Message for the Tribe on Purpose, Pain and God’s love

It is 3:31am when I am feeling awake, after having been asleep. This 3:30-ish time is common for me.

Lying in bed, I’m feeling the messenger role come to the surface, the connection, and the words. Words as containers for energy, intended to offer support, love, guidance and nourishment for our soulfulness amidst the human journey.

Do I get up, write them down? Do I let them waft through my presence and just drift off into the ethers, untranslated, still coded? Or, do I capture them; for me, for you, for those with hearts to hear? I tend to forget the messages unless I’ve captured them, with some regret.

I like the translation of this energy, this love, this wisdom into words. It feels good to do it and it feels more responsible than just letting it all float through me without sharing with the world.

So, here are the words, for all of us. I hope you enjoy them, find peace in them, and maybe even find your true self, your Divine self, in them.

“Your purpose on Earth is to be the Light of God while being human.

This is not everyone’s purpose but if you are receiving this message, then I can confidently offer this life purpose to you.

Earth is a place that was created by God as an experiment to see what it was like to forget that you/we are God. What would we, as God, be if we didn’t know we were God? Would we be loving? Would we be good? We, as the One, God, were curious. Curiosity is what makes us, it, God, infinite. If God wasn’t curious then God would not be infinite. Question this curiosity if you will; its intent; its wisdom, its discernment. But, Earth was created out of a loving curiosity to try something that we hadn’t tried before. And here you and I are, in human bodysuits, contemplating this reality and what we are within it. In that regard, the experiment has been a huge success. Because no matter how perfect something sounds we still aren’t entirely sure, yes?

There are other parts of this experiment that make us question God. Death, hate, war, famine, greed, dishonesty, to name just some. How would a loving God allow this to happen? We question whether God just forgot about us, is punishing us or whether there even is a God. Why would a loving God allow this experiment to continue when there is so much suffering here?

As a fail safe mechanism to protect this experiment, we, as God, put in place a series of buffers, layers, veils that form something akin to a quarantine. This quarantine allows the experiment of forgetting that we are God to feel and even be entirely real and authentic. We (as God) needed to be sure that we (as humans) would forget that we are God and these layers ensure this. We as God veiled ourselves as humans from the knowing that we have as God when we aren’t “here”.

This veiling serves another purpose; it protects us as God from any of the potential harm or discord that may come about from the experiment. Viewed from another level, these veils protect your eternally loving, infinitely divine essence from anything that may harm or damage it while the Earth experiment is taking place. This ensures that no matter what level of pain and suffering may happen on Earth, that our God levels of energy are fine and in tact.

As the experiment is alive and in many ways on its own, there are a lot of discoveries, epiphanies and insights that are appreciated and valued by God.

What happens when we do this? Oh, wow!
What happens when we come across that? Whoa, didn’t see that coming!
What about this? Ok, that one I sort of expected!

Amidst the experiment, from within the veils, we’ve done it so well that at times nothing can feel or look like God.

Possible questions and answers are now offered.

Who is playing these roles of humans, animals, plants, minerals, matter and non-matter on Earth? God. God is everything. There is nothing that God isn’t.

If the experiment on Earth was to forget that we are God then why am I so intent on remembering God, and my connection to it? Because we (you and I) can’t help ourselves. We placed some extra wiring within ourselves for this incarnation, mostly to see what would happen. We often feel like foreigners in a strange land. We may not understand hate while it seems others hate quite naturally. Hate was a creation that happened here, while we were forgetting that we are God, as was all the other things that appear anti-God. Nothing truly is anti-God, since there is nothing that isn’t God. And yet, here, from within the veils of the experiment a deep sense of distance from God feels all too real.

Are our Souls (our eternally loving energy, that is infinite) fine, even though we may be struggling or even suffering here? Yes.

When I am struggling, why doesn’t my Soul, or God, not help me, rescue me or fix the problem? Because that would be out of accord with the experiment and the purpose for this reality. Not stepping in isn’t a sign of lack of love by God for you or for this reality. Love is always available, always an option, no matter how bad things are on Earth. All life on Earth is readily capable of feeling and receiving and creating love in every single circumstance that can possibly happen on Earth. As we can see, some do choose love and some don’t. Some who do choose love in most circumstances, don’t in other circumstances. Some who don’t choose love in most circumstances, do in other circumstances. Free will and the lack of a set script to follow allow for a litany of surprises, across the board, for all life. This is what makes the experiment, and human incarnations so utterly fascinating and even enjoyable to God. No matter what happens here, God energy is alive and well, caring and compassionate and always hoping that love will be the outcome. God also appreciates the nature of the experiment that love is not always the outcome. And in those moments, God is thankful that God put the boundaries around the experiment to protect our eternal energy from any potential harm that could come from the experiment of forgetting that we are God.

God cringes with our pain and suffering, deeply appreciating that within the experiment that is possibly all its human is feeling, without the foundation of love. God celebrates when we create love, in any circumstance. God cheers when its human remembers it Is God, one with The One, The Source, The Creator. Amazing things happen in the experiment when a human embraces its Divine Origins, when this human bypasses all the false teachings, all the misunderstandings and all the lies created by humanity over the millennia when it was forgetting that was God.

Is this reality a hologram, an illusion? This reality was created because God was curious what would happen and what would be created when it didn’t know it was God. That level of curiosity by God is how God is infinite, and not fixed and finite. To determine that this reality we know as humans is an illusion and/or a hologram denies the amazing creation of this reality and it discredits what happens here, leading many humans to the conclusion that none of this matters (that matter doesn’t matter). But it does. Or we as God wouldn’t be here. This reality matters very much and offers God experiences it can’t create any ”where” else. Granted that some of the experiences here, God would probably be fine without having. Nevertheless it all expands the All that Is.  At the broadest God level of All that Is that we know as outside the quarantine God Is Love. Inside the quarantine we create with a fascinating spectrum of consciousness to unconsciousness, offering experiences that are extremely unique, rare and valuable to us as God.

What will happen as more and more humans are remembering their True Divine Origins? That is precisely what we (you and I) are now discovering. Jesus was a glorious example for us. His Spirit as Source Creator God is deeply connected to us, as he also wore the human bodysuit, was birthed into this reality and had some sort of pre-birth planning to pursue divinity in his life; not unlike us.

For my Christian brethren, it is not an insult to God nor to its human incarnation as Jesus to want to use Jesus as a potential example for your life. Rather, it is a wise choice and even an honor. Jesus broke the mold of humanity, for all of us. Not so that we would bow on our knees and worship but so that we would take his life as an example, and then create our own, possibly even better model. Maybe one where we don’t get beaten, shamed and hung on a cross to die (Jesus offered that part himself, smiling, encouraging us to do it even better).

Glory of God Creator here is a celebration of God’s Love.

Jesus was God’s human. And so are you You. God is All and All is God, even when it looks like nothing of the kind from here on Earth amidst the forgetting experiment.

Why are we (you and I) choosing to be humans right now? Because nothing effects the consciousness in this reality as much as the humans. Human consciousness is a seemingly never ending set of choices for what and how to be itself. Even off-planet non-human energies (such as alien/ET energy) do not have the degree of effect that humans have on Earth. It can be a tough assignment to be human, in any timeline. But for the purpose of being God’s light, love on Earth, choosing a human form has tremendous advantages and offers endless opportunities that being another form doesn’t. Human consciousness and free will offer us the very widest range possible for creating, expressing and being God’s love in this reality.

What should we do when faced with or experiencing suffering? That is entirely up to you. You aren’t a player in a game being controlled by God nor are you a puppet on strings. God doesn’t know what you as its human will do… until You do it. Life isn’t pre-scripted like that, as that would serve no purpose and would offer no expansion to God as infinite energy.

You are creator energy who chose a human form in this unique experience.

You embody tremendous freedom and creativity to create your own role and write your own script, truly authoring your own life.  This happens amidst a series of interactive events and experiences, much of which are beyond your human control. Even then, you have full authority over your response to any situation.

You regularly interact with other humans, other life even, and their creations. Everything is not a mirror of you (that, too, would provide limited expansion and wouldn’t be as interesting an experience).  Creations in this reality can be made consciously (from various levels of knowing and intent).  Creations in this reality can also be made quite unconsciously (with very little to no intention by its human creator, lacking possibly any consideration for what may happen or how the self or other life could be affected).

To any question of “what should you do,” there is never one right answer.  There also isn’t an answer for you to “find” so much as there are possible solutions for you to create.

You the witness and also the experiencer have a wide range of choices for creation amidst suffering or any other state of affairs.  Many of those choices often remain unrecognized. Sovereignty and love is always available, as one array of outcomes. In crisis mode, there is often the contracted feeling that there is only one answer and you have to “find it”, shutting you off from your Creator energy. (Creator energy is creative and expansive.)  Combined with feeling responsible for others well being, that contraction is more intense. This often leads to looped experiences of suffering, feeling temporarily better, then more suffering because only surface symptoms were addressed. Whenever the witness feels more vested in the sufferer’s well being than the sufferer feels for themselves, this looped spiral away from authentic and sustainable well being is set in motion.  Victimhood and enabling of victimhood is a complex topic that can be difficult to discern from within the contracted, crisis-mode energy.

I know there are more questions but for now, I hope this message finds you better than when you found it, feeling closer to God, personally, for yourSelf.

In closing, those here intent on connecting to God amidst the experiment are quite unique and rare. Be good to yourselves. Honor Your journey. Respect your intentions to be God’s love in less than ideal circumstances. Discern and be wise amidst the free will and the forgetting that Is Earth. Pain and suffering on Earth is not punishment and is not a sign of God’s displeasure with you. Pain and suffering is created on Earth amidst the experience of forgetting that we are God and is best not taken too personally. And yet, feeling personally responsible for how you respond to it, is advised, allowing to you to maintain the authorship you deserve over the life you are creating.

Transmission complete.”

cropped-Jill-Renee-Feeler-site-icon-image.jpgWith God’s eternal love for You, for me and for All,
Jill Renee Feeler

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Who is doing this distracting? Why?
How to avoid being distracted?
What about creating a life, income, family, etc. (since they can feel distracting from our purpose)?

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