Predators, Victims, Subconscious Energies

Fragmentation and Unconsciousness and its role in Predator behavior

This is a transcription of a podcast message.

Alrighty, let’s do this. Hey everybody. My name is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome to this week’s message. I am glad that you’re here. I’m glad that I’m here and it’s fun to do video again, I’ve taken a couple weeks off for video, for no other reason than I was a little lazy to get ready, though there was two weeks ago. I don’t remember why I didn’t do video that day, but I actually like did my hair and all that stuff. But anyway, I don’t remember why. But anyway, here we are. Okay, let’s start by taking a couple nice deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth or however you like to breathe. relaxing the shoulders, pulling your shoulders down away from your ears. Okay, so we do these messages almost every week. Because I love to help us feel and know and connect with the eternal light of source Creator God that we are in this reality and I completely get it that a lot of us are here for different reasons and there’s some of us that like this part of our work, and there’s some another group that likes that part of our work. I like all of the work. I really do and I love you, of course, and there are so many layers to who and what we are and we are on, like a really nice on ramp to expanding the levels of who and what we are in this reality and I hope that you’re feeling that too. There will naturally be for all of us. Yeah, for all of us. It’s almost like new flavors of ourselves coming online and hopefully some of you are seeing that already and really appreciating that some things that you may have wanted to do in this reality seem like more achievable or seem more kind of like in your hand, like you’re, you’re ready to ready to do it ready to really like release and express these, these versions of ourselves and for this group in particular, there is tremendous support from so many different facets of not just within the time space continuum in this cosmos, but also beyond the types of this time space continuum. Where there is no time, where there is no there. It’s omnipresent. It’s, it’s there’s nowhere it isn’t. Okay, so we have all levels of support really for this group and the reason we have that support is because of why we incarnated, this group incarnated for a very different type of mission. It’s not to just see what happens when we have a human journey.

It’s not I want to say careless and carefree. It’s very purposeful. It’s very intentional and there’s a lot of obviously messages and tools and resources and support that we offer to help us realize the very generic, I would say divinely generic nature of our purpose, That it’s not a specific thing. It’s beyond the job. It’s beyond a relationship and it truly is to glorify the light of source creator within your human that every single one of us, our purpose can be fit into that context. Do you see how generic that is? Now, to our minds that’s very unsatisfying, because our minds love a very narrow lane of purpose and mission the reason our minds love that is because there’s less risk of failure. Okay, so I can appreciate that logic, but with the brain also can’t see is that there’s no way for us to fail. Because we naturally wired ourselves and so many I want to save foolproof, really guaranteed ways of being these very loving, caring examples of source within our humaneness. Now we each have different versions of that and I actually like that variety. Jesus just said, but do you really Jill? I do sometimes more maybe in theory than actuality. I mean, you guys, we can help each other the wrong way I’m okay with that I’m okay that I rub people the wrong way. That’s an expression by the way of just some people aren’t your, like, favorite flavor of ice cream. But I do respect the choices that we all have. I actually see a growing amount of variety in our community There are some rods stroke kind of assessments that people make though, and I do find that interesting you guys, we’re not all liberal. We’re not all like, financially destitute. We’re not all anything other than just amazing, unique expressions of source Creator God. So I do encourage you to play with that idea. If you have this, I want to say comfortable image in your mind that we if we all hang out together, we would just absolutely love each other and, well, of course we all like eat or don’t eat this. Of course, we all love to do this. Of course we all are against that, you know what I mean? We are so diverse. We really are beautifully diverse and you guys there’s purpose in that there is so much purpose in that because it’s if nothing else, it’s proof that that love of source goes with everything. Everything that this group is about anyway, that it actually can fit within all of these different ideologies and beliefs. Yeah, there’s just so many different nuances to how we get to be ourselves. Okay? So where you do tend to fit really naturally with somebody and you just completely vibe with them. They make you feel comfortable in your own self, your own skin, and you love how comfortable they are in their skin and the way that they do that. That’s something to cherish. That’s something to celebrate. Just it’s, it’s probably a discipline disappointing to expect that that’s going to happen with everybody. So yes, I definitely prefer to hang out and make time for other people where there’s that natural kind of rhythm. There’s that natural connection where there’s just a lot of compatibility in who and what we are. So where there’s friction, let there be friction.

We don’t all have be best friends. Okay? I don’t know why we’re talking about this, but we are. Okay. Okay, the reason we’re talking about this is because it’s going to get more diverse. Each of us as we add these new layers that they were talking about are going to realize within ourselves how much more diverse than that we are even in our own energy field. Than how we used to identify ourselves, we are not simple, we are very complex and as we add on naturally and intentionally these adding on of layers, we’re going to feel within ourselves more of that diversity and you’re probably going to feel more of that kind of before and after sort of effect of Yeah, I remember when I used to think this or I used to believe that or used to enjoy this or used to hate that and then as we add these new layers, it really is like expressing different versions of who and what we are, but it’s all still sourced, in our, in our soul signature. It’s all still a consistent pattern, but it may be that you won’t be able to see that consistency from the vantage point of view human and that’s totally okay. Alright. So we’re adding on more of these layers because it allows for more of our light to be here, our light, our soul signature, our eternal nature, the love of source that we uniquely are and then we have these unique vessels and our humaneness to be a literally a vessel, a receiver of that light and a transmitter. When we allow ourselves to become even more diverse in ourselves, we give that light that eternal light even more room to be, we give that light even more expression in this reality. The other advantage of this cycle of expansion is that some of us get bored really easily in this reality and for those of us that get bored, it’s fun to feel kind of a new wave of self coming online and it’s not done for us. It’s done by us as our higher selves, which is another expression of who and what we are. So, our hope is that all of us have fun with us. It’s like getting to know ourselves again and it may significantly affect relationships. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing or a scary thing. It can be an exciting thing and it can mean positive changes. As you get to know yourself. Our best advice is that you make room for these new layers of you kind of like a new house guest and hopefully you love it. Hopefully you love that house guest Love at first sight, where you’re so welcoming and embracing and curious about this new expression of you. It’s not replacing anything that you’ve been. It’s adding to everything that you are. So we want to talk about 2018. There was a lot of excitement about 2017 being a numerical one, one of new beginnings, one of new cycles, and I have a business background as Jill and I remember this idea of what are called S curves, and they’re literally these S’s that like links, and then you leap from one top of the s to the bottom of the next s in this beautiful progression. I don’t have any other fellow business geeks in this audience.

But it is like we’re jumping s curves. This is part of our natural purpose of evolving humanity. So the one year that we just came out of, and I remember there was a series that we did last year about this time, it may have been a little bit earlier and it had 2017. The title, I don’t know if I remember it, but that was still a good series, and it was more than just about 2017. But 2017 was so much about those new beginnings. There were a lot of motivations to reset the energy kind of like when you reset the stage for a new act in the play and some of that was repressed some of that re-configuration took some time to assemble and then in August and September some of that started to reveal itself more clearly. We definitely have evidence of that in some of the I wanted to use the word exposure but then it ended up being a pun and uncomfortable pun regarding the sexual harassment and sexual improprieties of various levels of key players of various industries and power positions of power mainly men at this point but okay let me make sure we’re still good gonna make sure I’m going to turn on chat just for a second something weird happened with my Zoom still recording so that’s good. We still good any anybody send me an email and things just got weird right there. I don’t know why it asked me to log in again and I did hear from client yesterday that Mercury is now retrograde. So, actually it was a quiet Sunday night but Okay. So, with the current version of the revelations will say and it is kind of a funny pun exposure. It has been mainly men misusing their power, but the role of the victim the role of the victim needs to be evaluated too and the reason we say that is because this kind of perpetuating and manipulating power and taking advantage of somebody that is in a position of supposed like lesser authority, lesser power, supposed weakness etc. That’s not going away and that’s the hard part for a lot of us because there is this maybe dream or ideal that a lot of us have that with this sort of, you know, series of, you know, stories and headlines etc. that it’s going to teach. It isn’t just about men, but just in general, it’s going to teach that kind of predator kind of energy to not do that anymore. But this is Earth, and that’s unlikely to happen. Now, again, we’re treating you as the master that you are. So if you have any layers, inner child sorts of layers that need a hug with that, because you want it just to be over and done with and you want to know that there’s a version of the future of humanity where that never happens. I’m sorry. There are no guarantee predictions like that and I’m not holding my breath, given what I see. Okay. So and I have two daughters. So this, I would say is even Well, it’s personal for everybody. But I think about it that way too. It is valuable for any of us, no matter what’s going on in our personal world or what, you know how we’re out there in the main stream etc. It’s valuable for all of us to be very, I want to say proactive, and very savvy as possible, as aware as possible about what we would do in those circumstances. Because just like a mugger, a robber on the streets of a very urban environment where, you know, people steal purses and things like that, those predators pick people and there are some people that they don’t pick and I hate that I hate that about this reality, because it’s not blaming the victim and it’s not meant to blame the victim. I want us all to be very aware, just like any good self-defense training will do.

So that you can be as prepared as possible to not be picked and that if we are picked, that we think on our feet, that we realize what’s happening as it’s happening and that we are possibly more likely to respond Not just for our own safety, but our own integrity, and that the cherishing of our human, and the protection of our humaneness and all of the layers of our human that sometimes our fellow humans do not care about. Okay. So, yes, we’re still going to be talking about 2018. But this is important. There was one of the accounts and I know some of you don’t read the news. So if you don’t want to know about this, and you have the blessing of being able to fast forward if it’s an archive, right. But this is important, and it felt important the minute the Harvey Weinstein one came up, I was like, oh, this is it, isn’t it? my team was like, this is it. So this is what this is the beginning of the curtains being pulled back, so that we can truly see that somebody I mean, what do we see There are many things that we see the multi dimensionality of humanity that somebody can be so amazing and so successful and not successful because they’re an asshole, but successful because they’re actually super talented at certain things. That doesn’t mean they’re a good person. That doesn’t mean that there’s somebody that you want to hang out with. That doesn’t mean that you ever want to be alone with them and for some reason, our brains just have a hard time wrapping itself around that. So right now it is a lot of Oh my God, it is. Sorry, just give me a minute. I am so upset about this, but I totally get it. We are reliving a different version of the witch trials. Not just in Salem, you guys, they happen to a lot of places. Do you remember what it felt like to be accused of something that you weren’t? Do you also remember what it was like to be accused of something that you actually were? But it was so misunderstood that it was demonized and I don’t I’m not sure exactly how we’re going to make this make sense with everyone. but let’s just hang on because I am yet to be disappointed by our teams. That sense of let’s get them, right and the joy, the strange human delight of a public persecution of taking someone down and the certainty that we have all the facts that we need in order for that persecution for that judgment, for that trial to take place. it diminishes the human value, it diminishes the multi dimensionality of humans in general and it exposes the fear. That’s the biggest thing that’s exposed is the fear that we have, sometimes in our own human skin, and also the fear that we have with fellow humans. Some of us are not comfortable in our own human skin, let alone calling ourselves a member of the human race is not something we’re utterly, you know, excited about, right, I get that. I love being human, by the way. I’m not in that group, and not in that flavor. Okay, so how are we going to circle this back because I mean, from what the accounts that I’ve seen of Weinstein and some of the others, I mean, that’s That’s not the same thing as like supernatural abilities and esoteric, you know, embodiment, mysticism and some of the things because to me when I look at the witch trials, it is a misunderstanding of a divine gift that they were persecuted for. But some of them were persecuted because they were doing, if you will have nowhere where I have no idea where we’re going, and it’s funny because there’s part of me as human Jill, like, No, I want to know where we’re going because I’m going to be the one that’s held accountable for this message, not my team and I don’t want to look like an ass and I don’t want to misguide anybody. So there’s a part of me that’s like, I want to get ahead of it and get out of the way? Okay, okay. Some of the ones in the witch trials were not as innocent as we may wish to think. Some of them were misusing their power. Some of them were in the realm of, if you will, spells and magic and what I would call witchcraft and this is not my forte. So again, I’m very uncomfortable with this. But some of them were using it in a way that that we would not condone that we would not be like it we would not be defending how they use their, if you will, their gifts. Okay, so were there some that were falsely accused? Yes. Were there some that were like rightly accused? Yes.

It’s important to have our own authenticity and honesty and integrity, about that for that timeline, as that replays and a different version. A different vibration with mainly a different gender kind of on the stake at this point. Because the witch hunt has started, and the trials aren’t even happening, there’s no trials in this one. It’s just, you know, make them go away. We never want to see them again etc. So why is that a problem though. Okay. My team was like, hang on, just hang on Jill. Okay. Humanity has not yet, in our current timeline figured out a way to isolate an area of someone’s strengths and abilities from areas of their detriments and weaknesses. We want a clear thumbs up or a clear thumbs down on everybody and that doesn’t work well within humanity. Especially when there are individuals that actually have tremendous talent in areas that people care about. Yet they also have the significant flaws in their character. When it’s a group, like us, we have a higher chance, I want to say more skills at being able to observe and witness our own multi dimensionality. We have a higher probability of being able to see our deficiencies and see our weaknesses, thus that we’re able to claim responsibility for ourselves and be authentic when we apologize for our own negative or bad behavior, things about ourselves that we don’t like that we don’t embrace that we don’t love. When we say we’re sorry for it, we’re taking responsibility for it. We’re not trying to deflect we’re not trying to defend or explain or justify, we’re just saying, hey, I screwed up. I hope it doesn’t happen again. But again, I can’t promise but I see that part of myself that I that I acted on right there, and I don’t like that part of myself. That’s this group. We’re very, very rare group in this world. So most of humanity, the way that it tends to function, and it’s not that they can’t function at the level that we are. They’re just not there. They don’t know what we know. They haven’t engaged in the way that we have with the multiple layers Of consciousness and core inner divinity that we have. So when, when that kind of person says, when that kind of person gets called out for negative or bad behavior, it’s a very different process. Because it is so common, especially when it’s horrible behavior that that a person when you have a person, a typical human, I would say, and they’ve demonstrated that they’re capable of extremely negative, just like cringe worthy, disgusting behavior, they are even less likely to be able to fully observe the layers of themselves. Right? they’re so fragmented, consciously and energetically, and always, that they can’t see the full ring of their kind of pie slices. There’s there, they don’t have the superstructure to hold it all. So they’re just these bits and pieces of a person that don’t fit well together and that’s actually it actually is that fragmentation that allows them to be positively positively not negatively positively brilliant in some areas, and absolutely diabolical, disgusting in another way. It’s that fragmentation that actually allows that. Okay, thank you. So, humanity doesn’t have a great system right now for how do we celebrate the positive giftedness while helping like rehabilitate or restore or something like that the negative, we don’t have that system and we don’t have any grand plans for how that happens either. But what we do know is that it’s very real. So it is wise and very emotionally responsible for every human to be aware of the Likely fragmentation that most are operating from. So that you can be like any good self defense class, right? more aware of the switching into fragments when it happens. Okay, now I’m going to step in here. So when I was reading Russell Simmons, I actually like Russell Simmons, and I still do there are parts of Russell Simmons that I still like. There’s a very real, I want to say. Honest to me it feels true account of this woman from I think it was in the 80s of an experience that she had with Russell Simmons and Russell Simmons had just come out like two weeks prior. Excuse me, I still have a pretty ugly cough. He brought some Someone’s had just been accused by a model slash actress or something two weeks before and he had said something like you know, that’s not me.

I don’t remember it that way. I’m a very, you know, I would never do anything that was like violent or something towards someone and this woman came forward and she was like in a very publicly, I mean, it’s like a written article. Yeah, actually you are capable of that. What stuck out for me as I was reading her story is that she said when she got in the suburban with Russell, so it was her and Russell and the driver. She said, I saw him change into a different person and she said she knew him well enough that she was waiting for the kind, loving, supporter, brotherly Russell to like come back. But he didn’t. So it just kept getting worse and she was talking about in the article about how it was very surreal to her because it was like, who is She thought she knew him. But she didn’t know that fragment of him. Right? and here’s the thing, the nice Russell Simmons, that is the public persona of him. He probably doesn’t know that side of that fragment, even though he’s, I mean, known as a quite conscious person and he’s been on Oprah soul series. I mean, that’s what kind of he’s obviously gone through some levels of integration. But he forgot that fragments. Right. So he didn’t know about that part of himself. Now, I actually Russell Simmons could be could be somebody that that fills, fills the voids, to allow the fragments back into himself and could actually have a very noteworthy sort of restoration there where he accepts responsibility for those fragments, learns from them, right? and apologizes sincerely, not as a PR public relations stunt. But out of sincerity and authenticity. Okay. I don’t put any bets. the others that have been accused because I just don’t see that kind of connection and consciousness that is required. It’s not a better than it’s just they don’t have the right equipment, you have to have that divine instruction order to have that sense of wholeness and the embracing of all those fragments of all the slices of ourselves that we’ve been in this reality. Okay. So the part I want to emphasize is this, and this lovely woman and the horrible thing that she went through her realization that he changed. Now, those of you that are in in this group, this family, if you will, that have taken the Outwitting Wetiko series you’re like, Oh, yeah, I got that. But some of you don’t know that, that experience yet and I highly recommend it. If you do want to get that I want to say self defense kind of training in this reality because it is had, if you were I had been in the suburban and that would have happened and we saw his whole persona change. We would have been like oh fudge. Right? This is a different version of Russell. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. We’ve got wetiko stepping in here. He’s not going to be he’s not going to know who I mean. This is this is not going to go well because this is not the Russell that I would have said yes, you can take me home. Right? This is a Russell I would have said I don’t even want to be in the same building with you. Right. So knowing is part of the staying present enough in your body where it doesn’t get surreal, where you can be present in yourself to take matters take your matters. into your hands and you’re more likely to be able to get out of a negative or even dangerous situation like that. Okay? So it matters and there are some folks that are just wired differently. We kind of have a don’t fudge with me kind of version of ourselves and you guys, the data, the statistics, the science is there to back that up in terms of like, you know, who who, the ones that could pick to be mugged. It’s not always that way, but there is just a Oh, that one would fight back. That one will be on to me a little sooner than the others, right? This happens in dating. This happens with the rape. This happens all across the board. This happens with financial scams. There’s just so much predator energy in this reality, you guys. So if I just feel like I’m being so negative, it seems like is it negative, is it being honest. I mean, we want this group to be very savvy and very aware, and very intact of all facets of your matter, right? your finances, your health, your wealth, your psyche, your emotions, all of you. So some of some, some people are just wired in a way and it could be that, you know, they’re more trusting. It could be that there’s the sort of like, well, he looks nice. You know what I mean? I don’t know. But some, so we’re just, we just have different skill sets. We just have different strengths and abilities and it breaks my heart when I’m working with the clients and they’re like, Yeah, I got scammed out of a whole bunch of money and then when they tell me about I’m like, I’m just thinking and part of me is just like, really, you didn’t see that as a red flag? Just like, I mean, so we’re all just different. So if we can support each other more, and not be like, Oh, you should have known better. I mean, let’s shore up our weaknesses.

Let’s celebrate our strengths and let’s accept where we have deficiencies, or we have areas of weakness because we’re not going to be anything like Harvey Weinstein. But we all have areas that we’re just not that strong in and that’s okay. So this, are we ready to go there yet? Not yet. Okay. Okay. So this ability for us to add more layers on, even though not all the other layers are perfect, actually gives us more ability to strengthen, strengthen our strengths, and keep them strong, our natural abilities, what we’re naturally amazing at where we’re naturally exceptional and even supernatural at, while also giving love and support and minimizing any sorts of kind of, if you will, deficiencies or weaknesses or parts of you that you don’t like, right? There’s nothing wrong with having parts of you that aren’t your favorite parts. We are much more likely to soften those edges, the more that we have that full reflection of who and what we are, and it’s not something we have to fix. It’s not something that’s that’s a void at our soul level that we came to Earth to resolve. It’s just something that if we play with it and explore it and continuously create and iterate versions of ourselves, number one, that’s human evolution. Number two, it makes our journey more satisfying, more joyful, right? It’s not fun to walk around as a fragmented human. Most of us are already past that step. But the self responsibility for all these layers and recognizing that the parts of us that we don’t like are things that we can change. There are things that we can adjust and hone and play with to bring them even more fully into the light of source. That we are, again, not out of have to not out of a reason for being here. But just like, Hey, I got it, I got a car and may as well tune it up. Right? Okay, so that we’re ready for the journey as we go forward and then we are more prepared for the obstacles and the natural, just nonsense and fragmentation that we will and do encounter in this reality. Again, we’re treating you as the fellow master that you are, and we’re being very honest about this reality and what we see for it. Because those Harvey Weinsteins will I don’t want to say always, but I’m going to say always, will always be there in the version of this reality that we’ve got right now. are we changing this version? Yeah. Definitely. By changing ourselves. Okay. Okay, I’m just saying to my team, I don’t want to talk about Harvey Weinsteins anymore are we done with that? Yeah. Okay, so let’s switch gears then. So 2018 is a two year and with a two year you are adding, you’re taking what the one year offered you right? and you’re still in that same kind of S curve, that same version of the coil that you created for this next nine year cycle, which started in 2017 and in this two year, there can be an increased sense of confidence and increase sense of savvyness etc. Now, the team that I’m a part of the team that I am an animation of we are extremely passionate about being sometimes brutally honest about the nature of this reality, and that it doesn’t have to change for you to be the light of source That you are, Okay? that’s a very different timeline than a lot of folks with connection like ours are operating from and you probably can feel the difference and again, there’s nothing wrong with it that you’ll feel it’s a different flavor of ice cream, then what a lot of others are doing, okay? that’s actually why a lot of you hang out why we hang out together isn’t it because it’s it’s we some of us crave this sense of authenticity, rawness, I don’t know. But our light is strong enough to not just survive, but absolutely thrive in this reality. This is a less than ideal setting for the light of source that we are and to be more aware of that to be more proactive in this environment is extremely intelligent and rational and masterful. Okay, so 2018 hopefully there’ll be less shock about some of these things and I do feel like a group like this, very few of us were shocked. But it’s still kind of like, Oh, crap, that’s all coming out. I didn’t like I didn’t predict this. This is fun and it can be fun because holding folks accountable for behavior that harmed another is important in this reality. It’s important on the all sides, and I do hope that we learn from the experiences and that’s something that there are some of us that just never imagine will be in a situation with any sort of predator. Again, maybe that’s a degree of fragmentation that we’re like, oh, that would never happen to me that the maybe not sexual predator, but maybe we’ve been, if you will, a victim of financial crimes. Other sort of scam, right? Anyway, there’s so many versions, so many flavors of that here. So being honest with ourselves about where we have noticed a vulnerability and deconstructing it enough or we possibly can learn from it, and what would I do differently if I come across a predator like that again, because you guys we likely will no matter what age we are, no matter how long we’re here, we’re likely going to come across various versions of that and again, some of us can just like shut it down and deflect it like immediately and it’s in it’s over before it even started. others it may take us a little longer before we see it and others we really wish we could have, like, gone back in time and like, damn it. That’s the part. That step right there that that’s the moment when I wish I would have seen things sooner. That’s the minute when I wish I would have realized that what’s about to happen.

If that’s you, I am so sorry that that happened to you. Whatever that was, you didn’t deserve that and I, there are definitely parts about this reality that I hate and that’s that’s one of them that somebody as loving and caring and beautiful and special as the light of source that you are, would experience something like that. There’s nothing in your soul record that was like, Yay, I’m going to have that happen on Earth. But all of us knew at some level at our soul level what was possible here, and we still came. So I don’t mean that to rub anybody’s nose in it like see you deserve this. It’s not like that at all. But there is a part of us that is sadly enough that this isn’t the shock that this can happen here and it doesn’t have to be taken personally. I am just questioning myself Because I’m like, but doesn’t it sound like we’re making it personal when we say that some are more susceptible to be victimized than others, we don’t need it in a personal soul way about that, then it’s about deserving it. It’s, it’s not that different than, you know, the wiles of the Sahara, where the young gazelle, that isn’t as fast or the gazelle with the broken leg, the predator, the hunter, they, they’re trained for that. They have instincts about, you know, the weaker ones. I don’t want to look at any of us as weak. I don’t. But I acknowledge even in myself that there are parts of me that I want to say are weaker and I don’t mean that in a negative way. But, I mean, I have so many examples, even in recent history of let’s think of a good one. For me, probably the best example isn’t like a sexual predator experience. It’s more I would say financial naiveté. Okay. So for years in my business Yeah, we’re really neutralizing this conversation now it’s okay. For years because I do want to give this example because I, I how I embrace my weakness, okay? For years in my I wasn’t trying to be an entrepreneur, I have a background in business but every business I was ever a part of I had like staff of IT and, you know, every there was just department for everything and I am one person show, right and I didn’t, it wasn’t my goal to be an entrepreneur. It just kind of happened but and I embraced it and I like it but taxes. I didn’t I mean, I don’t like plan. I don’t do a financial forecast of my business and even though I, maybe I should and as I was making money. I there were several years I’m like, oh, I’ll have enough to pay my taxes and then at the end of the year and like, and my husband, my husband does our taxes. But anyway, anyway, he was like, so your tax bill, Jill, for your business is this and I just looked at him like, like, really? so what happened for me I mean, I still every year I was like, Oh, I got it this year and then I’m like, shit, I don’t have it in there. It did it made me feel like a little girl. Just felt so inadequate. Saving is not my strength. This really isn’t. So if you give me a goal of chipping away at debt, it’s something I can I can really nail it. But the overall just kind of general tax bucket of savings. I’m not, that’s not my forte. The good thing is that my best friend and life partner Jeff, he’s amazing at that stuff, and he’s a tremendous saver. So starting mid last year I made it was early last year in 2017. New beginnings one year, he offered and I already had a bookkeeper that I pay a professional bookkeeper. That he said, what if I, we came to an agreement where he would handle watching on a monthly basis based on the statements that my bookkeeper provides, how much money I’m making and making sure that that money gets set aside and then occasionally throughout the year, he’s like, Okay, what other things you have going on in the next few months? I want to make sure we have enough set aside. So Jeff being Jeff, we probably have more than enough set aside and I’m so I feel so carefree about that because now I can do this stuff and not have this background fragment version of Jill’s is kind of like no, no, you know, who can embarrass ourselves again to this person that we love and admire and respect and say, you need help, you know, failing. Can you bail us out again on the tax bill. I’m embarrassed to say that you guys. So this is this is a legit example of weakness. So I created a system because I may never get good at that and it’s expensive to for me not to be self funded and it’s embarrassing, because I do I am very responsible financially in so many other ways, but clearly not obviously evidence would tell us that, but this year, we’re good. We’re like, more than good and I’m so happy about that, that I put enough aside, well Jeff, Jeff put enough aside so that it doesn’t have to come out of a household budget and it just I feel so relieved. It’s like, it’s so good. So I have support and I have assistance and it just is perfect that my husband is so good at that. So wherever you have areas that you’re like, you know what, I’m pretty weak in that and I may never get good at that. Then where are you open to receiving support and help and it may be embarrassing and it may be part of you that doesn’t want to admit it to yourself that that’s just not your forte. But having that I want to say issue or area taken care of by somebody who is kind of naturally responsible or naturally gifted in that area. Oh my God, it, I think it makes Jeff feel good in the situation that is able to help out in such a real way. Also, he benefits because he doesn’t have that surprise bill that I am asking him. Can you make a loan for me, right? But that kind of authenticity with ourselves is is such a great step forward and that does free us up this relationship that Jeff and I now created as an add on to what we already are, frees me up to be even more energized and more focused in the parts that I am really good at and that’s good. That’s a win win situation and Jeff actually likes doing it. If he didn’t, then I would, I would pay my bookkeeper. Or I’d pay somebody else that I trust. To do that set aside, I could have had my bookkeeper do it.

If Jeff ever gets tired of it, I’ll have her do it. But there’s so many options and sometimes we aren’t creative enough and sometimes we don’t want to admit that we need the help. Okay, so maybe there’s areas in your one year of this 2017, where you feel like you want to show yourself up and if you have felt like you tend to be, I want to say, I mean, the taxes didn’t victimize me. But let’s just continue this term exaggerating for effect. What areas in 2017 were showing you that you tended to feel like a victim or tended to not be at your best or not feel like you were landing on your feet. What creative options do you have available to you? Or do you want to make available to you so that you can show those up and give yourself more of that energy, more of that focus in the parts of you that are so naturally gifted, so naturally exceptional. Some of us don’t want to ask for help, because we’re sure that it’s a burden to somebody else. But I know in this instance, Jeff actually loves doing this. He really does and I think he gets excited about my business as it grows, and he’s like, you do all of this and you don’t have an admin? and I’m like, yeah, and he’s like, and he gets a smile on his face, and it makes me like, good, okay, okay, good. You know, he has a very good business sense too and I appreciate that praise from him. It makes me feel even more successful as an entrepreneur, as well as everything that you guys know me as. Okay. It just feels good to like ourselves, you guys. This is so valuable and going into 2018 The energies are growing, the energies are expanding and this isn’t about manifestation. This is about realizing the best system, creating the best system for each of us to be ourselves. What are your natural weaknesses? What are your natural strengths? Having them at the emotional maturity to be honest with yourself about that and then figuring out and exploring different options for how you make your you even more amazing. Okay, I feel, Okay, yeah, I’ll say that. There’s a lot of interest in annual predictions and I don’t like that. That’s not my flavor. Because I, The reason I don’t like it, by the way is that I feel like those that I feel like the part of us that wants predictions Oh, now I just saw another side of it That I like, okay. The part about predictions that I don’t like that it feeds is telling me what’s going to happen. So that so that I can entertain my mind about about whatever, whether you’re right or wrong, and I can judge you for that and all these things. But I do appreciate the part of us that wants to prediction just like I know that may not go this way. But overall, is there a lay of the land sort of view that can be given Are we going to the Arctic? Are we going to the Bahamas, I mean, like, what do I pack for, right? Just preparedness, self confidence, self preparation, those sorts of things. So 2018 is in some ways a bumpy ride than 2017 and I did mention this recently, I think in a Facebook post, and then I put it on my website. You know, those thrill rides like an I’d like you to use power etc. where they’re like, okay, secure your belongings. Here’s a little cubby for like your cell phone. Oh sir, you have your hat on, you need to take off your glasses, they’re going, this is an upside down ride, they’re going to fall off. Right? secure your belongings and that’s what I feel about 2018 is it is a secure your belongings sort of journey. This two year feels very unstable, kind of like a two year two legged table or two legged chair. It’s like you need your feet to add to the add to the two legged chair so that you can stand up kind of like those bikes that kids learn to ride that have no pedals. It’s a two wheel bike, and in order to stay up because they’re not they’re not at the stage of pedaling yet. They need both feet, or they’re going to fall over.

Okay, so that’s a great that’s, that’s actually perfect metaphor for 2018 because those, those two wheel bikes when you’re not pedaling yet, you kind of can go through and speed and it can be really fun. You can fall, it’s, it can be a great day or a bad day. There’s a lot of flexibility and a lot of unknowns and a lot of uneven terrain and all those things. So 2018 from our perspective is a getting accustomed to the greater and greater levels of light that we’re embodying. Okay, a further levels of trust, hopefully testing ourselves in uncertain situations that we haven’t been in before. Knowing we’re always supported at a soul level and just the topic of accountability is coming up since we were talking about like the witch trials and and all of these sexual harassment cases going on right now. Some of the desire for justice in 2018, maybe very unsatisfying because some of the folks that have been persecuted it’s not that they didn’t do anything wrong, but what they’re accused of is grossly overstated in some cases and since the witch hunt, you know is the pitchforks are out. They may be pressured into just like going away, like, No, we never want to see you again and again, I mean, I actually have a mixed level of emotions about that because I wish there was a way I get it that there may never be, but I wish there was a way where where somebody could be super talented at what they do and then they have like, a supervisor that they can never be alone. It’s like a supervised visitation. Like anytime if they’ve been, like Kevin Spacey. If he’s you know, been predatory towards not just young males, but I would say younger males in any sort of less powerful positions and then he felt for himself that he could never be with with any of those people unless he had like a supervisor. I mean, I don’t know it’s just I wish there was some creative way that we could make it where we allowed and celebrated their giftedness, but we protected anybody from being harmed by where they’re screwed up and harmful, like dangerous with certain people. I also wish I’ll just say it, I wish that all of us had the ability to be I guess it would be protected more That we had some sort of a supersonic radar or something like that was like always about to switch is about to switch into unconsciousness. No, thank you. I don’t need the ride home like before it ever happened. That would be so cool and maybe some of us feel like we do have that. I don’t know that this you know, being afraid of everybody, isn’t to me the ideal way to go through humanity, but I wish there were more victims and I feel like this one was Russell Simmons. I wish there were more that were coming out that would that were able to say, had I to do it over again You know, I would have liked done this differently or done that differently. Just so that those of us because we will be scammed. There are perpetrators in this world, so that we can all kind of learn from each other in not unlike Oh, you’re You know, blaming the victim, it’s you know that we because there’s pitchforks, pitchforks out with that, too. Oh, you know, we get so excited and like, about these things, but I wish that there was more kind of conscious awareness of, Okay, now, this horrible thing happened. Do you have any advice for somebody else that’s in a situation like that? Because some of them some of the advice is just a blanket like ya duh, never have a meeting at a hotel room. I remember there was one interview I was hearing where two people that had very experienced, and one of them was Tom Hanks’ wife, Rita can’t remember her last name. Anyway, she was saying that she never experienced anything like that and she wasn’t a party or so even when she was young and Hollywood in her 20s and 30s She didn’t drink. She didn’t do drugs and she’s like, now I you know, I wasn’t part of that scene. like nobody wanted to. Nobody wanted to mess with me because I wasn’t playin’. So that’s kind of interesting, isn’t it? She’s not blaming any any victims there, she’s just saying I think I was like off the radar of a predator because I didn’t fit the profile of somebody that could be like, you know abused or you know, power misused etc. If you’re, if you’re not jacked up on drugs, you’re a much more, you know, present and aware to say no and fight back and be more aware of Okay, he’s shutting the door now and leaving now. Right? So there’s always just so many different avenues of how these things happen and where they can be preventable that we’re like really sharp and that we do that I wish we could learn more from each other in that regard because I wish this stuff never happened because nobody deserves to be abused in this way. Yeah. Okay, how are you guys doing? I’m going to open up the chat room.

Thanks, Steve. He’s saying loving this. We all have our areas okay, good. Hi, Sheila. She’s saying great info. I’m actively learning to deal with the issue of fragmentation on others. Yeah, that’s good. Sheila, I’m curious if you’ve done the Outwitting Wetiko series that that series is so unlike anything else that I’ve done, maybe the Ascension Codes is somewhat related. It’s actually funny in terms of flavors of ice cream, right? It’s so fun that occasionally before a private session, I tend to just kind of peek like, have we done a session before or is this you know, I look on my calendar and then I look in my membership website, what what classes have they signed up for? It’s just like, I’m just curious and it’s so funny that some of you that have done Outwitting Wetiko you did Ascension Codes too and there’s a lot of natural patterning there in terms of Yeah, I want to I want I want the raw truth and the Outwitting Wetiko series is definitely that and the Ascension Codes Is that too, so actually, Minding the Matter is as well. Anyway, okay, good. Thank you. All right, okay, good. Let’s see. Is that it? what else you guys want to talk about? Oh Haley’s, she’s saying this is so good to have compassion for what we are not so gifted at also having the awareness to know when a situation is not okay for us. Oh, that one. Because we live in a world of predators, just doing everything we can on the prevention side so that we’re not a victim, and we can perhaps help protect others from not being a victim. That just feels so smart to me and so logical and so rational because, you know, taking all the predators away is not going to happen anytime soon and even more strangely, some people don’t know they’re predator until they’re actually being a predator. That’s, It’s so screwed up you guys, but that is the epitome of Wetiko, right? Wetiko is equal opportunity. I want to say embodiment of not kind, not pleasant, not high vibe consciousness. So Wetiko takes every opportunity at can to be a predator to victimize and we’re doing ourselves a huge disservice on the prevention side and maybe even on the perpetrator side, any layers of us that that kind of take advantage, maybe of somebody’s lack of knowledge or lack of coherence or whatever. Catching somebody in a weak moment to do something or say something, say yes, that they normally wouldn’t, right. I mean, there, there are There are, but there’s a spectrum of that, right? Where it’s not harmful, but it’s like, I gotta just sign up for the class. You know what I mean? She probably would have normally said it, that’s pretty sick and twisted, right? But you guys that happens that definitely happens. So Wetiko, we do ourselves a huge disservice when we ask who, who did it? and I really am, this Russell Simmons going back to that example this horrible behavior in this reality is much less of who and a lot more what what is it and it’s literally this vapor like fog like unconsciousness that can sort of take someone over and that’s why Russell Simmons face and energy changed. Okay so it’s overly simplistic, not wise, not masterful to automatically Oh, it’s, it’s him him him him him. Right? It’s a what. Given how we operate in our normal humaneness, some are more susceptible to that Wetiko taking over than others. But it’s surprising how surprised someone can feel my throat getting so dry. How surprised someone can feel by how they may have felt taken over in any shade, right? Any degree of Oh, I have a funny example myself. So yesterday I had I think four sessions back to back and somebody was at the door and Samson being the sweet baby that he is he, it’s his job to bark when the when the door is knocked and he was really aggressively barking and I was irritated. So I felt, I felt like it and I started yelling. I shouldn’t be laughing I already did say I’m sorry to him. That’s it. I mean, I was really and I got so annoyed because I was trying to get something done before my next session and I found myself like yelling at Sam and that’s so not normally me. But I hear I was like something had taken me over.

So my guess is if somebody had watched my face in that moment, he’d be like, Oh, she just changed. Like, not nice and not nice way. So it can be not, you know, horrible but still not good, right? and as I was doing it, I’m like, What am I doing? Right? and I was like, Sam, and I was just like, honey, and he came over and he’s all waggy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I’m sorry and I just got his face in my hands and I’m like, I am so sorry. I’m sorry. I yelled at you and I hope you forgive me and then I had to forgive myself, right? It was not my best moment and not something I’m proud of. But I may do it again. I hope I don’t, but it could happen. I hate that loud barking sound it makes the whole feels like it makes the whole house shake. Defensive. Getting defensive. Okay, awesome. Let’s see what else you guys are saying and then we’ll wrap up. Okay, hi, Sheila. She’s saying, Is there something that we as seeing our own light can do to help these folks? Yeah, there actually is and Suzanne saying important discussion today about all this, Jill, thank you. You’re welcome. It was so uncomfortable for me at multiple times. I I was like, this could be misinterpreted. Oh, that could be, you know, plucked out and taken out of context and I could look like an idiot or an asshole or totally insensitive, or whatever. So, anyway, thank you. You’re welcome. Okay, so Sheila, is there something that we as seeing our own light can do to help these folks? Okay. had one of you been at my house yesterday when Samson was barking and I was like, losing it. One of you just coming over very calmly, and like putting your hand on my shoulder. I would have, like, restored myself in a way. I would have been like, Okay, I got it. I got it. Thank you and I would have looked at you probably in the eyes and said, thank you. So sometimes there are things that we can do, where we look at somebody, and I wouldn’t want us to do anything stupid, right? and put ourselves in danger. But it is kind of interesting to explore the idea that had this This woman that wrote the account of her experience with Russell Simmons, had she been in the van in the suburban before, we know when the signs were starting to appear, that it was like that had she like, I mean, I’m just wondering if I had been there because they had a long relationship, I mean, friends and professional and she never been alone with them in this way and it was the end of the night of partying at the clubs and so forth. Anyway, so he, I’m guessing was under the influence of something. Anyway, putting, I mean, if it were me, I, I’m, I’m just wondering if I would have like, like, hey, hang on, and I put my hand and touched him and looked him in the eye and said, Russell, are you there? You know what I mean? Like, do you want to go get a bite to eat, totally tried to like change the energy pattern. But normally, if it gets surreal, and it looks like time is stopping, then we’re just like, like in the river, right? and it’s hard to get out of the river once you’re in it. So if you’re like, Okay, wait, his face just changed. Okay, wait, everything just changed right here, right. It’s possible and there’s no guarantees, obviously. But it is It is kind of an interesting idea that if we touch somebody, look at them in the eye and basically engage them on their human level. Because Wetiko is a nonhuman force Wetiko is like a fog, okay? and the fog doesn’t like light. If you notice that when the sun comes up the fog lifts, and it doesn’t just lift it can actually vaporize. It can demanifest, basically. So it’s possible that because the only, I mean, the recipe to not have Wetiko going on is to fully occupy your field with your divine consciousness and with your light, and to own your shit right to own yourself or you’re like, Okay, wait a minute. No, no, I don’t want to be barking at the dog right now. I don’t want to in the case of Russell Simmons, I don’t want to take advantage of this young, not a strong woman who’s in my suburban with my driver, and I can lock the doors.

You know what I mean? So there’s always situations where things could be manipulated, but most of us don’t want to manipulate them. That’s not our intention. That’s not our desire. But if there’s a match for Wetiko, right? and that can happen with alcohol that can happen with drugs that can happen with poor health, that can happen with poor judgment that can happen with poor values, right? That can happen with a whole bunch of things Wetiko is like all over the place so again, it’s not about a who Wetiko it’s about a what and how not to be a match for it. How to like reset yourself when you are being a match for Wetiko and then also I love your idea Sheila about this others but Wetiko is a really strong force|so I guess it depends on the situation. But I just like we won’t know until we try. I hope most I hope we’re not in a situation where we need to figure out what’s going on there. I wouldn’t try it with like a financial scammer, though. Or just some annoying telemarketer you know what I mean? Yeah, we’re, they’re just because they’re just running a script. I mean, literally the telemarketers they have a script and I remember I’ve had times on the phone  I finally just see what happens here. If I say, no, I don’t want that. What are you doing today? You drink? Yeah, I got a cup of coffee sit next yet you know what I mean? They want to stay on script, so they don’t want to come back to themselves. Don’t know why I talking about telemarketers? But just doing things that we wouldn’t normally want to be doing and we lose control of ourselves. It’s a scary, scary thing. I wish I could talk to Russell Simmons and just be like, let’s kind of dive deep into the Wetiko experience. He probably doesn’t remember it. But just it’s almost like helping him feel that accountability and helping him understand what that was. Yeah, it’s so screwed up. We don’t have that on the all that is that’s here. It’s in any environment where unconsciousness is allowed, and where unconsciousness where it’s a structure in that reality that allows for unconsciousness and earth does. Okay, I think that’s it. I didn’t have any genius answers there. Sorry about that. I I just encouraged us to try different things. Okay, hey, Jess. She’s saying it doesn’t support accountability. Oh, wait, that doesn’t. Okay, let’s see. She says, it doesn’t support accountability as it is truly personal and no one can hold you to it. It has more to do with how people identify themselves. Many who are fragmented, identify only with those layers, It’s true. which breaks my heart as they are so much more than that. A great scam for separation. True. Steve is saying my guess my guess just someone being there would have changed the energy in the situation referring to you and Sam. I think that’s true. Oh, Steve, that’s, that’s like 100% true. You’re so right. Oh my God, that was so big, I’m feeling. Thank you for that, Steve. You’re so right. I would have been embarrassed for anyone else to hear me Yell at Sam and that screwed up, isn’t it? So had another person been there that is like that I’m holding myself accountable to. I would have never shown that side of myself. I don’t think. Anyway, yeah, you’re right. I would hold myself to a different standard of Jillness with a witness, right? Yeah, that’s interesting. Samson again. I’m so sorry honey. You didn’t deserve that. I love you. He’s just chillin on the couch. Okay. I love you guys. We went long today, but this did feel like there was a lot there and there’s times I wish it would have been clear, but I know that there was a lot of energy offered and I hope that you enjoyed it. I think that’s it for now. Thank you so much for sharing, liking and commenting and subscribing. If you’re looking at this on YouTube, I, I really appreciate that and our, our family here is growing of folks that really wants to be our divine light from the inside out. We want to do it in the world exactly as it is we’re tired of waiting for the world to like, get fixed and get ready for us. We don’t fit in here. We accept that we actually embrace it now. This group tends to embrace that we don’t fit in here and I love that, I feel like we’re we, when I don’t feel it. I know it. I see it energetically that we’ve upped the game of the vessels of light that we are by this approach and I’m so excited about it. Yeah, I love you guys. Okay, bye for now. Talk to you later.