Covid-19 Check In March 17: Does One’s Energetic Vibration Keep us Healthy from Viruses?

Sending my love to everyOne! How are you doing (feel free to comment in the comment section at bottom!)

For me it is feeling good to stay positive, stay informed, and try to keep things as normal as possible in very abnormal times.

Do you believe that staying in a high vibration allows you immunity from viruses such as Covid-19? Do you believe that someone that comes down with Covid-19 could have avoided it, if they were just at the right/higher vibrational frequency? What about Cancer? Shingles? A common cold virus?

I’ve felt into this on many occasions, particularly when I had Shingles (on my face) a few years ago.  I considered with an open heart, alongside my team, if there was a lesson I needed to learn, if there was something I could’ve done to avoid the Shingles, if God was trying to teach me a lesson.  All I felt was God’s compassion and grace, to help me through a very painful experience. I let myself receive this love, this grace, this mercy to help me through the very painful process of Shingles. It had a life of its own, and I was its host. It didn’t matter at the time that I possibly could have avoided it. It didn’t matter that I had gotten far too involved in some stressful situations of a sibling and her pending divorce. It didn’t matter that I had tried to be too much for too many people.  All that mattered is that I was sick with Shingles, needed to take care of myself and needed to make sure my family was taken care of.

For those here that are working beautifully with a truth that positivity and specific energetic practices can and does keep you healthy, cheers to you! I definitely don’t want to get in the way of anything that is working well.

For the others here that may feel like you have tried and done all the right things, and you do get sick or have gotten illnesses or even cancer and wondered if you did something wrong; what if you didn’t do anything wrong? What if you don’t deserve the illness or unfortunate event?  What if it wasn’t to teach you a lesson?  What if your Higher Self didn’t arrange it for you, so that you could then have the experience?  What if it just… happened?  What if that virus or that cancer was more randomly picking you, and not feeling like your amazing light and love could get in its way? What if illness and unfortunate experiences can just happen, no matter who it is or what their vibrational frequency?

From my experiences, my client work and my connection I don’t believe that one’s energetic vibration can make them immune from viruses, illness or misfortune. Similarly, our light levels and vibrational frequency are also not an automatic creation formula for joy, well being, wealth and a peace-filled life.

I know far too many amazingly light-based people that have experienced illness and disease that others say they could have avoided… if they were just at a high enough vibration.

I don’t see energy actually working like that and I don’t see this reality following rules like these.  If it did, a group like this would never get sick, and may even never die, living infinitely in a bliss filled state within a perpetually healthy human body…

Because you, beautiful being are so incredibly light-based that I can feel you shining from here.

And that is true, whether you have the wealth you desire or not, whether you never get sick or do sometimes get sick, whether you have healthy and happy relationships or not, whether you are thinking positively or not.

Does positive thinking help us stay well and happy and healthy? Yes! It does help and can make for a huge improvement in one’s life. It is definitely more healthy to be positive, rather than negative. But being positive doesn’t always have the outcomes we think it will. Not on Earth. This reality is far more complex and far more random than being a simple outcome of our individual thoughts and desires.

Therefore, being positive and at certain vibrational frequency ranges, unfortunately, doesn’t mean we are immune from the various and sometimes unpleasantness of being humans, even things like Covid-19.

Earth experiences can often feel like toddlers running with scissors. In this case, covid-19 is the toddler with the scissors.

I hope this is helpful. I want you to be able to fully receive all the love, grace, comfort and compassion that God has for you, no matter what you are facing in your life.

Do what you can. Be there for yourself and others as you can. Receive the love and grace that we are each offered, given the chaotic and random nature of many experiences that happen here.

Offered with love,