To whom are my trips and retreats offered

I LOVE offering sacred travel experiences to my audience, diving into the gifts of this beautiful planet, recognizing the light of Source energy within each of us, and assisting in light code activations on Earth. We make this fun, not serious. My trips aren’t meant as therapy and I’m not a therapist (although clients often comment that a session with me is like years of therapy). I am a world class intuitive, spiritual messenger, medium, channeler, healer and activator of soulful energy within others. I’m also an MBA, having had a very successful career in business that my family’s circumstances allowed me to leave to have more time for my children and for further sharing my spiritual gifts. I offer trips that I myself would love to take (4-5 star accommodations, special places, details taken care of, safe, with wonderful cuisine, amazing camaraderie, trying new things and soulful expansion). If our sacred travel offerings are of interest to you, please check things out and let me know if you have any questions!  I handle all registrations myself so an email is how to get things started.

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