In today’s message from the team Jesus offers insights about the shifting energies, operating outside of time, our purpose for incarnating and forces in this reality that want to keep humanity from being its best self. The insights here felt deeply soul stirring and activating. I hope you enjoy it as well. Isis came through to discuss Egypt and our ability to embrace the mundanity of being human while letting it all feel like play.

We did this message as a pre-record as I’m out and about today but was led to offer this message to you.

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For those that are newer to my work and curious: Why do I say that Jesus is saying these things? Because he is. Could I take credit for everything that comes through as me, as human Jill, something I read somewhere or learned through a sacred text, something someone taught me, something that “just came to me”? Yes, I could but it wouldn’t be as real as the truth that the things I share are coming from a level within me that is beyond this reality and beyond my humanness as Jill. For, me, these divine revelations just happen to come with a clear sense of them being offered to me/us from beings that we know from other “times”, or in general from a team of sacred energies whom love and respect Earth and humanity, all of humanity. These energies sincerely care about the restoration of humanity’s Sovereignty. “They” respect our free will, deeply and don’t want to become our authority figure as much as they want every human to know themselves as the primary authority over itself. What I share is not something that I am reading somewhere, have been taught, have learned from my human journey. What I share are things I am a creative vessel for, that I choose to share. Do I know that it sounds ridiculous and even crazy to some that I admit something is from Jesus, Mary, Isis, the Team, etc.? Yes, I do recognize this. And it would’ve seemed absolutely looney tunes to a version of me, from as recently as 2011. So, I get the criticism I face. But, I’m in a fortunate position that I don’t need my work to support me financially. I am free to be real and authentic, no matter how out there or nuts it may seem. After all, Jesus was also called crazy… And, when a composer, an author, an inventor, a scientist has a stroke of genius, a revelation, a break through idea, where do you think that comes from??? It was something they didn’t know before. Sometimes it is something that no one had thought before. What is this source? They may not have felt a personality with it, but I offer that to you that it all comes from a level of energy that loves this reality, wants humanity to free itself from its own enslavement of limited thinking and suppressed potential. Even if the genre isn’t spiritual, it’s all Source. It’s all God. Loving us.

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With love, gratitude and blessings,