This turned out to be much longer than I expected.

With so many spiritual teachers sharing biased, unbalanced anti-vaxx ideology, I am led to offer this list of counter points to popular anti-vaxx claims.
By far the most common mistake I notice in these confusing times
is an attributed meaning to some fact or to an event
that is too narrow, overly simplified and overly confident, shutting down the brains ability to be curious
about the many other possible meanings for someone’s choices, or for what an event means.

Many choices are made in this world without any specific, conscious intent.

Can you imagine somebody following you throughout your day writing everything down that you were doing and then determining why you did that or why you didn’t do something else? It would probably be surprising to you. You’d probably be laughing at the deep implied meaning of some thing you did or said that was quite thoughtless and without any intention on your part.

When we place a magnifying glass on human behavior, experiences and events in this reality and we pretend that it has a certain significance, some special intent, some specific motivation then
we get things wrong…
all the time!

It’s causing a lot of unnecessary angst, stress, compressed consciousness and societal division.

Tip: be health-fully skeptical around all interpreters of facts. What else could that fact or observed behavior mean, including
having no meaning at all? So many thoughtless decisions are made here. Some remarkable, some not.


So, just because an international research lab in Wuhan China funded at least in part by US tax dollars is a probable source of the Covid-19 virus, doesn’t mean it was intentional, planned or desired. Careless mistakes happen, all the time, some bigger than others.

Just because there are intelligent, caring, highly trained professionals of various disciplines and leaders at various levels of public and private companies that are proponents of the vaccine, doesn’t mean they are part of a nefarious plot to de-populate the planet.

To many at this time the vaccine is safer than the risks of getting a bad case of covid
and safe enough to recommend
according to those who have shown net benefit and safety from the vaccine studies possible in this unique situation.

Those trying to get the unvaccinated to get vaccinated are not trying to hurt them, damage them or kill them.

They care about them and their well being and don’t want them to be unprotected from a more severe covid case.

I have clients in areas where their company, their country or their family is forcing them to get vaccinated. I’m so sorry. Because anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated has their own reasons why they haven’t. And being forced into something you don’t want to do is never fun.

Given that I have been vaccinated, I have more regular conversations with clients and friends who aren’t vaccinated asking for clarification on my decision. That is why I am sharing this as a sort of a laundry list of what tends to come up, hoping it is helpful, respecting your sovereignty.

I’ve heard people say the vaccine is too new. Fair. Do they hold back from everything that’s new, or just this? Also, wandering into the esoteric here, but it seems possible that because covid *probably* is a government-funded lab-originated then accidentally leaked virus,
that authorities actually had some bioweapon countermeasures partly or fully developed for military use, which was unfortunately needed to be fully developed, quickly
for all of us in this case?
Because as I understand it the MRNA protocol (used by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccination) was originated by the military.

I’ve heard people say they don’t know what will happen to them. Do they only do things when they know what will happen to them? My atrial fibrillation experience from Jan-Dec 2018 (48 yrs old) had me in and out of a cardiac care unit for multiple cardioversions and multiple ablations and I sure as shit didn’t know what would happen to me. I did it because my research, my family and my chosen doc and I all agreed that having a stroke was a bigger risk than the procedures, we had valid reasons to believe it would work and I didn’t want to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life. The *fourth* ablation worked.

I’ve heard some say that our bodies know what to do to stay healthy even with new viruses. They say their body can heal itself from covid. Then couldn’t it also heal itself from the vaccine? Regarding the body’s ability to heal itself from a virus; local peoples that were visited/invaded by European colonists carrying bacteria/viruses/diseases the local peoples had no immunity for, would beg to differ. I’m guessing those local peoples were pretty healthy, had sufficient vitamin D levels, ate locally sourced organic foods, exercised regularly. But it’s a super nice idea to think our bodies are miraculous health making machines that can handle things on its own. Mine is amazing but definitely hasn’t been that.

Some say getting vaccinated for covid will block their spiritual connection. Then they don’t understand Spirit, or connection. Because it is way bigger than anything that could be put in a vaccine.

Some say they don’t like feeling forced into it. When health policy, government and business leaders who have an official role to play have done everything they can to encourage willing participation in something they are confident is the best approach to battling covid, this is their next step in trying to guide their community safely. Another being forcing you, pressuring or coercing you doesn’t always mean it is akin to theft, rape or gas chambers. Do they refuse other safety measures because they don’t want to be told what to do? Do they wear seat belts on cars and airplanes? Did they ever not comply for the reason that in some instances seatbelts don’t help and actually cause physical harm? If they are a parent of a child born within the last ~30 years, did they put their infant in a rear facing infant seat even though it was hard to drive and tend to them at the same time? Do they pay taxes? Do they go the wrong way down a one way street because they don’t like to be told what to do? Do they eat their greens? In a car do they turn their headlights on even though they can still see? Do they wear an ID at work? Do they wear clothing once they get out of the shower or bath and carry on their day in public? I do a lot of things for many valid reasons because someone told me to.

I’ve heard some people say that there is aluminum and other things in vaccines that make them unsafe. Do they personally know people that get vaccines regularly, such as flu shots? Does their health seemed harmed by it? Personally, I know many people who get the flu shot annually and they seem in good health, high functioning etc. Including my amazing dad, a retired pharmacist who knows a hell of a lot more than I do about safe uses of otherwise freaky elements like aluminum. There are a lot of ingredients in medical remedies that sound terrifying and yet in its amount is safe, put there for an honorable reason and helps the remedy work better for its designed benefit. It isn’t put there to harm people or for some diabolical purpose.

But, my view is also unique here because I was diagnosed with Graves disease at age 29 and elected to swallow *radioactive* iodine in order to shut down a chaotic thyroid. A guy in a hazmat suit handed the pill to me in a paper cup. I did that, after careful research, knowing the risks, listening to my chosen doc, my family and me. It worked beautifully and I have supplemented with thyroid replacement since 1999.

I’ve heard people say they are suspicious because the vaccines aren’t vaccines but rather a gene modification. As I understand it Johnson & Johnson is a more traditional vaccine for those who prefer that. Regarding the gene modification concern, I can see major enhancement opportunities available to humanity through such modifications and tech like CRISPR technology. Could it be misused? Yes. So can a car, a knife, a drug, a mind. As I understand it, Moderna and Pfizer aren’t a small dose of covid to help your body develop immunity making the term vaccine seem inappropriate/inaccurate. Words are regularly used in a confusing but not malicious manner. For example, those at risk for stroke are regularly given “blood thinners.” Fun fact: they aren’t blood thinners. The drugs are anticoagulants. And they prevent an unknowable amount of strokes every day. Even though they are called something they aren’t, including by docs and nurses and pharmacists, who surely know what they actually are.

I’ve heard people say they don’t like vaccines because it is making profits for some at multiple levels of the supply chain. Do you see a dentist, a therapist, a healer, a chiropractor? Does their getting paid make you suspicious of their abilities, intentions? Do you pay for supplements? Do you get paid for a job you do? Is it only for your costs of doing the work or do you get some extra, for your time, effort, service, benefit? In my experience things go better when a professional with expertise is clear about pricing, setting the value they intend to provide. One outcome of that is profit and another is delivered benefit. For me, someone’s ability and willingness to make/earn a profit doesn’t negate the usefulness and benefit of what they are offering. Now, if it’s true that the US government paid Pfizer and Moderna for the costs of creating the vaccine, and isn’t getting paid back, that feels fucked up. But I don’t know if that is true or not and doesn’t automatically lead me to believe the vaccine is harmful or is a de-population means. The government could easily have said to these firms, “can someone please fast forward your normal process because we have an emergency – we’ll pay for it.”

I’ve heard that some people won’t get the vaccine because the manufacturers cannot be sued if something goes wrong. The manufacturers normally take much longer to create a drug/vaccine for worldwide use. They were asked and incentivized through government funding to fast forward their process, meaning their usual long term trials were not possible. They asked for legal immunity as a corporation responsible for making safe, beneficial products that is also responsible to shareholders and regulators. That to me is perfectly understandable. And doesn’t mean they were wittingly offering anything unsafe or harmful. There are risks and they were trying to mitigate that risk. I sign liability waivers for zip lining, rental cars, etc. and they aren’t trying to kill me or harm me. They hope I have a safe trip and return as a customer.

I hear people touting various unique, contrarian views that are credible and by proponents who seem or are credible. I get it, that is what makes this situation so difficult and confusing. I still have people tell me I should have never gotten radioactive iodine for my Graves or that meditation and positive thinking could’ve fixed my atrial fibrillation. But they aren’t me. And I made other choices which also worked great. We will always be able to find an alternative view. That doesn’t make the other view wrong. And it often means the issue isn’t settled, isn’t fully answered. Like a lot of things in this world.

I’ve heard people say that there are other remedies for covid such as Ivermectin. I’m aware and have posted one (Dr Bret Weinstein’s) podcast on that topic (after I was vaccinated). Then I found out Dr Robert Malone who has been highlighted in that podcast may not actually be the inventor of the MRNA vaccine as claimed. I’m finding Dr Weinstein to be a bit of an alarmist and I tend to be cautious about claims from alarmists. If Ivermectin is what they hope it is that is great and I hope they are right. And, they might be wrong. It may not work for Covid-19 treatment, even if the human Ivermectin form is used to safely treat certain other non-covid ailments effectively. I hear “but Ivermectin is safe”. So are bananas. That doesn’t mean they are a covid remedy.

I’ve heard people say we don’t know the long term effects of the vaccine. True. We also don’t know the long term effects of covid.

I’ve heard people say why get vaccinated and run the risks of vaccination side effects when dying from covid is so rare. This to me is one of the most valid claims against vaccination. I’m not worried about dying from covid. I am worried about being an unlucky experiencer of getting a bad case of covid that fucks me up, for who knows how long,
knowing I have asthma, and Graves disease and had atrial fibrillation for a year in 2019 even though I’m very young for that condition. I’m also worried about getting covid, not knowing it and giving it to someone else who isn’t vaccinated. Now, that could happen even though I am vaccinated. People who get vaccinated from covid still can and do get covid. I personally know several actually. The idea is that people who get vaccinated are better able to deal with covid if they get it and are less likely to die from it. That is why so many officials and professionals and leaders are proponents of the vaccine. I read somewhere that the vaccination is like a bullet proof vest; it won’t catch all the bullets but it’ll catch 9 out of 10. Of course we all will die one day but it is a sad day when it happens for anyone, even if they are elderly, even if they had other health risks.

I’ve heard people say they don’t want to get vaccinated because there may be booster doses needed. This is a virus, that was likely to have been originated in a government funded laboratory located in China because it wasn’t allowed to operate elsewhere with regulations against it. The fact that it evolves isn’t surprising to me. The fact that the first defense measures (mRNA vaccines) aren’t working or don’t work as well on evolved versions doesn’t sound surprising to me either.

I’ve heard that some are against vaccinations. I’m glad you didn’t have to face polio which my father-in-law had as a young boy, wearing braces for a time. Personally, I consider each vaccine on its own merit and risk/benefit. I don’t get the flu shot, was skeptical about vaccines as my kids were young and now am more open minded. I am also more open hearted about those who create them and promote their use.

I’ve heard from some people that they love Donald Trump, followed/follow Q and he survived covid. And he recently got vaccinated. I imagine he has pretty good docs and still thinks for himself.


For me personally I got the covid vaccine, both doses (Pfizer) in March 2021. Here are my personal reasons for getting it, combined with the ideas/views above.

I have a Rolfer (fascia massage therapy) who got covid in April 2020. R, pre-covid, regularly mountain biked actual mountains, before work. He is about my age, way healthier than me. Covid kicked his ass. He had fevers so high he was hallucinating. He is still getting his cardiovascular fitness back, more than a year later. He still has brain fog. I have a client/friend who hikes regularly and eats well and is generally healthier than me. She was doing many things to stay healthy in a covid world (healthy lifestyle, exercise, eating well, vitamin D). She got Covid in January 2021 and got it bad. And she was deservedly pissed off because many of us believed we could control whether we got a bad case or not. Given these two close acquaintances, I don’t want to get covid without protection.

I know someone very well who is a long time partner of someone at one of the pharmaceutical firms who makes one of the vaccines. The partner reports to CEO, they travel socially together as couples. I texted that close friend in March 2021 just to check on whether they got vaccinated. They both had, including the young adult kids.

My medical doctor neighbors, my medical doctor clients, my medical doctor friends and my own doc were vaccinated as soon as it was available to them. It wasn’t required when they got it. They *wanted* that protection available from Covid.

My friend, neighbor and family circle includes MDs, PhD’s, MBAs, Pharmacists and CEOs. None of them are scary monsters with lizard eyes and horns coming out of their heads. I sense this personal, human, loving association I have with these beings in these particular roles offers me another perspective to counter the conspiracy theories that often include incredible tales of such beings. The ones I know are good people, with positive intentions of what they are doing in the world.

*I* got the vaccine because my sense was and is that I am more concerned about getting a bad case of covid than I am concerned about getting the vaccine.

No one is trying to kill anyone. No dark forces are gleefully drooling that the global pandemic has authorities in a position where they can finally poison everyone.

I hope this helps.

There are valid, benevolent reasons for all positions. Including yours.

Sending love to anyone who is in an actual situation of being forced to vaccinate. They aren’t trying to harm you or kill you. They have a different view of what is safe for you, them and everyone.

With love,

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