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We offer subscribers at least 2 live experiences each month, quite often 3-4.

Dive into whatever calls you ~ we are each unique in our interests and needs ~ or take it all in, your choice. Replays offer wonderful energy so no worries if attending live isn’t an option. Trust you ~ your light.

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Subscriber Replays

Get comfy for mind bending topics and feel good vibes in our video replays or grab the audio replay and listen on the go, while running errands, getting work done or even during exercise for fulfilling, high quality content to feed your mind, body and spirit. 

(shown in order of what happened most recently ~ feel free to proceed in any order you are led ~ replays can be filled with upgrades no matter when you experience it)

Metatron and our Theory of Everything offers a completely fresh view of this reality, its purpose and its nature that dispels dogma, religion and new age ideas of awakening.

A centering, letting go experience rich in wisdom and discernment.  Deep assistance for your agency and authenticity in this reality.

A very soft, gentle clearing and expansion is offered, helping you feel even more present, focused and effective in your life, in this world.

A connection experience honoring the amazing partnership we are with the layers of ourselves, including the many layers of the physical self.

A message from Archangel Gabriel to inform, expand and hopefully inform.

A connection experience honoring the wide spectrum of where all of us might be right now, and cheering on those who feel motivated and inspired. We also assist those who tend to hand over their authority to others, don't trust themselves and those who worry about others.

Topics include predictions about Covid-19, advice for singles, crop circles and some conversation with a colleague, Deirdre Catlin.

A connection experience to help you better trust yourself and all your future possibilities while making more room for unprecedented success in your life.

Many topics here - hoping you find at least a couple things that inspire, inform, expand and help you feel connected to your own transcendental layers.

A connection experience to help you more fully connect to your transcendent layers within self, bypass doubt and insecurities and clarify the opportunities in your life, expanding and/or improving what and who you are, here.

Exclusive JRF members experience in which members get to discuss their topics with Jill, present their questions and engage with each other ~ what results is dynamic and often deeply expansive information and sensations.

A connection experience to help you create a transcendent, accountable, likable, lovable iteration of you, with grace, a sense of humor, purpose and sufficient self-reflection. This is a JRF membership experience and if you aren't a member, here is just one more reason to become one.

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  1. Lori Loparo February 29, 2020 at 5:31 am - Reply

    Hey Jill. I loved your message! The beginning part about expressing new versions of our one is intriguing to me. I like to think that I am always being “authentic”, but to be honest, I temper my light depending upon the people with whom I am interacting. This makes me consider feeling more free to be me all the time. You asked about the monthly members content format preferences. Most of the time I listen to the recordings (audio, not video) as opposed to being there live and I still feel I get so much benefit from what you share. You are one of the few people with whom I completely resonate, so having you out there is extremely comforting to me. I am looking forward to hearing you on Beyond the Ordinary.

  2. Karen January 28, 2020 at 2:08 pm - Reply


  3. Cheryl November 16, 2019 at 6:23 am - Reply

    Jill: The Ask Me Anything special events are listed on the Monthly Members page, and I find some Monthly Membership Messages, but I’m not able to find the Monthly Membership Message for October in the archives nor the notification for the next Scheduled in November. Could you point me in the right direction . . . they are too powerful to miss! Thank you, cheryl

    • Jill Renee Feeler November 16, 2019 at 10:06 am - Reply

      Hi Cheryl :-) The October monthly message is right alongside the other archives in that section, and you can go straight to it here at https://jillreneefeeler.com/octmonthlymessage/ or from notice of event emails I’ve sent previously for the event. I hope that helps you find it :-) I promise I’m not trying to hide it from you :-) Scheduling upcoming events is on my list for this weekend, as are getting the Zion recordings to the Zion retreat participants. Sorry for the delay with this! Love and blessings, Jill

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