Humanity is far more sophisticated and advanced than we are presently told...

Jill in San Francisco June 26 2017 Square for You Wealth Revolution Four downloadable Audio Recordings from the amazing live sharing in San Francisco are Now Available You are invited to experience this very special series of 4 audio recordings, offering breakthrough approaches for an Expanded Consciousness, Exposing some Uncomfortable Truths, and helping you Trust Yourself More in this often strange reality. My impatience with lies, myths and just b.s. serve us well! Earth is not a school, humans aren't perpetual students and Earth is not a helpless baby in poopy diapers. And yet even in consciousness communities, we are commonly acting as students, trying to learn, trying to advance, hoping we graduate, putting angels and benevolent aliens on pedestals all the while. That isn't us and that is not why we are here...

We have been manipulated to forget our inherent mastery...

I accept that not everyone is willing to step out of the comfortable and humbling student role. But I find it pointless to hold back when I see how advanced that we can be, even from my own experience. I love helping others see what they really are so that we can actually move forward; true human evolution, starting with ourselves. Yes, these are big concepts. That is what we need, to acknowledge and live as the advanced life forms we were designed to be. Waiting for nothing, accept our own realization of this truth, and our courage to make it real in this world and in our every day lives. But we have to know the truth, the real truth so we know what we are facing. These audio archives, totaling almost 5 hours and 20 minutes are power packed materials filled with deep aha moments, mind bending that stretches your consciousness beyond its present limits, powerful revelations, out there concepts that can finally be said out loud in public, smiles, laughter, and possibly some tears of relief. With my work, people routinely feel like they are hearing the truths of this reality, often for the first time in their lives. It is my honor to see you and to honor your one of a kind way of being. I find that those who come across my work know themselves as unconventional and even rebellious. We stand out and we definitely see things differently... By design. We will talk more about this at the event.

Topics for the presentation:

  • What is History? Can we change history?
  • Why we have forgotten our advanced nature as humans
  • Where does the manipulation come from and What is it (veiling unveiled)
  • What we can do about it/Strategies for personal advancement
  • Truth: What is actually possible
  • Manipulation programs: 9/11
  • Q&A with great questions

Why would You want This:

There are very few opportunities offered in this reality for peeling back the veil in this way and to this level. My passion for truth, justice without holding back and my unconventional way of being has offered me a unique position and perspective, on this entire reality. I can't just know this and not share it with my fellow rebels and truth warriors. It is game changing information and I want YOU to know it. But, please know, this will change your life. For some, the information can be discouraging... I get it; it is easier to be high vibe when we believe that everything is rainbows and unicorns. If you tend to be someone who is more easily thrown off by troubling info, this one probably isn't my best event for you. But I will let you decide, honoring you. I'm going to treat us like the mature, adults we are.

Because if we don't know what is REALLY going on, then how can we make the upgrades necessary and create authentic solutions?

Making Light Real in this reality, exactly as it is, is just as important as turning up our light. Not everyone is as interested in understanding why this reality works the way it does. For those who are, when we get together we have the most fascinating, expansive conversations one can imagine. I'm definitely excited for you to take in these highly unique and cosmically created materials, making more room for the Truth of Your Light.

Please note: Upon accessing the materials, take your time. There are 4 parts, ready for experiencing immediately upon purchase.