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Anyone remember Reader’s Digest? Here is my offer of a Soulful Digest which contains a series of social media posts I don’t want my non social media peeps to miss out on. They are short, individually meaningful and hopefully help support you in being your favorite you.

Aug 29 2021: Sometimes things just don’t make sense.
People’s actions.
Aches or pains.
Public policy.
For those of us with strong minds, we can often punishingly overthink things… sure that everything has to have (a) reason, have meaning, be on purpose.
Do you always make sense? Is everything you do with meaning or purpose? Any thoughtless, or “whatever” type moments in your day or week?
Consider your last 60 minutes.
Most humans have many things they do that are
done with deep deliberation nor sacred purpose.
When you add up
* everyone’s daily thoughtless, confused and/or “whatever” flippancy
* everyone’s careful, thoughtful, but still possibly confused, mindful living
* plus add in the unverifiable but real percentage of psychotic and sociopathic actions
~ You get this world ~
Thank God for nature, balanced loved ones, balanced loving pets and Source energy itself, to add some meaningful love and compassion to this often very strange place.
This strange soup of outcome doesn’t make me pessimistic. I’m naturally (mostly) optimistic. But this approach helps me see things, myself, and people, more clearly. It also helps maintain a sustainable balance of loving presence, that I choose
more often than not.
And the option for thoughtless, whatevers are still there, too.
~ Because we don’t lose those,
even when we create/allow for spiritual expansion.
This approach
helps me be more realistic with accountability and “justice”. There is a lot of unfairness in this world
that isn’t leaving.
So, I don’t rush to presume someone’s thoughtlessness meant anything specific towards me. And I hope my moments of thoughtlessness aren’t interpreted as anything specific towards others. I allow space for curiosity so my system doesn’t clamp down
on what may not even be real.
Things are often not as they seem, especially true in spacetime.
I hope this helps you feel more presence in your own loving layers, and more openness in your amazing mind.
We are so much more than we know.
Aug 28 2021 | We moved into our new place July 2. We continue to form it into its preferred state of being, which will take some time. But when done in layers, it feels pretty amazing even after just the beginning layers.
And it was special from the start.
It takes creative vision, time, energy, dedicated resources, flexibility, love, patience
and space
to enjoy what is
alongside what can be.
I love to imagine creative potential. Updated, upgraded possibilities in living spaces,
religion and spirituality.
That’s quite a list.
Every living space can be improved, even just tidied.
Every spiritual theory can be improved and re-imagined
with the goal of
~ feeling our Soulful layers and Source
~ making personal transcendence more effective, with layers of immediate results and more sustainably maintained.
Every human can be improved and re-defined
by having access to an original and transcendent perspective,
helping them better utilize their strengths
and help them be more understanding about their weaknesses.
With doable *plans* for improvement where desired.
While knowing you are special, at the start.
So although I love home and interior design
as a hobby.
I love even more
my profession
of re-creating and improving
1. Our sense of self | personal transcendence (please look up definition if it’s a new word to hear/use…)
2. the way we imagine, interpret and explain God | Source | Creator, this world, pain, joy, love, connection, birth, death, life, afterlife, spacetime and
3. how we access the transcendence that is available within each of us.
When we give ourselves room to explore possibilities, and bring some unique vision and skills
transcendent outcomes become reality.
Life, self re-imagined. And set in motion.
This, plus original and upgraded spiritual theory, is what I do.
And I love it. Because the outcomes are unbelievable. It works. And we all deserve a great update, with some good tidying.
We are so much more than we know.
Aug 26 2021 | Popular spiritual teachings: “You are a very special being, incarnated to awaken humanity.”
Run, Atlas, Run!
It’s just a theory trying to explain this reality, leading to endless codependent loops.
There are now much better theories: All souls are perpetually ascended. No matter what it looks like here.
Aug 26 2021 | Being centered feels more doable when you are in your own space, focusing on it.
It’s when we are with others, at work, driving, facing contentious situations, in the world, or engaging online
where it is harder.
The more practiced you become at 1) creating a center,
2) occupying your center and
3) restoring your center as needed/desired
the more readily you will feel like the you
that you like best,
no matter what is going on.
Now, some haven’t created their center (step 1).
For people pleasers they may think their center is when others are pleased with them, or like them. That isn’t a center. That is a situation… that you have hardly any control over. The result is trying to feel well by pleasing others.
For healers (trained or natural), they may think their center is when the other is in a state of well being. That isn’t a center. That is a situation, that you have very little control of. The result is often a loop of “pushing a rope” scenarios, devoting more energy to another’s healing, than that being is.
A center is a sense of
inner well being,
wholeness and
that is completely independent of everything, and
This is a foreign concept for many… but I recognize it as a key tenet in any pursuit of transcendence and self actualization.
And it is possible.
I use it every day and see the results in my peer group/clients every day.
On a related note, no particular group (“wave”) is closer to Source, closer to transcendence than another.
Everyone’s well being is in their own hands, just like when Jesus was here, and the Buddha and _______ .
Can others, you, me help those who need or desire it? Of course.
authentic well being starts in the center
of each

Aug 25 2021 Facebook |  If my presenting my opinions, theories and beliefs on my wall is troublesome to you, please consider that on a subconscious level you are hoping I only post what you agree with, what *you* want shared in the world.

But I am not you.
And this is not your wall.
I will speak for me and if you agree with what I speak, I agree that that is enjoyable.
And you are free to speak for you. And I may agree with you or not. But you will not find me on your wall criticizing what I disagree with, somewhat shaming you for expressing your opinion or how you expressed your views . Because I walk my talk.
Some are getting bothered that I am sharing what turns out to be differences from their views on my wall, and some are definitely
wanting to let me know. To let me know “I am wrong” ~ according to them. That I am saying it wrong ~ according to them.
Controlling behavior pops up in interesting ways, especially when one is disappointed or even angry at another.
Strange times indeed.
Hang onto your hearts, your soulful layers.
My work is designed to liberate the transcendent layers that are within all life. That is often inspiring. And can be triggering. I don’t like the triggering part. And I know for myself when I’ve been triggered, disappointed or angered by another’s views, I go within and examine
what about their view is making me disappointed or angry, going deeper with each reflection, as I get to a core belief and there is the love, the openness, the vastness of source layers, that do not want to control, do not want to suppress, and I can feel my love for something bigger, than another’s agreement with me, than another’s views, that lets me love them even when we disagree on something.
I hope this helps.

Aug 25 2021 | Well-being amidst chaos

Of course, whether things are in chaos is subjective and personal.
Here are some strategies that can assist in creating well-being, no matter what is going on.
But it may not feel natural, at all, especially at first.
“How can I smile, laugh, enjoy a hug and loved ones, when ___________ is going on?”
And yet, if we only allow ourselves to smile, laugh, breathe, and enjoy a hug with a loved one when things are going well, when things are sorted out, we miss out
on a lot smiles, a lot of laughs, soothing deep breaths, comforting hugs and cherished time with beings we love.
So, how does this work?
First, it is helpful to sort of create boundary around the pressing issue, because it may not get better. And it may actually get worse. Within yourself you may want to imagine a top end 6 burner stove. And one burner is dedicated to a very special, heavy pot with a tight closing lid where you imagine putting all those pressing issues ~ the big ones and the little ones. They are available but not taking over, all the other ways you want to enjoy you and your life.
You have five other burns, to create, simmer and cook whatever versions of you that you enjoy most.
Maybe one burner gets dedicated to your roles as the devoted professional, wanting to be your best for you and for others?
Another burner can be the caring family member (devoted parent, loving child, caring partner, compassionate sibling).
Another burner can be self-care, making time and energy for showing yourself that you deserve to be nurtured, strong, and well.
Another burner can be for enjoyable hobbies and interests.
Another burner can be curious exploration, learning and growth in areas that make you a better person at all the important, meaningful roles listed above.
This sounds so easy. But it can be really, really hard. Because the chaotic affairs can feel like a tornado, sucking everything up in its presence.
Second, notice the temptations to get sucked in, away from the other things
that also matter. Personal affairs. You and *your* life.
Third, become aware of the hooks back into the tornado, whether it be from
certain social media accounts,
certain emails and newsletters,
certain channels,
certain websites,
certain podcasts,
certain acquaintances.
It is getting easier and easier to notice who is giving almost all of their burners, all of their energy, time, attention, life to these huge problems. Some of these choices are not made consciously.
Put those problems into that one special pot where you can tend to them on your terms, and get your life back, and maybe even get yourself back.
Those issues do matter, but so do you, and what you enjoy in life.
I hope this helps.

Aug 24 2021 |  In an earlier post I encouraged those with very different decisions from loved ones to consider asking them bigger questions, helping you to understand their world view.

Now Part 2, and it’s about to get weird, like really weird. Here we go.
Did you know that some never vaxxers believe in something called Agenda 21
in which non-human, dark forces are controlling the planet,
working as the most powerful humans
with goals to radically de-populate Earth?
To those believers, covid is just another hoax (a false flag) designed to prompt a global vaccination campaign… so that societies can be administered with a suppressive, dehumanizing compound, called a covid vaccine. Such conspiracies view the medical industry as a profit making machine, linked to other systems meant to keep us sick, but just alive to do the jobs the controllers don’t want to do themselves. This theory is utterly sinister and keeps its believers in the shadows of society, often not using the banking system, staying away from western medicine, sometimes libertarian views but possibly even anarchist views. They view public education and college as primarily programming systems meant not to teach but to brainwash.
Pretty radical,
I know.
But for those in that world view, their answers to the questions in part 1 may help you understand them better.
Now, keep in mind that those who believe in such ideology aren’t necessarily less intelligent or less
educated. They have clearly gone down a rabbit hole or two, however.
More tips for communication with such believers:
* Changing one’s world view is often akin to escaping a cult. Telling them their ideas are crazy or ridiculous, won’t help.
* They are certain they are correct, and that if you don’t know what they know that is because you are just “asleep”, “unconscious”, “programmed” to not see “the truth”.
* Studies indicate that those who find themselves in cult like ideologies often have higher than average IQs.
* Sometimes just one compelling logical challenge against their beliefs *can* break the spell.
* If the bubble of their delusion breaks, they then need support and compassion.

Aug 24 2021 | World views shape so much of our responses, suspicions and expectations.

Is there a loved one making choices that you don’t agree with or don’t understand?
Ask them the bigger questions.
* Why do they think humanity is on the planet?
* What do they think controls people’s decisions?
* Do they believe in free will?
* Do they have hopeful, neutral, or even apocalyptic expectations for our times, or for humanity in general?
* Do they believe in a hero type figure or group that can or will save the day, or save us all?
* Do they believe someone or some group is knowingly misleading them, or the public in general? About any specific issues?
We all have our own answers to these questions. And in especially uncertain or stressful times, individuals can find themselves in pockets of belief, or niche communities, they wouldn’t normally be in.
These questions may help you get to know them so much better.
And you may get some surprising answers. (I’ll post that as a part 2 later today.)
In my work I come across some very popular but in my opinion distorted ideas of 1) how this world works and 2) what is happening. A lot of what I offer are new theories to such questions. Theories that help each human be and live their transcendent self. Because we are so much more than we know.

Aug 23 2021 | Have you heard someone use the term Old Soul? It tends to be used to describe young humans that seem to know more than their age, having an inner wisdom and sense of self that feels, well, old, wise.

But we can’t prove that souls have age, or experience, or even levels. That is a theory, and a popular one.
I’ll offer a new theory, that I find better explains these instances.
Our widest range of self, that is beyond our humanness, beyond the afterlife and
even beyond spacetime
has many creative options
including the option to create a self.
That widest range of self can decide to make itself a human
to be
while it is also its widest range of self.
It can take great care in designing itself. It can choose when it will be born, where it will be born, who its parents will be, what its name will be.
It can research the area in that time, and the parents.
So that once its here, it seems like it knows, far more than others,
in a transcendent manner. It just knows. Beyond its mind.
And the rest of us explain these folks as Old Souls.
I hope that helps.
We are so much more than we know.

Aug 23 2021 | What is before the creation of the universe? What is before a human being is conceived? What is after one dies?

Such big questions. With often unsatisfying answers.
I have another question to offer? “What is beyond time?” Not before time. Beyond time.
Our modern science
is amazing
and very much stuck in spacetime. Why? Because our methods utilize the five human senses.
It creates a sense of humanity being inside the terrarium, hoping something lets us out, and constantly exploring the edges.
I have a theory to offer.
What if all life here has a wide,
range of itself.
And *part* of that range is in spacetime. An even narrower part is in your bodysuit, experiencing itself
as you
right “now”
And part of that range extends beyond spacetime
at a state of omnipresence
that from within our human system
can be difficult to imagine.
And that’s ok.
We are so much more
than we know.

Aug 23 2021 | If we knew that our connection to Source | God is unbreakable, unstoppable, undimmable,

we’d trust ourselves and all our decisions so much more.

“Should I do this or that? Will it improve or diminish my connection to Source | God | my Higher Self?” Source knows how hard it is here and how unclear our choices can be here. All of these choices in our life get a bit easier when we realize that God | Source is wherever you are, whatever you are doing, with whatever you are thinking, even if it’s negative.

Source is like the sun. We may have a cloudy day, but the sun keeps on shining. Where are your doubts today about your connection? What are you making extra energy for to “improve your connection?” What are you concerned will block your connection? Can you, will you, reframe, allowing yourself to feel eternally a part of the Sun’s, of Source’s presence, even in cloudy weather, even in a raging storm?

The mind can be changed about what you are and how loving and ever present Source is, in your life ~ and in everyone’s life.

The Sun is on for everybody on Earth. And it changes everything. More inner calm. More energy to use for living, for actual growth, for striving, for serving, for reflection, for exploring, for enjoying, and for just being.

Aug 22 2021 | Majestic friend stopping by our place in the mountains.

Aug 21 2021 | Anyone else noticing the inconsistent values? I welcome the vaccinated and unvaccinated in my work.

I appreciate why some are not getting vaxxed, why some are on the fence about getting vaxxed and why others (like me) have been vaxxed.

We all have good reasons for our choices.

And… there are some tall tales running around, which is always the case.

I appreciate everyone feeling free to think for themselves.

Both sides can be bullies. For me, I’ve been more disappointed somehow with the bullying I am experiencing and observing by the antivaxxers in spirituality and consciousness communities.

I welcome the chance here to make space for those like me that are soulful, and are vaccinated for Covid.

The bad behavior of some can be surprising and disappointing.

Aug 20 2021 | Beautiful summer evening

Aug 20 2021 | vaccinated and unvaccinated are welcome here on my social media accounts and at
~ our soulful layers transcend our vaccination status ~
I continue to hear that spiritual teachers are
that the covid-19 vaccine will thwart one’s connection to Source/God and/or will prevent their ascension.
There are risks with the vaccination
that should be considered and evaluated.
But, for religious, metaphysical and spiritual teachers to scare people and to inhibit you from doing your own homework, your own thinking and making your own health (and political) decisions is beyond disturbing and doesn’t feel very “conscious” or Godly, at all.
The covid vaccine is a personal choice
for us each to make.
They aren’t you.
They may not have the same risk factors as you do.
You are you and you can do your own thinking.
You should feel free to seek out wise, educated and professional counsel that is perhaps a bit more balanced, more researched in objective and unbiased evidence.
For some perspective, some of these folks spreading false risks (vs real risks) are the same folks that:
* told everyone to run for the hills in Y2K, or
* were sure we wouldn’t need/have clocks or calendars after Dec 21 2012 (Mayan calendar) ~ I made a 2013 calendar just to prove how clear I felt that indeed time, including linear time, would definitely continue after the end of the Mayan calendar
* scared the shit out of people with predictions that the Mayan calendar at end of 2012 would mean the end of the world. I know professionals with established lives that sold everything, quit their successful careers to try to save themselves from the pending doom. Some still haven’t restored financial security.
* scared people that the introduction of cell phones to society in the late 1990s would lead to pervasive brain tumors from holding the new technological device to your ear
* blame 5G for a new wave of widespread health problems including cancers, viruses or even the covid pandemic.
They’ve exaggerated and mischaracterized risks…
so many times.
This group of scare mongers can be found in so many spiritual and health and wellness roles.
I’m 51 and I’ve been in the philosophical and esoteric space since 2009. I know some of these people.
They mean well. And they have their own forms of research. But in these times one can find almost anything to back a claim.
And, they are also wrong, a lot, about so many things. Things that matter. You matter. Your life and freedom to think for yourself matter.
You might be newer to this thought space and not accustomed to the error of their ways. Or just haven’t looked at it this way.
I made my decision about the vaccination, choosing in my case, with my health profile and my own discernment and risk assessment, to get vaccinated. That was my choice. And it may not be yours. We don’t need to agree on the choice I made, or the choice you made/make.
Because *you* get to make your decision. You.
At you are welcomed no matter your vaccination decision/status.
Because I know, teach and support that our soulful layers are transcendent of all space and all time,
and all vaccination decisions.
If you are feeling judged or shamed for your decision, sending hugs. Things are hard enough without that extra tension and dis-ease.

Aug 19 2021 | I hear it all the time. “I’ve never thought of it that way!”

“Oh my God this makes so much more sense!”
“No one has ever explained it this way…”
“This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.”
“Why didn’t I know this years ago?!?”
Because trying to pretend that things are a certain way, will eventually lead to stalling out on one’s growth, progress and sense of purpose.
We don’t need to pretend. We don’t need to police our thoughts. We can re-set to an operating system that is intelligent, realistic, within your control, where there are more choices in who and what to be, in every situation.
Caution: these ideas are contradictory to many popular “spiritual beliefs”
and these work SO much better, which is what really matters.
So, do you really want to set your most amazing layers free to be? Then go right now to this link: and schedule your spot for the next show.
Things are different here.
For a reason.

Aug 19 2021 |  Whatever you might be worried or concerned about today, there may be a day (or weeks) in the future, when you find out you didn’t need to worry.

If it’s any consolation, I find that worriers tend to be intelligent people, capable of grasping the present and various future scenarios. Whether worry and concern is a productive use of energy is debatable. But still up to you.
Can’t stop yourself from worry, angst, concern? Try this: Take a deep breath, comfortably hold your own hand, put a gentle smile on your face, breathe again, even slower and deeper this time. Repeating breaths until you feel your self relax and center. From here you have more authority over your thoughts, yourself and your choices in what to be
in this very moment
of *your* life.
Make room for what isn’t going wrong, for what is so right, right now.

Aug 17 2021 | There is a manner of spirituality that is new, different and much more livable. It doesn’t pretend this reality is headed in any certain direction. It isn’t condescending to those who are “not spiritual”. It doesn’t place the teacher as closer to God/Source than you.

It is the unconditional love many were looking for.
But that love is from within. Love for self
and for others.
Forgiveness for self
and for others.
It allows for disappointment, disillusionment, and
confusion when things don’t make sense.
It allows for anger when things are unfair.
It allows for the strange realness of this world.
In our work we call it 21st Century Enlightenment.
It’s for everyone
that wants to be real
about the light, the soulfulness they are, alongside all the ways they are human.
Our next adventure is back to Egypt |  space for your soulfulness
with the backdrop of iconic sites, timeless temples, transcendent experiences, laughter, exploring, well-planned adventures, 5-star travel ~ details here

Aug 17 2021 |  Feeling bullied by those with differing views? Is it getting in the way of you expressing yourself?

Sending hugs. It is a very strange time.
Love and light seemed to fly out the window. For some it started when Trump became US president in 2016. Then Q. Then masks. Then vaccinations. Who knows what next.
It’s almost like “I can’t be my loving self right now because there is a war to fight that is more important.”
More important than being one’s love.
Be you. Your light. This type of activism can cause some to feel like they are losing themselves. To a cause.
You matter. No matter what you believe or not, ok?
Your value is beyond your beliefs.
Many seem to have forgotten that. And there’s nothing anyone can do about that, other than that person.
It is a lot like a cult. Watching some cult documentaries may help to understand this strange behavior you might be observing in others.
Cults affect all ages, all backgrounds, all education levels, on a widening array of topics.
Strange times. Be kind to yourself, please. And make room for self-expression that claims your ideas, views. Disable comments if you desire. And be you. Bully energy suppresses others from being themselves, thinking for themselves, questioning for themselves.
I hope this helps.

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