Three Sanity Tips

  1. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.
  2. Some liars…. don’t even know they are lying.
  3. Crazy never looks like crazy… to crazy.

Related to tip 1, if someone is bombarding you with information they are sure you need to know, it’s probably because they care. And maybe also afraid.

Related to tip 2, when you are trying to hold a liar accountable, personally or publicly, you may realize it’s a fruitless task. Lies happen with good intentions. The early advice amidst the coronavirus was that masks didn’t work. Now the experts are saying they do work and that we should all be wearing them. Did they lie? Yes, I believe they did. Was it for a good reason (so that the medical folks would have the limited supply for themselves so that they could help us)? I think yes, that was a valid/good intention for a lie. I also wish that leaders and experts would have more respect for the overall populations they serve that 1) we can handle the truth, 2) we deserve the truth, 3) when they lie they discredit everything else they tell us, 4) there were other ways to handle the mask shortage other than lying and I hope they do better next time and tell us what they know and let us be and feel informed with actual truth.

Regarding tip 3, there are a lot of crazy ideas that have turned out to be true. There are a lot of crazy ideas that turn out to be false. There are probably even more crazy ideas that are not or cannot ever be proven true or false.

We cannot stop another from being themselves. Yes we can change and they can change and we can all be better versions of ourselves. We cannot control another. We can try our best, and do our best, with what we know. And try to make a meaningful life for ourselves with that awareness.

I wish you all the best.

Also, I’ll offer that in scary times, we often feel the desire to control others, so that we can feel safer. These are uncertain, scary times. (And some people are just scared, all the time, especially now). Others may be trying to keep you, themselves and everyone safe. This can feel like someone is trying to control you, others or everyone. This can be a misinterpretation of good intentions. Tip 1 helps here.

Offered with love,

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