Jill’s Social Media Experiment

An experiment we are running on whether an appearance of a larger instagram audience will impact more meaningful business metrics

I’ve been business since 2010, devoted to supporting this world and humanity in knowing itself better, and more successfully connected to God on a personal, internal level. My business is by most people’s standards successful and I’m grateful for every client, my audience and the reach I have created, in my motivation to help others.

And I love business. My background includes an MBA, a successful corporate career that spanned 3 industries and a major for undergrad in both Economics and in Finance with a sprinkling of accounting.

I love to talk shop and I love to support other small businesses and entrepreneurs.

And then I watched Fake Famous, liking it even more than The Social Dilemma. I realized much more clearly why so many who actively post and participate on various social media platforms feel like our numbers/reach doesn’t grow… and yet many are counting on it for growth. It feels like lemonade stands, well designed and cared for, set up on streets, that have detour signs at either end, but we don’t know it.

And now I know it. And after about 2 days of feeling a bit rant-ish , I couldn’t help but wonder if what happened in the documentary could work… not to fake fame but rather to be able to help and support even more people than my established biz already does…

At first I considered running an experiment on my dog’s insta. But that wouldn’t be directly related to helping the world know itself better, to be better. Then I thought about doing it myself, for my own accounts. But I value integrity and authenticity too much to want or need fake followers or the appearance of fake success. Still, knowing how many entrepreneurs dedicate tremendous energy and time and money to creating and sharing content for social media, and regularly feel ignored, I wanted to see if such a plan to look more credible to potential clients/customers would help one’s success, assuming they have a legitimate, high quality service/offer/product they provide.

So, I am choosing to run an experiment and for my own integrity documenting for you the process. I will also be tracking my 7 day average daily visits on my website, my newsletter list, my subscriber number for my premium content, monthly revenue and monthly profit. The % change in those private numbers will be shared with you. So, if you are interested, here we go!

With love, gratitude and blessings,
Making sense of life, living and this realm. Beyond religion, science and even spirituality. An updated ideology to base one’s sense of self within this reality, and beyond it.

Metric Feb 5 2021 March 5 2021 April 5 2021 May 5 2021
Instagram Followers 1,703      
Facebook biz page Likes 1,839      
Twitter Followers 356      
Youtube Subscribers 5,140      
Website 7 day average daily visit % change        
Newsletter sign up % change        
Monthly Revenue % change        
Monthly Profit % change        
Other notables        
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