A Special December Solstice message from our teams for the Bringers of Light on Earth. Eternal light, love and wisdom, brought here.

This Special Message is part of our Monthly Membership, available here.

Cost is $14 USD, billed monthly, with benefits far exceeding this nominal fee.

Purchase offers immediate access to audio recording, as well as access to once monthly deep messages and regular posts for supporting Your Eternal Light, here on Earth.

For those who did not join this Dec. Solstice event live, that is completely ok as your energy was definitely a part of what we created and you can now enjoy the archive recording, as many times as you wish. This is for us, in celebration of the Bringers of Light that we are, offering cherished connection with our Eternal selves energy, providing comfort, hope and inspiration.

I can feel our teams so excited for this celebration of light on Earth!!!

Thank you for being here, in your bodysuit, sharing the light of Source on Earth, within our individual Ones.

With love, gratitude and blessings,