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Advanced, Dedicated Consciousness Resources via our Premium Portal

We offer the most advanced, liberating resources in consciousness, spirituality, ascension, humanity’s awakening, personal growth, enlightenment and transcendentalism to our JRF annual and monthly subscribers, with regular new content throughout the month and a library of breakthrough experiences to help you feel more personally connected to Source Creator, God consciousness, from the inside out. We turn most spiritual teachings on their heads, knowing them to be

Read more hidden textproblematic and creating endless loops for seekers to continuously feel stuck within. We liberate the light you Are, not through endless certifications and infinite new modalities but through offering experiences, transmissions, energy updates, mind-blowing revelations and heart-warming reminders that inform the brain, expand the heart and release tension in the body, reconnecting you to levels of wellness that are cosmically advanced and timelessly soulful. We don’t play games, going straight to the heart of the matter of divine consciousness with clarity, logic, reason, intelligence, healthy skepticism and blunt insights where needed. All for the purpose of supporting, inspiring and nurturing the divine energy the wholeness of love that we each are as souls, resurrected within our humanness.

Our subscribers include those new to spirituality, devotees of personal growth and expansion, spiritual seekers who felt stuck by the endless loops of clearing and chasing their soulfulness, spiritual teachers, consciousness explorers, mental health professionals, healers, those who love to help others, coaches, wellness experts, growth junkies and leaders of all types, dedicated to make this world a better place, starting with themselves.

In our work and in our premium portal, you won’t find how to channel, how to be psychic, how to talk to your guides, how to heal, how to get rich, how to create a profitable spiritual business, how to manifest the life of my dreams, how to find my soulmate… because those in our view are traps, consistently ensnaring spiritual seekers, promising things that should never be promised in a world that comes with no such guarantees.  We know such “how to” courses are notoriously popular and oh so attractive. We also notice that seekers say yes to such courses, over and over and over again. That is a sign, yes?  A sign that they are easy to sell, easy to say yes to, easy profits for the sellers of such offers, but given that it just leads to another “how to”, how much satisfaction, wholeness is it actually delivering?  Given the thousands of clients we meet with and audience members, such investments perpetuate the feelings of lack… that are a normal part of being human. Wholeness is not obtained from a series of how to classes and a list of healing certifications. Wholeness is best obtained by accessing the layers of wholeness that are already within you, that most of us knew as children. We start there, in our private sessions, in our show, in our courses and we continuously support these layers, this inherent transcendentalism in our subscription content. We know how this world regularly makes us feel incomplete, un-whole, lacking purpose and a sense of failure.  We love to explain this reality, how it works, why it works this way and how we can better operate ourselves within this world, for our own sense of purpose, clarity, self-guidance, self-love and heightened awareness of God and its true nature and our world and its true nature. Clarity, peace, growth, inspired creation and divine purpose is perpetuated here, on a consistent schedule for our subscribers. I’d love to see you at the next subscriber event!

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Upcoming Subscriber Events

We offer subscribers at least 2 live experiences each month, quite often 3-4. All events are recorded ~ replays of every event then available in lower section “Subscriber Replays”

Dive into whatever calls you ~ we are each unique in our interests and needs ~ or take it all in, your choice. Replays offer wonderful energy so no worries if attending live isn’t an option. Trust you ~ your light.

(shown in order of event occurring)

Subscriber Replays

Get comfy for mind bending topics and feel good vibes in our video replays or grab the audio replay and listen on the go, while running errands, getting work done or even during exercise for fulfilling, high quality content to feed your mind, body and spirit. 

(shown in order of what happened most recently ~ feel free to proceed in any order you are led ~ replays can be filled with upgrades no matter when you experience it)

Offering fresh perspective on beliefs, how we interact with the beliefs we hold true, and how new or updated beliefs are inserted into this reality.

A JRF subscriber event, part of our exclusive content, in which subscribers can ask whatever questions they would like to help us all better understand humanity, this world and even current events. Subscriber questions determine topics covered.

How to face adversity, increase discernment and keep your light in tact in this reality.

Ideal for anyone that is building a business to handle the growing number of humans that we've been told are awakening on the planet right now.

What unfolded, from one question, led to a fascinating, expansive conversation about what we would offer is 21st century Spirituality and Consciousness that very much undoes a litany of other belief structures and paradigms that get in the way of the creator energy we each are in this world, and beyond this world.

Main topic of this message addresses the important effects of our beliefs on our energy and lives and also in the afterlife, offering an upgraded belief structure that connects you closer to God.

Offering Unique, Perhaps Surprising Tools and Strategies for Singles Finding Love, those who support Singles and those who desire healthier, more satisfying relationships

A brief 17 minute connection experience, meditation for personally feeling and sensing Source Creator

Various topics led by you, to inform, inspire, heal and expand. This is a JRF subscriber experience, which I sense you will deeply appreciate and find incredibly valuable in living the light you are.

Metatron and the team assist us in Creating the inner harmony, joyful resilience and divine Creator structures needed for a well deserved fresh start to 2021.

New insights into why we desire what isn't good for us, and how to win the fight.  Whether you are gearing up for your New Year's Resolutions are desiring real answers to why cravings, addictions and weight loss seem so damned mysterious and almost impossible to conquer, this one is for you.

A one of a kind December Solstice experience ~ our teams offered something very special for us. Hope ~ Healing ~ Inspiration.

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  1. Lori Loparo February 29, 2020 at 5:31 am - Reply

    Hey Jill. I loved your message! The beginning part about expressing new versions of our one is intriguing to me. I like to think that I am always being “authentic”, but to be honest, I temper my light depending upon the people with whom I am interacting. This makes me consider feeling more free to be me all the time. You asked about the monthly members content format preferences. Most of the time I listen to the recordings (audio, not video) as opposed to being there live and I still feel I get so much benefit from what you share. You are one of the few people with whom I completely resonate, so having you out there is extremely comforting to me. I am looking forward to hearing you on Beyond the Ordinary.

  2. Karen January 28, 2020 at 2:08 pm - Reply


  3. Cheryl November 16, 2019 at 6:23 am - Reply

    Jill: The Ask Me Anything special events are listed on the Monthly Members page, and I find some Monthly Membership Messages, but I’m not able to find the Monthly Membership Message for October in the archives nor the notification for the next Scheduled in November. Could you point me in the right direction . . . they are too powerful to miss! Thank you, cheryl

    • Jill Renee Feeler November 16, 2019 at 10:06 am - Reply

      Hi Cheryl :-) The October monthly message is right alongside the other archives in that section, and you can go straight to it here at or from notice of event emails I’ve sent previously for the event. I hope that helps you find it :-) I promise I’m not trying to hide it from you :-) Scheduling upcoming events is on my list for this weekend, as are getting the Zion recordings to the Zion retreat participants. Sorry for the delay with this! Love and blessings, Jill

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