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My team has shown me where we still have areas of disbelief… finding it hard or even impossible to believe that we are divine, right now, just as we are. This matters because without this foundation, we block ourselves from our own divine energy, making our spiritual gifts less powerful, our lives harder, dimmer and sometimes more lonely. We can flood ourselves with the divine Spirit and in this series we show you how. This series includes 12 energy-packed, upgrade-making meditations and messages and conversations to help you:

  1. connect with Your Soulful energy
  2. remember what it feels like to be that soulful energy and
  3. integrate it into your everyday life (making it real!)

Benefits from this work include restored energy levels, easily grabbing joy, renewed hope, a clearer connection with Source Creator God.  I have seen such transformation in the participants of this work!  Here are just some of the testimonials from this unique material:

“I just played back the last half hour of the Ascension Codes video and it is so powerful! The meditation to activate our ascension codes felt like nothing I’d ever experienced before! Felt like pure divine grace, opening up my being and letting the light flow throughout.”

“Learning to live with all ‘versions’ of myself without judgement was absolutely key to letting go in such a way that the energy holding me stuck was able to morph into something different. To transmute. Seeing the perfection inherent in each stage of the journey.”

“WOW! I just listened to the first part of Let’s Get Specific: How to Be Spiritual And Be Human” while on my walk. It was awesome listening to Sol as I walked along this path with the golden sunlight dancing on the tops of the leaves, and looking through the trees at Sol as the energy was beautifully filtered down to me through the leaves.”

“Happy tears from this one [… loving this and all you share Jill!!”

“Oh my… this was great. Two of my favorite spirits, Steve Jobs and Mother Teresa! I feel like I felt their presence listening! Very very inspired. Thank you!”

“Jill, Thank you for another beautiful and activating workshop! I loved the meditation ~ it was so synchronous for me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift that is you. Namaste :-) “

“Hugely helpful as ever Jill – listened through twice now! Love the synchronicity of when you say ‘it wouldn’t be the same for us if everyone was doing it because we are pioneers…’ I can let go of the exhausting shepherdess role I’d given myself at some level and let my loved ones do this the way they choose.  It has to be their way…finally get that…phew. So helpful on lots of levels!!! Thank you so much!”

“Thank you, thank you Jill for this wonderful workshop! It spoke to so many things I have been going through (a dip in vibration, etc.) and was so reassuring. I LOVED the meditation. Just as I thought, “Wow! I am totally tingling!”, you giggled and said “Tingly!” As I was writing and reflecting on the meditation, specifically about feeling both the Shiny & New and the Ancient Wisdom, I got this knowing: by doing this “work”, I am both re-membering and integrating my ancient soul wisdom into this human experience AND adding the experience of the “shiny & new” to my Soul and the All-That-Is. This is not really a new concept, but I “get it” on such a deeper level now. Thank you! Namaste”

The structure for the series is twelve pre-recorded messages, available immediately upon purchase, in easily accessible video and audio files. I encourage participants to post questions/insights on the page so we can interact together as you experience the materials.  Some of these concepts are absolutely mind-blowing for many experiencers. We turn a lot of spiritual truths upside down; because they were holding us back from personally experiencing our Divine Energy. archangel2   Ready to begin? Me, too! $500 USD $150 USD one time payment, lifetime access

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Already purchased but can’t see the materials? Log in to site, then refresh this page. From this same link, paid participants see the series content, others see promotional content. Testimonials on other Series I’ve offered including the recent Celebrating the Empaths and Outwitting Wetiko series:

“I just have to express how AWESOME Jill Renee Feeler is! I had a private session with her monday and she is simply off-the-charts amazing! I’m still reeling at her gifts and expression…her clarity and refined skill in reading the energies and in communicating with our teams. WOW! I must also add how indescribably awesome it feels to be seen in TRUTH by another!

THANK YOU Jill Renee Feeler! For all you are and do on this planet and in all other realms! YOU are an interstellar rockstar sistar! And thank you for reminding me that i am too. ((( heart emoticon )))” – Krista, New York

Sweet!!! I have learned so much and the [team’s] wisdom has been so helpful and enlightening. I am greatful to you all. And Jill, u hav opened my eyes to alot of things and different perspectives on how I am doing things and seeing things. U are awesome and maybe someday I will have the insight and ability to tap into my team like u can. Thank you. Love P.” Celebrating the Empaths participant

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have experienced this with you all. I really enjoyed yesterday’s call the grand finale. I feel like more grateful for having this human experience. This is very special. I am so excited about the rest of my life. I always felt like, if I get this or learn this then I can succeed. but now I just want to start my own podcast and talk about how we are already everything we ever aspired to be and there is nothing holding me/us back. All is available to us right now. This human experience is more than I could have ever imagined. I look at my body differently, my life differently and my relationships differently. Wow. I love you all and am so incredibly grateful!” – H. Celebrating the Empaths participant

Other client reviews are here.

I’m delighted for you to experience these special resources for Divine Connection – NOW! With love and gratitude, Jill

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