Prediction: Heightened Unpredictability

In this global sharing from the team we experienced a wonderful pyramid meditation followed by an empowering message on various topics.

This is a transcription of a podcast message.

Hello everybody, my name is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome to today’s message. I love to share live messages and over the holidays I got a little bit off schedule with family events and other things going on in my life which some of you know about if you’re subscribed to my newsletters so I shared last week I believe and then is that are a lot of personal things that are going on health related challenges with my family extended family and it felt good to share that and a newsletter and I felt so much love and response from you and I just want to say thank you. This really does feel like an extended family to me anyway and I noticed some of you as well this community that we are so thank you for all that you are. right let me make sure I have everything right. Okay. Because I’ve, I didn’t do this right before. Okay. Good. Okay. I think we’re right. Anyway, so that was a vulnerable share, I’m not going to talk about it here and it won’t be in a video. So if you don’t get my newsletters then you’re not going to know what’s going on. So anyway, little bonus for the newsletter folks. But speaking of family, what I’ve noticed is that when we are together, whether it’s at an event or on a trip, or in a session, or even in a class where we’re not all speaking or an event like this, right, where we’re not all sharing, but we’re so connected at that heart level, at that soul level, and the love that we feel for each other.

I know I feel the love from you and I hope that you feel the love from me. My love for you is real and I am so excited that we’ve just kind of said screw it to some of the things in our lives that just didn’t make sense, or some of the ways that this world works. That never worked for us, right. So this opportunity that we have to. Okay, let’s see, sorry, little quickie things. This opportunity that we have to truly create our own sense of space to create a space for our own light is so important right now and a lot of us have been doing this a while. So we’re more in the groove, some of us are still a little bit newer to this idea of creating space for who and what you are and what you feel you are eternally and making that light making that love real in this reality. Okay, so it’s fun to hang out together. Because no matter where you are in that kind of experience level, it’s about your light, not mine. It’s about your light, not those community’s. So it’s something that it doesn’t require going off into a cave. It doesn’t require years of study or years of learning. In some cases, I actually feel like the less kind of, you know, in terms of modern day wisdom of enlightenment and consciousness, the better. It’s kind of interesting, isn’t it? Because there’s less learning to do and sadly, there are a lot of consciousness and enlightenment teachings that don’t get us what, what they, I want to say should, what we deserve. They don’t get us personally connected to the light of source that we are and you guys, that’s really why I do what I do. Because I, I didn’t research what else is out there, but I’ve seen very clearly the effects of what’s out there, and we can do better. So I’m appreciative of everything else that’s out there and I love what’s working for me. I love what my team shows me and I love to share that with you so that you can try it on for yourself and decide if it’s a fit for you as well. Okay, all right, let me get a drink of water here and then we’ll get started. Yeah, my team is like, do you want to tell them about your weekend? I could. I will. Okay, here we go. So my 15 year old daughter, Olivia has my both of my daughters like some YouTubers, like some of these YouTubers and I think I’ve spoken this before, after after I got back from VidCon I took both of my daughters to the con, which is like a Youtubers convention in San Diego and it was in June of last year 2017 and of course they want to go on this year.

Did you know that some of the youtubers that are really really big they have like 19 actually 30 something million followers pewdiepie. I know they have these funny names and then the one that Olivia wanted to see that he had an event in Salt Lake City this weekend. His name Well his real name was Mark but he goes by Marker Player and he has like 19 million subscribers. So It’s just I love kind of observing the whole YouTube culture, and how they’re seen as outcasts by the traditional entertainment industry because they didn’t go through the normal gatekeepers of Hollywood and the kind of established entertainment industry. So youtubers in psycho world of hackers, I consider myself a hacker, in a lot of ways too where we really just are sliding into creating a space to share from for ourselves, whether it’s a creative expression or for me a soulful expression and anyway, so I took Olivia to Salt Lake City to see Marker Player. Fabulous, He’s talented in a whole bunch of different ways and even though I’m not into his channel, I don’t personally subscribe to him. I can really appreciate who and what he is and what he does and all these sweet and sometimes not so sweet teenagers and millennials that were kind of in the audience there at the Eckles Center, whatever. I think it’s a Eccles Center in Salt Lake City. Anyway, but we got fogged in. So we were supposed to go in just for one night, Saturday night and then fly back Sunday and Olivia and I went into a movie. We saw The Greatest Showman on Sunday afternoon, near our hotel and it was bright and sunny when we walked in at like two o’clock, and then the movie ended. We walked outside, our flight was supposed to be at 8:30 at night, and it’s just like, thick fog and I’m like, Whoa, like the world has changed since we came into and out of that movie. So our flight ended up being cancelled after several delays.

So we ended up staying overnight and then we weren’t able to get home until last night at about nine o’clock. So not things did not go as planned. But you know, we made the best of it. So anyway, Jeff was here with Georgia I don’t know why we want to talk about that. But let’s get started. Okay, I invite you to take a couple nice deep breaths. We are going to do a deeper meditation here at the beginning and some of you aren’t as used to those deeper meditation. So this may be new for you, and I hope you like it and if you don’t, that’s okay too. We don’t have to like everything. Okay, close your eyes, please start slowing down your breathing and deeper breaths, feeling your breath, even into your belly as you inhale and exhale. As you focus on your breathing, we would like you to imagine a beautiful pyramid. It can be as big as you want it to be, but I’m imagining it’s about as tall as your hand and the base of the pyramid is right at I want to say you’re for the dudes, this won’t work but for the bra line for the ladies. So right yeah, just right here. Oh, right here, okay, is the base of the pyramid tip pointing up. That’s about the height of your hand, however tall your hand is and as you breathe, imagine that that base grows and as it grows, you can feel a light from within you or imagine please, a light within you filling up that pyramid from the inside out. Beautiful. So the light expands in this pyramid within you and the base of the pyramid expands as you’re breathing and relaxing your body and now I’m seeing that our pyramids are starting to rotate, they’re starting to spin. If I look down on the pyramid, it’s spinning in a counterclockwise rotation and now it’s creating a sibling pyramid base to base. So the next one is pointing downward and it’s spinning in the opposite direction. Okay, beautiful job. Both are just filled with the light of your soulfulness. Now imagine that the tops of the pyramid are also spinning on their own and now detaching from the pyramids. Spinning in the opposite direction from its base. Just let it happen naturally, guys, you don’t have to like Wait, what did she say? Just Just enjoy. Okay, I’ll show you what’s happening for you. Ok. Ok, so now the tips the tops of the pyramids are detaching the basis of the pyramid are not detaching from each other and now they’re spreading out within our bodies. Now they’re big enough to be wider than arm’s reach. Now they’re all flipping. So now at the pyramids are tip to tip, the little tip, the tops of each pyramid are also connected to each other, pointing towards each other. Oh my God, this is so cool. Okay, so from right where you are, just stay nice and calm and still and I’m going to tell you something about what’s going on here. These pyramids are holding codes of your soul signature, your favorite things about this reality, your favorite things about every reality you’ve ever experienced as a soul, which is way more than Earth, okay? and also your favorite parts that you want to insert into this reality that you’ve never seen in any other reality before. But you want to bring something new online. Okay, good. So these pyramids are like kind of casting out in a very like these spirals these codes. They don’t really have a visual appearance, you guys, I can just feel it. So these codes are sort of casting out with these beautiful spirals, from each and every one of them. Helping you disseminate the seeds of your love, the fruits of your wisdom and the efforts of your timeless love in this reality, to go along with your human, your journey, and everything that is good and upward spiraling. In this reality. All those spirals are happening, and then these pyramids are just being put back together again. Little lids, the tops on each pyramid are being inserted right back into the rest of its pyramid.

They’re going back to where they were when we started with the one pointing downward and the one pointing upward, the base is connected to going back to their original size from when we started. We have another step here in just a minute. Now that these are coming together, the bottom one is flipping back into the top one again. So we just have one pyramid it was the height of our hand, remember, and now I’d like you to take hopefully your right hand and put it just right in front of your chest and that pyramid is going to sit right in your hand so 1,2,3 Okay, good and now it just as it landed in your hand at flattened in your hand, almost like a piece of paper like a papyrus. It is a papyrus now, okay, and then close your hands. Like you’re posing around a scroll. Oh, I don’t know why we’re doing this part. But now I want you to bring that hand open the palm and put it on your on your forehead on your third eye actually. So just touch it to your third eye and now touch your hands together in a like I know in Japanese cultures, code transition and transformation dissemination complete and for some reason, I’m wanting to rub my palms together almost like twisting them. Okay, whoa. Okay. All right. How are you guys doing? Alrighty. Okay, very, very good everybody. How are you? I am curious in the chat I’m just going to go over the chat. All right, anybody go ahead and type in the chat room if you want to about what’s going on what’s going on with you because that felt fabulous. I just want to say thank you to my team and all of our teams for what we just created right there together. It’s funny I have this interesting, almost like a I don’t know what that is. It feels almost like I bumped my head and my team is like, maybe you did bump your head on the plane yesterday. I think I may have something is kind of feeling funny. Like, right there. That felt fabulous. Okay, good. Very good. I love this feedback. Okay, Alina is saying tingly. My palms almost felt magnetic. I love that Liliana is saying whoa, and Suzanne is saying that was very profound. I feel very different now. Okay, very good. Oh, my goodness. Oh my heavens. Okay, we may sing today, I just feel it. Okay, maybe towards the end because I know some of you don’t like the singing and I try not to take that personally. Okay. All right. So we have a message today from the team.

I’m sorry, I keep kind of like where’s my territory? let me see what the messages after that amazing experience we just all did there together It was time for new codes and this group never runs out of codes. This group is consistently creating new codes to go with all the other ways that you are you in this reality. We love it that this group in particular probably more so than other groups that we interact with have allowed that to not be a mental exercise that you’ve accepted and embrace the idea that code carrying, code releasing, code making, code creation, that technology of divine and sacred The sacred technology of, of sacred codes, cosmic codes, is something that the human brain really was never meant to understand, doesn’t need to understand and it’s kind of a fruitless exercise to try and understand it. So those of you that have allowed for your very amazing brains to be you know, itself and be very intelligent, but also recognizing its limitations and that awareness that acceptance has allowed for more of that soulful intelligence to come online for yourself. So if you personally haven’t made that transition yet, or you’re still trying to figure things out with with that, the human brain, there’s a whole new, there’s a whole new level of enlightenment and of course, enlightenment the definition is the light within the light of source that is eternal that cannot be turned off, that cannot be broken, that can never be understood by the human brain. If some of you are still trying to do that with the brain, then there’s a huge upgrade and actually endless upgrades ready for you. So really any of you that have been feeling stuck in your consciousness and your expansion and your spiritual experiencing That’s probably the biggest thing is that you’re using too much of your brain and you’re not giving enough credit to the timelessness the eternal soulfulness that you are not just in the all that is but of course if you’re in that in the all that is then you’re still that in your humaneness. Yes, make sense? If you’re that eternally, then you’re that here too. Okay, there we go. Wink wink. Okay, so there is part of us that wants to talk about what these mean. What’s in store. what is in store we can assure you is heightened unpredictability and that’s one of the reasons our partner we wanted her to share that story about this weekend. It was such a simple thing on paper. She flew in with her daughter on Saturday night she was gonna fly out Sunday night, have a little extra time in Salt Lake on Sunday to hang out, do whatever and even that simple, one overnight, two day trip, it ended up being something very different and it’s perfect. I mean, there’s no like specific reason nothing major eventful happened Sunday night. Nothing horrible would have happened had her flight left on Sunday as planned.

Just things don’t always go as planned on Earth and it’s more likely that things don’t go as planned. So expecting the unpredictability, the lack of predictability, is actually a very savvy way, particularly for this group to continue to move forward. So it’s interesting that our prediction is that it’s unpredictable. Our prediction is that your lives will become less predictable and we know we’re going to be right, that’s 100% certain prediction right there. But it’s become a thing. The game of predictions, the game of who could predict and how accurate were they, the game of time to predict humanity, trying to predict individually a journey, trying to predict anything. There’s a lot of layers to this that’s fine for some. It is, and some will continue to use their gifts and their efforts and create time for those exercises either on the creation mode, if they’re If they have gifts in that ability and that area, and for those that kind of are consuming those predictive prediction messages and kind of craving them, what we would like to point out is for those that those that do crave a prediction, they’re looking for stability and there’s parts of their humaneness that feel more secure if they have a bit of a heads up about what’s going on in this in your reality and there’s nothing wrong with that. What the downside of it is that when things don’t go as planned, then sometimes those hooks get shaken and then it’s they may blame that messenger that they got it wrong. But really what they’re the big opportunity that we would say for anyone that that gets rattled by kind of a an inaccurate or when the prediction doesn’t go as when things don’t go as planned and they get rattled. What we would say to them is that There are other gears there are other layers of you that are much more savvy at handling the uncertainty of earth and you haven’t fostered them yet. In other words you haven’t nurtured and really chosen to realize how well you thrive in uncertainty because there’s been so many parts of all of your lives that have completely been completely unexpected and you ended up not only making it work, and a lot of you ended up making it work really, really well.

Even though you didn’t plan for it. You’re savvier than certainty than you realize and for those of you that are more naturally savvy at uncertainty, you’re going to feel the most excited about what’s going on. Okay? Because the way that humanity is going off script at this point, is unprecedented. There are so many parts about what is going on in humanity right now that are completely off script and that’s actually one of the reasons for a lot of the chaos that you are seeing whether it’s in media and those that are supposed to help ease the fears of people and help calm everybody down. They’re actually like less able to do their job, because they’re unstable because they can’t find the rationality and the logic to explain what’s going on.

So the unpredictability for them is still playing out. You’re definitely seeing this in the USA with the still the election results were over a year ago now. Right? I mean, think about that. The election results from the 2016 election were over a year ago and there’s still people that are upset about it. Some people are still even still even feeling shaken about the fact that that one of the candidates wasn’t on the ticket, Bernie Sanders. So it’s just it’s really interesting how Some of that, oh yeah, sure that’s going to happen and then it doesn’t happen and it’s like there’s there’s some individuals that just can’t let it go and they’re like, no, I refuse to accept this outcome. I refuse to accept this timeline that they’re sitting on It’s fascinating. So for those that are more in the mainstream audiences, which of course is not this group, but those that hang out more in the mainstream spaces, they are more kind of caught in that incessant spin, of when are things going to calm down, they keep waiting for things to calm down, but they’re not going to. In other words, they keep waiting for things to get predictable again, they keep to wait. They keep waiting for it to play by the script that they want it to be because maybe they felt like they had it before. From our perspective, they didn’t have the script before either. They just were more comfortable with the script and the range of expectations was more in a state of comfort for them. Okay. All right. So this group, this group, right here, you are incredibly savvy at the uncertainty and we just want to really like, give like high fives to those that naturally feel that grace and ease and flow with just being able to roll with it when things don’t go as planned. That’s a gift that you have that not everybody else has. Everybody has the ability, but it comes more naturally to some relative to others. So for those that it comes to you naturally, we celebrate this, we’re glad that you brought with you into your reality these gifts and abilities because it does help settle and it does help offset some of the other more chaotic type frequencies and vibrations that are on the planet at this time. Okay.

So Thank you for that and also please allow yourself a maybe more compassion and more understanding and grace towards your, your fellow family cosmic family members that that it doesn’t come as naturally to them helping and this comes up I know in Jill’s private session work a lot. For those of you that are a natural stabilizer in this reality, sometimes you may not appreciate as much how valuable that is to be a stabilizer to someone that does not have that ability. Okay? So when others feel reassured just by talking to you, just by reading your Facebook post, just by hearing your voice. It’s perfect. It’s perfect. Just by you being you and for those of you that are the ones that are calmed by that, don’t, we don’t see you as any less, right, than that other person. You have gifts and abilities. Some things that come more naturally to you, then they may have. So it’s all a beautiful system of what you brought in as your soulfulness, those codes of love and light and eternal source energy that you inserted into this reality that you brought with you from home into this temporary home known as Earth. There are benefits to unpredictability there are benefits to going off script. Well, others are just want to take my time with this the words the energy feels so deep and so important and I want to hang exactly the right words Okay, these energy packets It’s not that we celebrate the chaos and the uncertainty those that are terrified of the timeline that they’re on. We don’t celebrate that as something that like yay, they’re suffering right, not in that way. But it creates a really valuable distraction to a group like this that is so focused and is hopefully increasingly decisive about the version of light the version of a soul signature that you want to be. Not that someone else told you you could be or that any you know anything about what someone said that you should be, that about who and what you feel You are from the inside out, as your soulfulness as your expression of love, as your experience of, of divine energy in this reality as your one, as your you, as your precious one. That distraction that a lot of the world is involved in right now actually frees up some of the, I want to say spice and flavor of unpredictability in this reality and that is to your that is to the advantage of anyone that enjoys going off script. In other words, anyone that enjoys going away from the mainstream energy to be more uniquely and even more independently, your one so you will feel more and more freedom to choose your responses to truly feel the wider range of your free will in this reality and enjoying that, enjoying that sovereignty. Now, there’s a caveat here and that’s and Jill has seen this in her work most recently. Those of you that look for signs, those of you that look for cues and clues from your, your world for what you should do, or you know, like which step next to take, it’s going to take you longer to make decisions, okay? Because those clues and cues that you had been using from your outer world that may have worked really, really well from our prediction is that they’re going to work less well going forward, because you’re going to get conflicting cues all over the place and I know for Jill, she had two different individuals that had said yes, for example, to the Egypt and Petra Jordan trip and they, so they said yes and then within five days, they were like, okay, no, and Jill could feel that they were just like, okay, maybe I want to Maybe not and it’s not necessarily that they were looking for clues and cues in their outer world, but there was definitely a lot of indecision and uncertainty and again, there’s nothing wrong with that. But for those that, again, look for clues and cues in your world to tell you what to do, that’s going to be a successful system for you. Okay? So making strides in your life to be more decisive, not from an outer world experience, but from your inner world in a reality experience of number one, what do you want to happen? That’s the first step what do you want to happen? and then number two, responding to the stimuli about whether that actually is possible, is feasible, as logical, as rational, Can you make that happen and is the world showing you is the physical matter of your reality showing you that its responsive to that, and again, it’s not it’s not lack of manifestation abilities if it doesn’t go that way, right? It’s not personal if you don’t get what you want and it’s not a lesson from your soul if you if you don’t get what you want it’s just this reality being unpredictable. Okay? So the less personal you make it, the more masterful you’re going to feel number one, and truly the more masterful you’re behaving because you’re claiming your sovereignty irrespective of the circumstances about whether you’re getting what you want or not okay, as compared to having your sovereignty be conditional and how well of a manifester you are or not Okay, and for those of you that are live, if you have a question about that, that will help me say it in perhaps a clearer way. I’m open to that. So type it in the question If you Because that is really important right there and it’s funny, I can feel that in the right hemisphere kind of way. So what does it mean to be decisive? It doesn’t mean being dogmatic.

It just it goes back to that step one, it’s about being as clear as you can be about what you want. Okay? and we don’t always get what we want. We don’t always get what we want. I really wanted to be home Sunday night, Olivia and I and I was sliding back in here for Olivia and it back home with Jeff and Georgia and our kitty Smokey was has had some little health problems here and there. So anyway, I wanted to see how Smokey was doing and just a whole type, the whole Feeler tie back together again. That didn’t happen. Samson just like his little snotty thing. But Olivia and I responded. I mean, we were still I mean, I had a moment where I was starting to get kind of annoyed and pissed off at the Salt Lake City Airport and then I was like, no and like, does this matter? and they’re like yes, just say it. Okay, so there was a time when I was on the Delta help phone in my in the terminal where Olivia and I were, we were all ready to go home Sunday night and it was I think three different cancellations. or excuse me delay notices and then I just kept feeling and I said to her, I said I just keep waiting for them to just say the flights canceled, but I don’t want to leave the airport until I know that it’s cancelled and we already have a hotel arranged hotel nearby so we have a place to sleep and then come back the next day. But at one point I started to get annoyed by not knowing what was going on because I’m a major informer as Jill so that means I like to be informed right and informer Jill felt very uninformed and informer Jill was getting very cranky. So most of it was fine and you know, we were fine and then at one point, I started to get stressed about something because I Just wanted to know what was going to happen. So I said, I just touched Olivia’s hand and she knows me well enough. We have a very smooth energy field for each other. Yeah, most of the time, mostly through her life, we’ve had that. So I just touched her hand and then she knew, it was just me like, okay, I’m good and then she put, so I put my hand on her hand, and then she put her other hand over my hand and while she was doing something else, she was looking at something and she just put, she just knew what I needed and I just went, and she goes, you’re good and I was like, I’m going to be I started to giggle and probably just like that, and then I was back into the version of Jill, that I like the best, but it was a little bit, you know, kind of up and down and up and down in my in my emotions about it, but most of most of it, we were good and we just kind of responded to the situation at hand and hey, I got home. So that’s good. All right. Okay, let’s see how you guys are doing.

Okay, so Caroline, is saying clarity versus certainty came up for me yesterday and I have been playing with that for the last 24 hours. Interesting. It is coming up today again. Yeah, it is interesting, Caroline. I agree. Yeah, yeah. So comfort with uncertainty. I definitely heard that from the team and I’m just going to see if there’s anything else that they want to talk about as I have a sip of my coffee. It was a fundraiser for my daughter’s a few years ago. Boise State Broncos. Okay, Alrighty, let me see what’s next. Or is that complete? Okay. That’s big. Okay. Okay. Good. Okay, so Again, I just want to take my time with the words here. For those that, in a group like this have been in the habit of creating a lot of time for figuring out what will happen not unlike Jill in the airport, like what’s going to happen is the flight going to be cancelled or not going to be canceled? We see that you’re actually under estimating how much energy you’re using for that. In other words, you’re using a lot more energy than you probably realize, trying to figure out what’s going to happen and it is draining. It’s frustrating. It’s most of the time feeling unsuccessful. So your brain is telling yourself in these instances that you need to know what will happen so that you can be your best you. But from our perspective, that’s actually not true. So the brain in this case, we’re going to hand it a different set Of instructions for you to consider instead of a instead of the brain saying in a before mode, okay? I need to know what will happen so that I can be my best me and an improvement that we would offer is you don’t need to know what will happen. You just need to be prepared for you to be this I take responsibility for who and what you are, no matter what happens. Okay? Jill’s flight getting canceled was one of the worst scenarios that could have happened, right because bad things can happen when you try and land and take off in fog, right. That canceling the flight not getting home was definitely on that don’t want that to happen list. But they made the best of it. They realized once they saw the fog and their Uber driver mentioned that Salt Lake City Airport was turning into a bit of a mess, very chaotic, canceled flights etc. She was already getting prepped that things may not go as planned. What we’re telling you now is the 2018 to beyond, will not go as planned. That’s not everything. Don’t say, well, nothing was going will go as planned. But be prepared for yourself that you’ve got this. Just like Olivia said to Jill, you’re good? You got this? You do have this and you’ve shown that to yourself more times then we can even count more times than you can recall. So you do have this and by not needing a prediction or not needing to know like, okay, should I do this or should I do that, which is the right way that you will make whatever you do, you will make it good. You will make it right for you. You will choose to be a version of yourself that you like no matter what happens.

In other words, you will choose to be the loving being that you are no matter what and when you don’t say sorry to yourself, say sorry to the other person, no big deal, you never need to apologize to us. Because we understand the constructs of Earth probably better than your human does. So our forgiveness, our grace, our compassion, for when you are not your when you when you don’t like yourself is endless. Our grace for you in those moments is endless. Just like the favorite people in your life, that they may have a bad moment or make a so called bad decision, turn into a version of themselves that they don’t like and maybe you don’t like and then they say, sorry, I don’t know what came over me and you’re like, oh, that’s nothing. When you mean it, when you really love them so much that they really, it’s like they can’t do it wrong, that you didn’t even notice. I mean, you’re like, that’s fine. I know who you really are. I know that that isn’t how you normally are. Come here. Let me give you a hug, right We are endlessly grace, gracious and compassionate and forgiving of you and we do wish that you are more that way of yourselves. Okay? So the energy that you free up from time to predict how things will go so that you can convince your brain that you’re going to be okay can then be used for what do you want being decisive about what you want, responding to the facts of the matter and how things actually are going and focus on spending time in yourself making further and further strides to fully embody your humaneness. There are some that are still not quite in the body. They’re a little bit off to the left a little bit off to the right. They’re not sure if this is where they really want to be and of course the soul is saying too late, too late to question it. So from soulfulness perspective, we’re always encouraging you to dig in. really embrace the fact that you have a human so that you can make the most of your human experience by being the eternal love that you are. It’s really not that hard, your brain is making a lot harder, making it a lot harder than it needs to be. So watch out for that. Be willing to question your brain when these different thoughts and ideas come up that you can call bullshit on when it’s just misinformed about what’s going on and about why you’re here, which is to be the love of source that you are. Okay. All right, let me see what’s going on here. Otherwise, I think we’ll wrap up. There’s some good things in the chat here. I love you guys so much. Just contemplating if I’m going to sing and now I can watch the numbers drop off. I love you guys. I’m just feeling a little too tired for that today. But before we do that, I want you guys to know Oh, yes, okay. February 16th. I will be on Beyond The Ordinary again, with John Burgos, so please save the date for that. So that will be at 5pm Pacific. 8pm Eastern very late. For those of you in Europe I may sneeze here sorry if I’m gonna sneeze here in a second so that’s January 16th and then I do have some other like just city visits we’re all set up an events in my in my head and in my heart but not on paper yet so I’m not going to announce those.

The France trip is definitely a go. That one’s ready and you can check that out on my website or just google Jill Renee Feeler France and that I’m sure that link will come up easily that way and then also the Platinum Age Retreat is also a go and that is also just look up Jill Renee Feeler Zion on Google and I’m sure you’ll get the link for that for the 2018 trip. The Egypt and Petro trip is coming up quickly. It’s less than a month away now. So we decided for that. the sooner it’s coming to it the more the more I just feel it in a really, really good way. Can’t wait. Yeah. Anyway, okay. What else is going on? I don’t know what the special offer will be yet for Beyond The Ordinary and so playing with that with my team if I if I want to set up a whole new series or what we want to do there, so we’re still playing with that and we have time to play with that still. So that’s good. So I’m not decided yet but I will be soon. I’m spinning a little bit. I wonder if you guys are too. Oh, thank you, Caroline. She’s saying love John. Love when you two get together. I do too. Oh, Suzanne said it too. I love you guys. You’re just buttering me up. Okay, all right, let me see here. Okay guys, let me show you where some of the stuff is that we talked about. The trips are right here on my website and then if you look in the store, you’ll see whoops went away to quickly travel and onsite events and you just click on that and then you scroll down here and the first the current three trips are available right now. The Mary Magdalene trip is right here, so just click there The Zion trip is right here, the Egypt and Petra Jordan trip right here. But that one, it’s getting really close. So you need to, you need to move really fast to jump in on that one. I don’t have other in person events underway right now. The other thing you may want to see online classes, there are some of my extra favorites. If you click on the “extra hot” section right there, and private sessions, book now there’s client reviews that you can look at right here, and then instructions for rescheduling. For those of you that, something came up. That doesn’t happen very often that somebody needs to reschedule but I want to keep it easy.

Let’s see any archived messages. Previous messages that we’ve shared are right here and the blog is the gifted messages and podcasts and then there’s also articles that I write sometimes I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing and then also interviews and I just had an interview last Wednesday that I absolutely loved. So you’ll find that right there interviews is another way, it’s like listening in on a enlightened, we hope it to be enlightened. But really cutting edge conversation and what I hear from some of you is you love the interviews because it’s like listening in on the conversations that you love to have, or that you wish you wish you could have. If you wish you knew somebody that you could have that kind of conversation with. So come on, join us vicariously, right join in and then also we talked about the newsletter. It’s right here under home and the newsletter signup. Okay. All right. Let’s see what else if you go to the very bottom of the website, you’ll also see the links to social media for those of you that may not be connected right now, with me on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube, you’re probably watching this and then Google Plus I don’t really do a lot in Google Plus, but anyway, the Facebook one, actually some of you Yeah, it’s interesting how some of you watch my videos but you don’t do anything with me on Facebook and of course, that’s your choice. But you are missing out on some stuff because there are a lot of things I share most often on Facebook just because I’m in the habit. It’s really easy for me to do so |I can just click something in there and then it doesn’t even touch my Youtube channel that stuff. Okay, so like here is an interview that I liked between Joe Rogan and John Anthony West. Yes, I appreciate Joe Rogan. Let’s see what else the link to the conversation I had with Tanya Penny, that I was just talking about the interviews. There’s newsletter links there for those that will see it quicker on Facebook. Let’s see what else. Yeah, I occasionally post YouTube videos, which you guys would see. Anyway, I posted a picture of my family recently and there’s other just downloads that I get in this image that was kind of cool. So anyway, I think that’s it in terms of what I wanted to share with you today. I love you guys. bye bye again.