Risk, Life and Trust

Facing Risks in the Context of a Full, Fulfilling Life

Of course there is a lot to fear in our lives, in this world. And those scarier areas can easily pull us in, as if they are the only thing going on. Fear, risk, potential loss of life can be utterly riveting. Because life is so precious, such a treasure. Not because of what you do, but because you are, you. A life, in total, is filled with risks and pitfalls that never materialized. That doesn’t mean don’t pay attention to risks. But it may mean that you are discounting your inherent life-sustaining forces and flows, as if your resilience, to live, doesn’t matter? Your resilience is the essence, of matter, within the life, of each of us. Live. Accept risks and manage them as you are led. Embrace life, and all that it can be, when you give your attention to what is resilient, what is real, what is alive, now. Set you. Free. And live. The life you Are.


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