Soulful Coaching options ~ now ready for you!!

After years of being asked for a mentoring program using my unique enlightenment gifts, I have created one of a kind soulful coaching programs to my current clients and to those ready for authentic transcendence, now.

15 min Preliminary Coaching Assessment with Jill

I’m thrilled to let you know that after much soulful exploration and careful consideration, I have a couple unique, soulful coaching programs to offer.

I have been asked for years if I would please offer a mentorship or coaching program. But I recognized that most individuals looking for mentorship are looking for skills-based mentorship, teaching them “how to’s” (how to channel, how to connect with their team, how to heal, how to advance their intuition and psychic abilities, how to do readings, etc.).  And yet, it was clear to me and my team that those types of programs 1) tend to form a suppressive loop of endless co-dependent “spiritual seeker” behaviors and 2) don’t lead to the perpetual fulfillment in one’s soulful layers and Source connection that we are much more interested in and dedicated to.

One’s feeling whole and complete in their soulful layers has nothing to do with one’s spiritual skills and abilities… But most spiritual teachers don’t know this, unfortunately. Most of them believe that they themselves are “spiritually connected” because of their own spiritual abilities. But spiritual connection is transcendent of one’s abilities… Light isn’t what we connect to. Light is what we are.

To feel whole and complete in their soulful layers, in this life, now and in every moment, no matter what is going on is based on:

  1.  one’s sense of self,
  2. one’s operating system of updated beliefs and
  3. applying that operating system to more authentically in their life.

The results are liberating, reassuring, purely soulful and mean so much more than another spiritual training certificate.

My question is are you interested in working 1:1 on with me?

This is not just a package of individual sessions.

This is a dedicated time frame of personalized advanced support and training for living your soulful layers, more fully putting into practice all the amazing work we’ve been doing together so far.

This is what I am ready to say yes to and have specialized, unique abilities and mastery in.

I’ll also be helping you with your personal challenges for applying your soulful layers in your life, creating dedicated, customized strategies, with loving and clear follow-up, for creating the results you deserve.

These coaching options that are now available complement all the transcendent work we are doing, in more ways than I ever could have imagined.

How does this sound?  Want to hear more about the coaching options? If so, please let me know with a quick email!  Regardless of your response, I am looking forward to continuing our special “alongside you” approach, beyond spacetime relationship of bringing more light into this reality, from the inside out.

With love and cosmic hugs,


P.S. those who feel led to email me your Yes, be looking for a follow up email with next steps, to get the conversation started.

Strange times call for new approaches to feeling (and being) our best, no matter what. People are counting on you.

Are you operating from only your 5 human senses?

Are you feeling like your spiritual and awakening path will never end?

Are you starting to doubt the promises made by spiritual teachers and coaches? 

Wondering why some of your relationships seem to have so much friction?

Feeling like you are holding yourself back from fully living?

Is your business coach telling you the truth?

Are you using readings to get ahead in your awakening process? 

Are you feeling the way *you* want to feel in your life and with your loved ones?

Hoping this is your last life? 

I can help, with very different answers, guidance and compassion ~ that work ~ 

15 min Preliminary Coaching Assessment with Jill