Shouldn’t We Be Much Farther in Humanity’s Awakening?

There is a problem with the plan for humanity’s awakening

I hear from so many individuals that their spiritual growth and connection regularly feels like they are taking two steps forward and one step back.
Over and over again.
Many are sure they must be doing it wrong… seeking out more and more spiritual development classes so that they can do it “right” and “better”…

Most of the present approaches to enlightenment and spirituality stem from philosophies and spiritual frameworks that were created no sooner than the 1960s, and others thousands of years earlier. We may have done all we can with them. They may have taken us as far as they can. Compared to newer approaches I use with my soulful layers, these conventional methods are feeling tired, outdated, and taking way too much time. They also lead so many away from their income and even from their lives, requiring devoted study, and with results that seem fleeting.

Additionally, with so much division, discord and tension in the world, more than ever we need a tangible, sustainable connection to Source that is part of our everyday lives.

I talk to people every day who have sacrificed relationships, careers, and a sense of stability, for the purpose of being a devoted spiritual seeker. They felt like they needed to give up their lives in order to feel connected and “be spiritual”. It shouldn’t be this hard. Something is off. There is a system of spirituality and consciousness that is asking too much of us. Which might be ok if it worked! But that outdated system has a way of making its devotees feel like a child in a car on the way to Disneyland, constantly asking “are we there yet?” and these conventional spiritual teachers continuously promising “almost there, just another adjustment, something big is happening, stay tuned, get ready.”

This is not a way to live an enlightened life. This feels like a way to keep students locked in to endless courses, striving for more and more spiritual knowledge, preparing themselves for some big event, that never seems to come. I’m just going to say it ~ it’s codependent spirituality.

It’s also expensive. It takes too long. And so much of it doesn’t even make sense, when you let yourself apply that amazing brain to more consciously consider the methods, the natural, intelligent doubts are right there.

I felt this, too! I was supposed to be “neutral in the zero point frequency” to be “higher in my vibration” and closer to God. But then I let my brain do its thing for a moment and let it unwind that idea, liberating me to realize, “Wait, so I’m supposed to be neutral, non-judgmental… but doesn’t that also mean I am supposed to be ok, with everything? Because I’m not ok with a lot of things in this reality, and somehow within me I sense God isn’t ok with a lot of things in this reality, too. I don’t want to pretend to be ok with things like hate, famine, murder, abuse, pain and suffering.”

And I felt closer to God in that realization, than I ever had being at a so called “zero point frequency”. So, I let myself call bullshit, on a key principle regularly espoused in conventional enlightenment practices.

And that realization, led me to a lot of other realizations, each of them helping me feel closer and closer to Source | God, to love, to compassion, to understanding, to knowledge. It came from within me, though. I had to disagree with those outdated enlightenment concepts that don’t work. They offer temporary highs, but they never get you to Disneyland. The truth I now live, it works, establishing an internal connection to Source | God, that is always available, and readily sustainable, no matter what you are facing in your life, or in this very unstable world.

We all deserve a logical, intelligent and transcendental framework to feel connected to a divine energy within, that is personal and fully operational, right now. This is what I call 21st century enlightenment.

My name is Jill Renee Feeler. I have always been an independent, rational, thinker type person, that enjoys considering and understanding complex ideas, solving puzzles and sudoku games, applying logic to life. I am one of those people that looks for the best in everyone, but is also willing to call bullshit where I see it. I do well in the gift of discernment.

Although I was using my MBA and logic-based visionary skills in a successful corporate career and enjoying my life with my hubby and kids,
my life included the unique opportunity to also check out spirituality in my late 30s.
I was surprised to discover a previously unidentified, psychic intuition ability.
My rational brain plus psychic ability plus curiosity about my ease with esoteric experiences led me into noticing
some big flaws on a wide range of highly popular,
widely applied teachings,
that require far too much time, energy and money,
only to offer tenuous spiritual connection for the devotee and consistently co-dependent relationships between spiritual seekers and their spiritual service providers/teachers/even “gurus”.

I was experiencing Source energy | God in a more personal, accessible way than I ever had in my adult years considering conventional Christianity. I was acknowledged as a spiritual teacher and enlightenment natural, from even the beginning of my dabbling. Something was definitely going on.

And I wanted to immediately offer my organic method for soulful, spiritual connection to everyone interested, inspiring them to unplug from the outdated methods and try out my proven, easy, immediate method of connecting. And you don’t need to upend your relationships, your life, your career for it! It works. It is easy and it allows you to live your light, feel inherently connected to Source energy, in a way that so many beings have been working hard at, some for decades!

By the way Jill Renee Feeler, that is my actual name. Jill in English baby names means child of the Gods. Renee means re-birth. Feeler is my married last name which I wasn’t quite fond of initially – but it seems to originate from Fleur, meaning flower. And flower biologically means to facilitate creation/productivity. So there you go people! I’m here to assist you in re-birthing your light-based energies for increased creativity, originality and productivity in your life. Light meaning wisdom and sacred energies. It’s even in the names my parents gave and the married name my husband of 28 years came with!

21st century enlightenment allows you to have unshakable connection to what I call God (yes, that is a real thing but it isn’t as evident here – I’ll explain that, too — logically!). 21st Century Enlightenment offers you a foundation of self, and of this reality that relieves tension in multiple layers of your self, liberating you to more fully trust, create, experience, explore, and be in this world as your original, unique, one of a kind human. You’ll feel more at ease overall, more confident in life, more secure in yourself with more energy to creatively explore possibilities you never even thought of before. With logic, intelligence, and pragmatism but also love, grace and compassion.

Can you imagine making choices in your life with confidence, never having to worry that you are off course, or that you might be punished for a mistake or taught a lesson for taking certain paths in life?

What would it feel like to collect a regular paycheck, be able to pay your bills and even save money for any potential emergencies, and feel absolutely blessed even if it is from a job that isn’t “spiritual”, easily imagining that God is happy that you are financially supported?

How wonderful would it be to get together with friends or family to do things you both enjoy, not having to worry if it is raising your vibration, or helping humanity ascend or helping them heal and evolve, instead just… enjoying yourself, and life in general?

How calm and peaceful would your mind be if you were truly independent in your connection to God, and not worried about who is or isn’t doing their spiritual work, including you?

This is the first download of a 6 part series. In the next message, I will share the first step in applying 21st century enlightenment into your life, and introduce you to the Updating Humanity Workshop for the full set of tools and methods for living as an enlightened being, in this life (making it to Disneyland, finally).

Now, the online Updating Humanity Workshop is something that requires me to limit participation so that I can provide myself fully to this group experience. I can’t wait to get started with those of you that feel drawn to this completely new method, and brand new materials, helping you apply it right away. I have a well planned outline of steps for us to follow for maximum success. Make sure you get a spot in this workshop by signing up for the early bird waitlist here, go to the page and add your email to the list.

With love,