Question and Answer Call with Psychic Intuitive Jill Renee Feeler

A JRF subscriber event, part of our exclusive content, in which subscribers can ask whatever questions they would like to help us all better understand humanity, this world and even current events. Subscriber questions determine topics covered.

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Questions asked/answered, in order, in this call:

From Miriam:

My question is about celebrities: why do people (especially teenagers) hunt celebrities down (e.g. on instagram) and refuse to respect their right to privacy? Where does this need for celebrities/celebrity cult come from in the first place? What does being a fan do to the “chasers” and how does stardom affect the individual that is a celebrity?

From Richard:

I experience nightly bouts of wakefulness up to two or more hours at a stretch. My question: how to make the “best use” of these times? How to experience myself most fully as source energy during such times?

I usually do something like a breath meditation and either add a steady OM or tune in to the inner humming in my ears — in other words, intending to stay out of story and discursive thought. (74 defiant words)

From Melissa B:

Hi Jill,

When someone has been unkind to you and you feel the energetic arrow pierce your heart leaving you in pain, what is the best way to:
a. prevent that arrow from piercing you to begin with.
b. pull it out and free yourself.
c. heal, restore and feel strong in your light again?

While in pain I asked Wetiko for guidance and got ‘Fill the space’ with an image of bright light. Occupy your space with light – of course! (well I said ‘duh’ to myself) and thanked Wetiko (it still boggles my mind that ‘he’ can also help humanity.) I know this was addressed in the Wetiko series and will re-listen.

Apparently I am not occupying my space brightly enough. I tried with a connection exercise, but failed to connect, but talking to my child briefly snapped me out of it temporarily, gratefully. Any further tips for strengthening/turning up one’s light?

Thank you

From Donna:

Dearest Jill,

Does all jewelry and amulets that are said to have healing and sacred energy truly safe to wear or could there really be some dark energy associated with some. If so how would you know?

Peace and Love

From Anne:

If we are all wired a little differently, is it important to sense others chakras/ auric fields in order to be of greater assistance in our interactions? Would this involve exploring more of the clairs?

From Melissa B:

Forgive me if this is a silly question, but I have had a fascination with black holes since I was a little kid. So when I recently heard it suggested that ET’s can use black holes to travel long distances more quickly to reach earth – well, now I can’t help but be curious and I have to ask if that is an actual possibility? And what about the other way around, could humans use black holes to travel further, faster through space? (Of course with the right equipment @Elon Musk – okay Cue the Star Wars theme music…)


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