Traveler’s Reward Program to use for Travel with Jill

A wonderful friend/client that is joining us again for the upcoming 2019 Zion retreat asked me if I offered discounts for being a monthly member. What a wonderful question! It led me on a very fun pathway of ideas towards encouraging those who have partnered with me not just in the monthly membership but also in classes, in workshops, at retreats, on trips, in private sessions. The more we’ve done together, the more fun we tend to have together on trips! So, I offer you a Traveler’s Reward Program to use for travel with me. For some that don’t love numbers (or spreadsheets) the points may be a bit complicated, especially if you and I have partnered often and you have sooo many classes you’ve done, private sessions, etc. lol. But, no worries, I (a numbers nerd!) am happy to do those calculations for you!  (For some of you that travel with me often and I know are very interested in the Greece trip itinerary to be released, I actually have already calculated your points!  I can’t wait to travel with you again and will do what I can to make your “Yes!” as easy as possible.) If you love numbers and you know what you’ve purchased, below is how I’m calculating these rewards for you. What Traveler’s Reward Points ($ USD) are Available to You to Apply towards Upcoming Retreats and Trips:

  • $10 for every class or purchased recorded series you’ve done with me
  • $1 for each “Remembering Workshops” (some of you don’t know what these are, that’s ok – I offered 36 different ones in 2013-2014)
  • $20 for every trip or retreat you’ve done with me
  • $5 for each 30 minutes of private sessions
  • $10 for being an active monthly member
  • $10 for each in person workshop you’ve attended (Austin, LA, SF, Scottsdale, NYC, London, Boise)

Calculated and summed together equals your Traveler’s Reward Points total, available towards your next trip or retreat with me (max $200 USD in travel rewards to be applied for any one trip/retreat). Again, if you’ve done a lot with me, calculating this is going to be easier for me so please just ask, keeping in mind savings are applied for trips and retreats only. Additional discounts available towards Travel/Retreats (and able to combined with Traveler’s Reward Points) include:

  1. Early Bird Discount, if applicable for the trip you are considering.
  2. Check or cash payment savings, if applicable for the trip you are considering.

Other terms of Travel Rewards:

  1. Anything you’ve paid/registered for as of applying the discount is counted, including sessions or workshops paid for but not yet occurred.
  2. Once Travel Rewards are used, the balance becomes zero and new rewards can accumulate as before.
  3. Any Travel Rewards balance can be applied towards a trip or retreat (no minimum balance is needed)
  4. Travel Rewards cannot be applied towards trips or retreats that have already taken place.
  5. Unused Travel Rewards do not expire, but rather keep accumulating.
  6. Travel rewards applied to any one trip cannot exceed $200 USD.
  7. Travel rewards can only be applied to trips and retreat offerings.

Ok, so now that you’ve seen geeky, policy-wonk Jill in action, I hope you are excited. I appreciate that if you don’t travel then this isn’t very exciting. But, for those that have traveled with me and want to again or want to travel with me for the first time, this is a great incentive for you to consider the travel and retreat options we have available and hopefully join me. Some of you have done a lot with me over the years! I was adding up one person’s points who I know may be joining us for Greece and they actually have the $200 USD max allowed.  Please email if you have any questions. This was fun – I love encouraging you to travel with us for those who are interested and able.  We have so much fun together and I love offering special adventures to all of us Bringers of Light on Earth. With love, gratitude and blessings, Jill

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