Q&A Session with Psychic Intuitive Jill Renee Feeler

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Questions presented from comment section:

“Dearest Jill,  I find I’m cranky and tired before the end of the day. I would like some awareness from my team what I could do differently to alleviate this feeling. I’ve also noticed I’ve been clenching my teeth a lot. Thank You Sista – Donna”

“Hi Jill, interested in your take on this teaching, paraphrased…. ‘your reality is all your own energy, even your interaction with others… its all you, there is not a soul being behind the human you are interacting with, its an inspiration of a soul but its really your energy, your perception. All your lifetimes, everyone you’ve ever met has all been you, even your kids… all.so you can fall in love with yourself and when you come to realisation you realise its all you.’
Ok, I’m not a fan. I’ve been channeling my Irish augmentative self in a group on this topic. I have my own sense of why I don’t like it, but always appreciate what your team has to say about these things even if there is agreement for me to consider :) Thanks! Roisin xox”

Chat including questions from live call is here:

14:19:09 From Leila: So I have a question for my team my love – just is there are any common sense and specific things I would benefit hearing so I feel safe with regards to my brother? I can’t figure out if he’s going to act out or stay out of my way, if I stay out of his? Thank you Jill and team/s. I have so much panic in my system at the moment related to him…LOVE you.
14:21:43 From ANNE : Do breathing practices assist us in expanding our consciousness and placing us in a position to hear any messages ?
14:21:47 From Renee  : Jill can you explain the role our pets play in our lives? I know they have unconditional love for us, but I’m feeling there is more going on.
14:22:14 From Kayli : Hi Jill! I’m having a really hard time remaining hopeful for the future, not only mine but for others. Theres so much heaviness and sadness that seems to be multiplying without a lot of reprieve. And it feels harder to remain healthy through it. Does the team have anything to say about getting or amplifying energy to deal with the state of this world at the moment?
14:24:17 From Debbie : So much new information here that I have to stop recording and come back to it a day or two later. Is that my human brain digesting info? I take notes and reread them yet I can’t remember a thing you’ve discussed that I can share when I’m around others.
14:26:50 From Barbara: There continues to be such divisiveness and lack of respect for those who hold ‘other’ opinions still prevailing. I have pulled away from mainstream and social media participation at this time, listening to uplifting music and inspiring thought leaders which helps keep my cup filled. Anything else to suggest?
14:29:31 From Julie : Hello Jill! How can I stay more centered when holding space & listening to others? I feel like I’m collecting their hurt or anger or grief and it builds inside of me & then it takes me quite some time to let go of it. Any tips my team has for me regarding this? Thank you!! :)
14:32:38 From Melinda: Jill wouldn’t you say that breathing exercises can, minimally, calm our bodies so that we can be in a state of peace to know and hear our own insight and intuition.
14:37:33 From Connie: As we grow in our knowledge of who and what we are-so much drama and
scattered-ness is dispelled. Many are used to being distracted, how can we stay content without getting caught up with unnecessary stuff?
14:47:56 From ANNE : Wondering if my team has any suggestions regarding my difficulties with electronics as of late. Computers, phone not working . I have to try several times to make a connection including this call. TV crashed when standing next to it. Sometimes Dishwasher turns on when walking by. Is this related to energy coming in? Do I need to anchor more? also didn’t know if others experiencing something similar?
14:59:58 From Leila: ‘’Unoccupied’’, great description – yup.…So relate @kayli Yes, feels true to me Jill and have to carefully monitor my own depressive tendencies because I can’t function. So yes, feels true.
15:00:29 From Leila : By being ‘’too much’’ in reality I mean…
15:17:40 From Julie : I LOVE your analogies Jill. Thank you so much!
15:34:36 From Leila: My feet and hands are so electrical right now Anne, its uncomfortable and that’s something going on energetically. I never know what though! Schumans! Who knows?!
15:35:22 From Connie : Thanks Jill, always fun to be together! I will need to relisten to this one…so much reality shared! Love you and everyone else who participated!
15:37:07 From Frances: It seems to me that as humans we are all born into a collective trauma that creates so much distortion. Waking up to that feels uncomfortable, maybe like the abused wife finally acknowledging that her husband beating her isn’t a good thing. The waking up is painful but allows for a whole new way of living. I feel like I can be so much more present to myself if I stop pretending it is all lovely and that my despair is a perfectly ok thing to feel at times.
15:37:24 From Debbie : Thank you so much Jill. I can feel your love coming through the computer screen.
15:38:04 From Melinda : Thank you Jill. xoxo
15:40:51 From Leila : Thank you beautiful – looking radiant! XXX
15:45:48 From Renee : Ugh-missed it all. Setting up our camping site.

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