Weekly messages to inspire the very best within us all, beyond the dogma, beyond the bullshit, straight into the truth of how spectacular we can be. If you’d prefer, the youtube channel is here.

August 20, 2019

JRF Podcast #219 Boundaries, Leadership and Disruptors

Messages to inspire the Light of God within. We turn "enlightenment" teachings upside down in this process.

Thinking for Yourself, Disagreeing and Propaganda JRF Podcast #218

In this podcast we discuss individuality, personal Oneness, thinking for yourself, ability to disagree, willingness to be wrong, susceptibility to propaganda as well as touching on Agenda 21.

July 29, 2019

The Nature of Thoughts, Telepathic Gifts & Healing Anxieties JRF Podcast #217

A different sort of message from us, offering insights on our thoughts, meditation, telepathy, creating inner peace, reducing anxiety/panic/fear in our lives.

Transcending the Reincarnation Programs with Grace and Truth

Unique, sacred teachings for embodying your light, claiming your sovereignty, receiving God's grace and freeing yourSelf from the reincarnation programs operating in this reality. You never needed to incarnate... and you never have to again, no matter what you life looks like, or doesn't look like... Truth!!

JRF Podcast #216 Portal to Greatness

A journey within to your inner goodness, or is greatness? Or is it gloriousness? So many possibilities. So many opportunities. Almost endless ways to be You. In every moment.

June 25, 2019

JRF Podcast #215 Starseeds, Wizards, Muggles all Living Together

An updated, upgraded view of starseed, feeling like you don't fit, and/or feeling like Earth is not home.