operating from. Is it letting you feel unconditionally loved right now by source Creator God Like the sun on your naked body just like, hit me with it. I want to feel that love. Only the sun is on the inside of you. and there’s nothing to hide and there’s nowhere to hide it anyway. and that every angle of you is just another thing to love about you. That is precious in human form that is golden, is the golden ring in humanity. Okay. So then the next layer of that filter is and this is what we would call the Platinum ring and the Platinum dimensional range, the Platinum age and creation is the next expression of that filter being does that energetic system allow you to know that you love also unconditionally, all life here Plus, you have the discernment and the awareness and the Platinum age worldview and cosmology to understand why some of those life forms are not animating in a lovable way. So there’s love of their soulfulness. There’s acknowledgement that they are also the light. Their light. Their one of source creator energy. and they’ve got this free will. They’ve got this other life planning they did. They’ve got these other kind of wild card energies that are 90% of what you’re seeing there. and do you like that? Are they harmful to you? Are they respectful of you? Are they respectful of anybody in their life. So there’s this beautiful distinction with that widening consciousness of what you know is there soul level, while there’s full acknowledgment of what they’re actually choosing to be. and it’s not either or it’s that spectrum. and it isn’t that much different, really than the spectrum of light. There’s the visible spectrum of light what that humaneness is, is you can actually observe and see and interact with their five human senses and your five human senses. and then there’s the invisible spectrum of light, which has been proven actually by your science. Can’t see it, not with the human eyes, but it’s there, right? That’s the same for their soulfulness.

You know, what’s there, you know, their one with source energy on many levels and layers of who they really are and their eternal ness. They’re all that is-ness. and right next to it is what they’re choosing to be. and if it’s something you don’t like, most likely what they’re choosing to be, are unconscious choices. It’s not from a level of, oh, I want to go out and hurt someone’s feelings today. It’s just this sort of spastic random, unplanned, unaccountable sort of version of humanity. That’s living moment to moment, day by day, not a big grand plan, not a sense of connectedness  to their all that is no way of knowing how loved they are. no way of knowing how long they can be no awareness of how special life is, how special their life is, and how special all life is. When you put it that way, isn’t it easier to feel the compassion and that compassion is the invitation of your soulfulness to your humaneness. Your soulfulness is inviting your humaneness into the awareness that let’s have a good degree of compassion and forgiveness. For the level of suffering that goes on naturally, by being disconnected from source and by being fragmented, just in general, in their lives, in their humaneness. Humanity does really really stupid things When it’s forgetting that it is source energy. So it’s hard to hold them accountable for being honest. It’s hard to hold them accountable for doing the right thing. Get it? Yeah. So it’s wise to have discernment and clarity about what those again visible spectrum of light, invisible spectrum of light, what are you actually observing and giving yourself more empowerment for seeing all of it, seeing with your eyes with their actually choosing to be again, again to the visible spectrum of light and giving your soulfulness the eyes it, It wants to have, if you will, in this reality about their soulfulness, and what’s possible there. But what they may not be choosing, it all sets right next to each other. It’s all available, but they may not choose it. But you can choose it and you are choosing it and you keep moving. You keep expanding that consciousness into pure and pure examples and demonstrations of love of God’s love in human form. and we absolutely celebrate you in that process. There’s no jealousy by an individual like Yeshua. There’s just joy and a sense of I knew they could do it. I knew they could do it. But sometimes you guys probably don’t feel like you can do it. and that’s why we’re here. That’s why we do this stuff to remind you to help you feel seen to help you feel honored and appreciated for how weird it is to have a role and human like yours amidst all of this other unconsciousness and in literally, craziness, insanity, right? We see you and it’s our honor to see you. If there aren’t already there will be increasingly a sense of your ability to see yourself No matter who else sees you or how many don’t that’s a sense of inner stability in your oneness that is highly recommended in your humaneness. and it may never be associated with being able to interact with your team like someone like Jill does. and the wonderful news is it doesn’t have to. You’re being confident in the light of source that you are may have nothing to do with receiving messages may have nothing to do with dialogue with your team, and may have everything to do with trusting that you are the animation of your team. Whether you’ve got a microphone to them or not. Your team isn’t online to tell you what to do. Your team is online as those soulful energies. That is who you are Who and what you are eternally beyond the time space continuum, right alongside, your having this human experience. All right. your higher self knew exactly that this was likely to happen, that there would be there would be human experiences and a whole, maybe a whole human journey where you got nothing from your team, and your team wasn’t like, oh, now a communication breaks down, like abort the mission immediately. No, no, no, no, it was like, Okay, now, remember, once you get in there, you may not be able to hear us and you are loved. and you will have reminders that you are loved. You are trustworthy and you will have reminders that you are trustworthy, you are masterful and you will have reminders that you are masterful. What you do with those reminders, is in the category of free will and you will get to decide how you respond or not how you ignore perhaps those reminders and no matter what, they’re still true, you are loved. You are trustworthy, you are mastery, no matter how it ends up going in your human experience. See you on the other side. Meet you right back here when it’s all done. Okay. That’s it, you guys. Okay. Okay, let’s relax our shoulders right there. Oh my goodness. Okay. I feel like we really weaved. I don’t want to I just don’t want to talk right now. Just hang on. I just want to feel that gift that we all just created right there for ourselves. Excellent job, everybody. absolutely excellent job. Okay. So we do need to wrap up here I have a session in about 20 minutes. Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy new year Happy, whatever you’re celebrating. You are loved. You are trustworthy and you are masterful and I’ll let human Jill kind of say from my visible spectrum of light layers as well. Okay. I love you so much. There’s a lot that we did this year you guys and all of I’m just thinking of Gosh, what all did we do? We did the San Francisco big truths recording we did the unveiling your light series, we did the ascension code series, which does talk a lot in more detail about the afterlife. Thoth came in THOTH the Egyptian being came in and like went straight for like what the Egyptians got wrong about their preoccupation with the safeguarding of the human, the physical body in the afterlife protocols that they say setup and what he wanted us to know now based on what they got wrong. It was fascinating. So the Ascension Code series, all of these are in archive. So that’s available. We’re doing the Relationship Alchemy series right now we’ve done hundreds literally. How many private sessions have we done this year? A lot. My team is just like, a lot and those are all recorded for every client. Oh, Jesus just said there’s an invitation. Yes, it is. There’s a lot of magic that happens in those private sessions, you guys. and if any of you, I wouldn’t do it without your permission, but you guys can do it without my permission. If you ever felt like you wanted your private session to be not to be no longer private, basically and to make it public.

Because what I’ve what I know about readings is that no matter who hears it, Everybody gets something like, Oh, I can see my I can see that that was for me too. Oh my God, that’s huge. That’s so cool that that was in here for us in this, everybody It’s a group like this in particular, we just It feels like a hug. Even if you’re watching someone else getting hugged. It’s like a hug is taking place. and it’s a really awesome hug. Just going to watch this hug take place. So if any of you that have had private sessions with us wanted to share them, and switch them over from private to public, or even parts of it, you’re welcome to do so. You have our permission to do that. All right. Yeah, that feels good. There’s a lot. Wow, if all that stuff were public, then it becomes like a then it becomes like a Dolores Cannon thing, doesn’t it? Okay. All right. So I love you. I love you guys so much. Oh, I love you. Okay, so what do we have coming up? The Relationship Alchemy series is actually still taking place. I have another series that I’ll kick off in January, because I’ll be on with John Burgos. I think it’s January 16th. and we have the Egypt trip coming up. and that group, we have 15 of us, including myself. and we do have room for possibly 11 more. I know it’s getting close to that date. But it’s interesting because some of us actually felt an increased purpose and an increased sense of, excuse me, a divine timing in going with the US administration’s decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. So moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem within the next four years, basically, within Trump’s administration, assuming he’s still in office, anyway, because you never know. I’m not I’m not in one camp or the other, I’m actually more neutral about Trump than, than a lot of you here and I have my reasons. Okay. Yeah. Anyway, which may surprise you. That doesn’t mean I like the guy in the visible spectrum. This is so good. Okay. All right. So, but the disruptor role he’s playing, I can actually appreciate in in more ways of me and my invisible spectrum of light level. So anyway, we can talk about that. and you can judge me all you want about that. I get it. and I appreciate that You’re like what she’s saying. But where are we going with that? Oh, yeah. Okay, Egypt Egypt and Petra trip is completely on. and it is important than anyone that jumps in that that wants to reach out to me via email at jill@jillreneefeeler.com to think about going it’s really important that this group that all members of this group, and I’ve already reached out to to the other 14 of us that Are you still good to go? Do you feel very purposeful in your light? Do you feel very clear about why you’re going like on a soul level and on a human level because it’s it’s important that this group allows themselves to be the beacon of light eternally that they are on the soul level, as well as at the human level. Okay, so those that are like, I can’t believe you guys are going I don’t mean, I don’t intend for this to sound rude, but it’s a good thing. You’re not going, right? Because that showing us that you were it’s showing you that your visible spectrum of you is like, that’s a bad idea to go. and that’s not the type of energy that is best for an experience like this. Okay. I feel 100% hundred percent safe with us going and I talked about that with that group. The other kind of added safety reassurances that we got our travel agency that’s doing the coordination and things is a Canadian travel agency, and the travel agent that we’re working with, she happens to be Syrian.

So her awareness of Middle East tensions and, uh, you know, alliances and tribalism and all those things is she’s very well versed in all of that. and it was so cool to have a conversation with her. and she was like, Jill, for those of us that like live in the Middle East, we like this isn’t a surprise to any of us. So I know in the US is like, Oh my God, Trump did this because of the way that you look at Trump. It’s interesting, you guys, if you ever talk with somebody, especially outside of North America, about US politics, it’s actually interesting how sometimes they have, I want to say a more visible view of what’s really going on than we do as Americans and as North American citizens, because we get highly influenced by each other Canada and Mexico too it’s refreshing to just have another perspective of Oh, this isn’t a big deal. Like she’s like, no. So, will the extremist groups make this a big deal? Yeah, they’ll make anything a big deal if they want to, to get the attention for their cause, and for what they care about and what they want and getting visibility on the world stage level for their agenda. So she also has 26 different groups in Egypt and or Jordan in December in January, that are all still like, steady as she goes steady as planned, no plans disrupted etc. So I’m actually even, I want to say more excited about going. and as this stuff was unfolding, and I was connecting with Jesus on it, and I had a great conversation with John Burgos, who’s also part of our 15 just like, okay, because this was right, the day of Trumps announcement and I was just really feeling into it. I was I was crying on the phone with John. I just felt such sadness for I don’t even know how to describe it. I just I could feel empathically, how, like rude and insensitive this felt to those that are very supportive. and I feel very, somewhat supportive, at least of the Palestinians, that it’s like wtf. I mean, I mean, why does it have to be like, These guys are going to get ahead and it’s going to be at these guys’s expense. So I mean, my thought and I think I posted this on Twitter, like within a day or two of if we if we really as a US citizen, if the US we, my we, as an American citizen, we’re really about peace then we would also be acknowledging a Palestinian embassy and a Palestinian capital. But that’s just me, okay. Okay. So the you know, the That propaganda and the promotion of what it is and what it isn’t etc. is just frustrating. But the sadness that I felt on that day for those that just want to be recognized, they want to have their own territory, they want to have their own land. and the creation of Israel was just so disruptive to so many different, you know, cultures and I want to say tribes. and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way at all. But these traditional cultures, it was so disruptive. and I feel like it will be that way for a really long time. That’s another reason why I’m not like, oh, but all of the human race, we’re all about to walk through this light together. What are you looking at, because I do not see that.

If anything, sometimes it feels like we’re more divided than ever before. And again, Plan B, that’s what it’s there for, right so that we can be more divided than ever before and not be divided eternally from the light of source that we are and not divided from our eternal light while we’re here in our humaneness. Okay, so the divine timing of the Egypt and Jordan trip. It’s like it couldn’t be better. It couldn’t be better. and I saw that even more so. and I think I don’t know John if you’re listening but I think John said that in our in our phone call that morning. I was just like, this is this is big. It feels big. I feel this on so many levels of my humaneness. I feel this, this news, so many levels of my soulfulness. You know, does it do I feel as Jill in a soulful Jill that we should still go and then as I felt more into it and heard from Jesus that you know his reassurance that actually this is like one of the reasons why you’re going when you’re going that’s our view, you obviously get to decide Jill but from our viewpoint, this was a high possibly a high probability. and that’s why we encouraged you to set the dates like you did. I didn’t know that at the time, you guys, my human Jill wasn’t taking instructions from my team. I was working with my calendar with my husband. Okay. and when it would work for me to be away for 12 to 14 days from my family. And you know whether I was doing it and it’s only visible spectrum, light dimension, meanwhile, on the soulful layers, they’re like, to arrange this this deck here so that the timing is perfect. And then it all just now I totally get it. I completely get it. And I feel so trust I feel so trustworthy, not in my humaneness. But in the overall system of all that we are. I feel masterful in that way that even when I as human Jill don’t know I’m doing something that there is divine purpose in it and I feel loved and I hope that you guys feel about to for yourself okay and traveling together is pretty fantastic hanging out together on a human level you guys seeing that it really I really am this way in so many ways when we hang out together and you get to see more just the human silliness of Jill too you may get to see me get like stressed out about you know, why isn’t a taxi here on time etc. and that I own it. I’m not pretending like, Oh, I never get stressed. I’m sorry I’m so enlightened. I never get mad. and I’ll never make a joke and I never fart or burp or anything like that because I’m so freaking enlightened. No, that’s not how I do this. and I don’t actually burp and fart. It’s just not how my system works. But anyway this that you really get to see like how real I am. and it’s right alongside these other ways of being connected, so I don’t try to hide that or hide it from myself even. I totally feel I want to say a healthy level of not just responsibility but appreciation for all the little, you know, flavors and nuances of how I am as Jill. and I, since I allow myself to be so loved by source Creator God, it gives me more permission to love those layers of me. Well not like, I mean, I definitely have my favorite flavors of Jill, but there are the other layers. I’m like, Well, I gotta love you too, because you’re part of me. So here we are, you know, it’s, it’s Yeah, it’s better than some of the alternatives I have done which is pretending that we have to only wear certain colors to be connected to God, pretending that what we eat is like, such a big deal about how we’re connected to God like it’s like food had become and has and still is a religion to a lot of people. Yeah, again, there’s lots of experiments going on, and we each get to decide which one feels real and relevant and valuable to us. Okay, I love you. Happy solstice. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. I love you so much. and I would love to see you at an event. So anyway, we got lots of lots of yum yums for you guys. Alright, my website is jillreneefeeler.com I will say in advance thank you so much for sharing or commenting or liking or subscribing. I greatly appreciate you and I’m I feel so I want to say humbled and blessed at how my work has grown within such a relatively short amount of time. The fact that I did my first message on September 9th, I think 2009 and then I did my first event on 11/11/11. and the fact that here and I have the divine privilege to get to share These types of messages with this fantastic fellow masterful group.

I don’t know how I got so lucky. But I’m really grateful for the interaction that you and I have in the front row seat, that I feel like I stole in a way that I made for myself to get to see your light and your mastery and why you’re trustworthy. I wouldn’t want to miss this for anything. I love you. Bye, bye. Oh, how you guys doing? Let me turn on the chat and see what you guys are up to over here. Okay, oh, Layla. Sorry, you couldn’t hear anything, rest of us could hear. Okay. Oh, Tom, thank you for helping her. Okay, very good. Let’s see what else, let’s go down. Hi Suzanne. She saying this message resonates so deeply with me Jill as my truth about all of this and how we decided to do how we decided what to do when we created this experiment together kiss, hug I’m so glad it is perfectly underway, even though it doesn’t appear to be Yeah, I agree. Okay Boyd is saying thank you Jill and community we are living miracles in the body. Mind blowing cycles upon cycles moving away from separation and awakening, we are alive what a miracle from Tom, love. beautiful. Let’s see what else you guys are up to. It feels good. Okay, I really do have to run. I want to go check on Olivia with her cold and see how she’s doing and if she needs anything before my session in about 11 minutes. Okay. I love you guys so much. Bye bye for now. Oh, I won’t be live next week. atleast I’m not planning on it that turns out to be the day after Christmas. and I, my family of four is planning on doing a road trip starting that day until New Year’s Eve. So I’ll put something up though to entertain your soulfulness. I don’t know. To nurture your light if you want something from us, okay? I love you. Bye Bye, everybody. Okay, guys, so here’s my website jillreneefeeler.com If you’re looking at it on a computer, there’s home, private sessions, online classes. The store, which has a lot of repeats and the online classes, there’s an events calendar, there’s the blog, there’s the contact me area and then there’s member accounts where we have the members home, the customer support and then I’m, I put, stuffed some frequently asked questions there, and it may only be one. Anyway. Okay, so here’s the homepage and I actually just redid this because I noticed that on mobile devices, you guys can’t see all of these it just shows up as a set of horizontal bars. So member’s home is conveniently right there Member’s home is awesome for those of you that have bought classes before, and you can easily see everything that you’ve purchased right there which is great. Short, little bio, a couple of reviews. There’s more reviews at the booking your session, booking their private session link. See what center watch latest message take your consciousness to the next level with these extra courses. So those are some of my recent favorites. Sacred travel opportunities are all linked right here. There’s also the pretty I want to say special and unique intro video that’s right here. and then for those that need help if you’ve bought stuff and won’t use the word stuff, even though it’s cosmically yum, yum, amazingness I like to keep it casual. So stuff need help now and that’s a pretty funny and expansive and helpful customer support section but that could be fun to be to, for those that are new to my site and may be skeptical towards psychics and intuitive there might be a fun little area to check out. and then some various links so I talked about the unveiling your light. I touched on that lightly in today’s December Solstice message and again, this is right on the homepage on jillreneefeeler.com the relationship alchemy is still ongoing live we have the third of the three calls on December 28. and I will do that from my vacation. The Ascension Codes link is right here. A recent blog posts that I actually did in written form is right here. Here’s an intro video to me that I did several years ago and I still like it. A lot of you that are here actually found me and felt that homey connection with me from this video. and then here’s the sacred travel apps that are currently open for registration. So we have the Mary Magdalene tour in France. The dates are September 9th through October 6th. Then I have the final proposal and documents from my travel agency that I work with for those the France trip. But I haven’t put together kind of my version of the promotional materials so that’s coming soon. The cosmic family reunion in Zion, Utah in the US is amazing. and we just got done with that one about two months ago, and we’ll do another one next October 2018. and then I mentioned the Egypt and Petra experience February 3rd through the 14th and again, registration is still open for that one. But I do encourage you to act quickly. Here’s some more helpful links and a little bit of kind of why I do my work etc. and here’s some pictures. My family and I just got some recent photos done. So it was kind of fun to put those up here. and then here’s me. Do you say driving a boat? I don’t want to say manning a boat I was a womaning a boat though. The summer with some friends. I was there with one of my great friends Sandy, and Kristen and Bridget and we hung out at our vacation property in McCall, Idaho, and we took the boat out and Sandy took that picture of me. So I guess that’s it. Thanks, everybody. and thanks for being here. Thanks for being you. and again, thanks for sharing or liking or commenting or subscribing. I greatly appreciate your support. Okay. All right. Love you guys. Bye bye.