Who are my trips and retreats offered to

If you want to visit Greece, or Zion or Egypt or another location we are going to for the typical tourist experience or even a conventional spiritual journey you can find anywhere online then this isn’t the trip for you.

Thankfully, there are most likely hundreds of other travel tours or sacred travel you can register for to get exactly what you want. (Have a wonderful time – traveling with a group is special and you are led to it for a good reason!)

I’m not a travel agency.

I offer carefully planned, divinely designed, custom trips that I want to take, am led to experience and which I then offer to our audience, which I view as my fellow Bringers of Light.

I don’t post my trips for sale on travel sites, public forums, sacred travel postings and spiritual journey offerings.

I only post my trips on my website, on my social media pages and in my own newsletter for consideration by our audience, our cosmic family.

I’m not trying to be rude, just clear. If my bluntness is not your style then we already know that we aren’t a match lol.

I create small trips for 10-25 people and every spot is saved for those who resonate with my work and our Bringer of Light preferences for living light, wisdom, well-being and joy while also being fully human.

~ All Are Divine. We just happen to know/claim it. ~

We are an amazing, unique, fun community of people and I’m so excited for those in my audience to hopefully join us on this trip! We have so much fun together and I regularly hear on the trips, “how is it possible that we are getting along so well, that it feels like we already know each other?” Because we do ~ lol. Add to that the Epic places we go, checking out the secret places other tourists don’t know about, how well we are taken care of on these trips, the unique experiences we have in these places and you’ll probably find you want to go on many more journeys together.  I am deeply blessed with a growing, regular group of light-based traveling buddies that tend to join me every time I offer a new adventuring place – I can’t wait for them to meet you, me to meet you and you to meet us. It truly does feel like a cosmic family reunion. Indescribable connection and memory making together. I hope you come with us!!

Our work and messages allow us to come together 1) personally with our Eternally Self energies and 2) with each other, as our Ones.

Now, some can feel some insecurity in this type of conversation, about whether they are invited or not?

Experience the work we do and then, if you resonate with what you’ve tried out, and love what we are doing then you are invited and I would love to have you join us.

What if you don’t know me or my work but you’ve been on your spiritual path and feel you’d fit in great.

This isn’t about whether someone is spiritual, or levels, or how long you’ve been on your spiritual journey or even whether you share your spiritual gifts with others or can connect with your spirit guides.

For most on their spiritual journey, when I ask them where they are at with their personally connecting to the light of Source they are, most respond with “I’m working on it,” “I’m trying” or “I’ve made a lot of progress”.

This is about whether you feel personally connected with the evolutionary, ground breaking, paradigm shattering way that our audience connects to Source energy, from the inside out.

Our audience are fellow Bringers of Light… we recognize, by choice and free will, that we brought it with us into this reality, from the All that Is, which is beyond time, beyond space, where there is no “there”.  We didn’t come here to Earth to learn it, earn it, practice it before it’s ours. The Light is what all Life is.  Most life just doesn’t know it. We do, by choice.

I know many spiritual beings that have been doing their work/service for decades that still have not personally claimed the light of God that they Are… sad, but true and far too common. Even more unfortunate is that many have spent countless hours, money and passion towards processes, certifications, training and teachings that keep trying to get them “there.” As if your enlightenment (light within) is outside of you, offered to you by another, something you work towards, in the future…

The Light isn’t what you connect to; the Light is what you Are.

If that is you, the perpetual seeker yearning to find/be, let me offer to you right now that all Are divine, eternally (eternity includes your humanity, yes?).  Most just don’t happen to know/claim this.  Their (your?) teachers were so focused on your apparent voids (helping you receive messages, helping you clear your field, helping you with shadow work, helping you learn more spiritual skills and techniques and truths and such) that they forgot to point you to your eternal mastery, your inherent divinity, your light within that was there even at birth…

Some especially helpful messages we offer for those desiring to be in “being light” mode vs “seeking light” mode are in this free playlist here and this interview here. And there are many, many more free resources and other materials for purchase to help you reclaim the eternal Light of God you are, and all life is, which is even more special than a sacred travel experience. I hope that you’ll check out the above links, this Spiritual Manifesto or several of our audio podcasts, or consider taking an online class, or come to a 1-2 day workshop, possibly book a private session.  Experience the work we do and then, if you resonate with what you’ve tried out, and love what we are doing then you are invited and I would love to have you join us.

We apparently are a rare group, claiming our Sovereignty, Living our Light ~ while also embracing our humanity, and even careers, and day jobs and the practical freedoms they offer us for things like travel across the globe. We Live our Light not as a job, or a pilgrimage, rather as a choice and declaration. I’d love for anyOne to have this authentic version of enlightenment (vs. perpetual seeking and wanna be masters) even more than I’d like for more people to sign up for our trips.

With love, gratitude, honor and the clarity and authenticity I crave on Earth,


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