Openly Divine

Openly Divine

Openly Divine delivers a beautiful collection of divinely inspired quotations from Jill Renee Feeler combined with the stunning creations of Diane Lynn Hix, helping us further access thriving and unconditional love in our daily lives (72 pages, full color, paperback and eBook versions).

Jill Renee Feeler’s work is activating and life-changing, allowing us to see and know ourselves through the heart of God. Her approach offers us a sense of ourselves that allows us to know and to be unconditional love in every facet of our lives. Her approach to spirituality is rational, practical and intimately sourced in Source.

The book is much more than quotations and images assembled together; it is love-infused energy that assists you in interdimensionally aligning yourself further with God’s eternal, game-changing love.

Jill has been sharing her spiritual gifts since recognizing them herself in early 2009. Her approach to spirituality and energetic expansion is unlike any other, as she did not learn her approach nor her wisdom from humanity but rather through her own divine connection. Her approach, trust and deep faith in God offers us another way to know God, ourselves and each other.

The book’s quotes were created by Jill through her internal divine connection over many months. The quotations and images were consciously considered and gathered into this special collection of inspiration and support for others desiring personal connection with God and increased overall well-being in their lives.

The images are also of divine origin, created by Diane Lynn Hix through her original photography and her passion for mandalas. Diane’s images are also highly activating, initiating our inherent love and appreciation for love, beauty and balanced well-being. Diane and Jill have been pairing their work since they recognized each other in early 2011. They are delighted to offer this unique collection of their creations with you.

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