Q&A Session with Psychic Intuitive Jill Renee Feeler

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Questions answered in this call:

  1. Hi Jill- in mountains with very spotty internet. Question comment section not appearing. My questions: 1) Is prayer a conduit of healing in the collective energy? Praying for the hardships people are experiencing even if they have chosen that experience. 2) Are protection practices recommended given disturbances in energy fields? I ask as some astral sludge surrounded my property with a very strong displeasing odor. I did call for assistance and it disbursed within 48 hours.
    I am traveling home Saturday and hope to listen on way. Should be home in time to tune into Jill’s show.
  2. Hi Jill,

    There is so much going on in the world but I would like to ask a basic question, as basics are soothing to me in these times.

    What is the third eye? How can we best use it? Sometimes I wonder if it is my access to memory as I am so heavily visual. If I cannot picture a memory in my head it is like vapor… am I confusing the third eye for just visual memory?

    Thank you ~ Melissa B

  3. Hi Jill – For years I have been woken in the night by my husband speaking in another language while he’s sleeping. Sometimes the language is so foreign that it sounds off planet. I call it Enuck-tah-tuck because that’s how it sounds to me lol! Often he will make a toning sound right before he’s going to do it, almost like an old PA system. Then the other night he told me that he heard me speaking in another language too! I was wondering if you could shed some light on this. Very strange right??!! Love you sister ❤️! Kristine
  4. Hi Jill,
    I’d like to ask when is everything going to just stop?? The chaos, the division, Covid, etc. However, I don’t think I’ll get the answer I’m hoping for :) I feel even the best of us are losing patience with humanity. (I didn’t ask a clear question, so feel free to go where you see fit…) 😬 ~ Kimberly
  5. Hi Jill, when our dogs die , can they come back in our lives as another dog ?? I seem to remember this from another class you gave.. thank so much ~ love Paige
  6. From Tiffany: Hi Jill. My question today…. do the Akashic records exist? if yes, what are they really?
  7. From Adele: Hi Jill, quickie question, any insight to the hurricane/tropical storm coming through the Northeast tomorrow and Monday?
  8. From Renee : I already put this in comments, but my question is: we keep hearing about a big disclosure coming soon. Any insight regarding this?
  9. Dearest Jill,

    Sometimes I feel as if I’m too human too dense. I yearn for gifts of using my 5 senses to hear see or feel something from beyond like being here is not good enough or too hard. During our session this week you helped me try to honor my daily gifts of giving and allowing Grace Love and Compassion into this world by me just being human me. That those private expressions of me without the bells and whistles are as real and transcendent as healers giving
    Messages. I think of the saying I’m in the ground crew lol. Inserting gifts without awareness.
    I’m going to try and become aware of those gifts.

    Thank You Sista ~ Donna

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