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March Equinox Message

Covid19 Information, Inspiration and Compassion

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A very calming, inspiring and centering message amid the Covid-19 crisis/experience. Part 1 of the message is to inspire and activate all of us as leaders of light and healers and part 2 of message is for anyone feeling panicked or challenged by the pandemic and its effects. The team invites you to not fear or judge fear. Fear is not the opposite of love…  Fear is not something lower vibe beings experience. Fear, illness, viruses effect even the highest vibe beings. Specifics and predictions about the pandemic were also offered. The live participants shared some of their own research, views, recommended experts as well.

Event is now complete – replay is now available – I can’t wait for you to experience it!

Some initial reviews of this March Equinox experience:

“Much love to you Jill and Teams – that was a great Equinox message – lots to love; ending with that special line – – to co-create the world we pray for. Brilliant.- K.”

“Love you Jill and thank you for a measure of calm, M.”

“Very grateful to be part of this tribe. So much Love to and for all. – J.”

“Thanks, Jill!! This has been so inspiring and wonderfully healing for me. – L.”

“Just what I needed today, Jill, thanks so much! – P.”

“Thank-you Jill!!!! Changed so much for me !!!! – M.”

“Thank you Jill and everyone! great call! – R.”

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