Over the course of readings, both group and private, wisdom is shared from the higher dimensions that calls to be shared more broadly. In 2009 in a private session, spirit guides were assisting the client to better appreciate the importance of her journey and its relationship, and boundaries, to others’ journeys here on Earth. Like many of us, this client was presented with many opportunities to help and in some cases rescue others. She was what I call a Rescuer. Below is what they shared.

“Your journey can be viewed like a row boat with oars. Your boat and oars are perfectly suited to each other and uniquely designed; designed, my sweet one, by you. You chose this boat, this journey, for the growth and advancement opportunities it would provide to your infinite soul as well for service to others. Your oars are your uniquely designed tools which assist you in this journey. Each soul has their own uniquely suited boat and accompanying oars.

What we want to remind you of today is that your oars are only meant for your boat. They will not successfully row another’s boat. They have their own boat and they have their own oars just as you have yours. Whether they are choosing to use their boat and their oars according to their soul purpose is their choice, their free will.

They may be in a state of spinning in circles, or even seem from your perspective to be heading in a “wrong” direction. But, this, too, is their choice, whether they are making it consciously or subconsciously. From our perspective, we honor their choice. From the higher dimensions we see the growth and potential with every choice. From our view of things, there is no “wrong” choice, no “mistakes”. Only lessons; many, many lessons. Their Spirit Guides and their Higher Self are constantly available and ready to assist, when called upon to do so. This Divine being may choose to acknowledge our presence and request our assistance, or not. We honor that aspect of free will as well.

This should be a helpful reminder to ask your own guides and higher self for assistance and insight whenever you need it.

We see many souls on Earth busy trying to row another’s boat, with a beautiful, loving intent.

We understand how painful it is to watch loved ones spinning in their boats, or in some cases, just sitting in their boat, their heads buried in their laps, their eyes weeping in despair, calling out to friends or family for a rescue, their beautiful, uniquely designed oars resting peacefully at their feet on the floor of their boat. For some, it is in these moments that they realize we are present, and they choose to ask for our assistance. Others proceed their entire journey without effectively practicing and then experiencing their oars with their boat. That, too, is not “wrong” or “bad.” That soul, too, will have a loving, encouraging life review in which they will see other options, see how things can be done more effectively with the highest degree of love and light for self and others. Each soul has infinite opportunities to try again, try and overcome the obstacles with grace, ease and love, providing advancement for the soul’s growth.

Growth is a choice made by the soul. In your beautiful attempts to assist or rescue another it can actually delay their growth. They don’t have to figure things out for themselves when they always have someone to rescue them. They don’t believe they can do it for themselves and by doing it for them, dear one, it reflects that you don’t believe they can do it for themselves either. Again, your intent is beautiful and loving but we are hopeful this new perspective is of assistance. Row your own boat, dear one, do it with grace, love and as much of your Higher Self as you can integrate into this journey. Be a role model of how smoothly things can be done and trust in others that they will find their own way as well.

We will close with some recommendations on what is beneficial when assisting others. Send them love, light, and encouragement that they will overcome this obstacle, that they have everything they need to “get it right” this time. Positive energy, trust in their journey and their ability to successfully see through their planned challenges is one of the highest forms of unconditional love.

Oh, and it’s also ok to remind them that they only need ask and Divine Spirit, their Higher Self and their Spirit Guides will be ready to provide the assistance that is for their highest good. For we know their soul’s mission in this journey and it our pleasure to assist them when possible in successfully resolving that “mission.”

I am asked by my spirit guides and my client’s spirit guides to share this story often, for it is applicable to many. I hope you found it insightful. When I shared this “reminder/lesson” at a group reading recently, two of the group members later shared that it brings a whole new meaning to the childhood favorite tune “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. They shared that at the conclusion of a spiritual movie they recently watched, a crowd was singing this familiar tune but the meaning and purpose for it in the film wasn’t resonating with them at the time. After receiving the above reminder/lesson, they made the connection. I’m so thankful for them sharing it with me as I didn’t connect the higher dimensional reminder to the tune. So, with possibly new meaning: Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but a dream.

Please share this with others you believe may also benefit from it. We all know a Rescuer – they are beautiful souls with loving, caring intentions. Their energy can be used even more effectively when they understand the responsibility we each have torespond to our abilities.

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