Restoring Suppressed Wisdom and Soulful Authority

Message and meditation for reassembling any layers of you that allow you to be more confident, whole, wise and self-assured.

Have you experienced an authority figure wanting you to feel less than confident?  Has a spiritual leader seemed threatened by your confidence, your wisdom?  Did your parents or other family members regularly put you in your place, behind them?  These experiences can lead to more confident, naturally wise layers feeling suppressed, or even forgotten.

It seems to be pretty common to have forgotten or even lost layers of personal authority and inner wisdom. For my Jill, it was mainly my older sisters that seemed to enjoy making me feel less than confident or even insecure in myself, afraid to be wrong, not trusting myself. But at some point another range of me seemed to say “But I do have reasons to feel and be confident in this reality. I want to also include those layers in my me.”  That prompted a journey of allowing, expansion and reimagining who and what I am, beyond my role as the youngest child in family of five.

That process probably would have been easier, and quicker, had I had a message and meditation like this one!  In this message and beginning meditation you are invited on a journey of reassembling any layers of you that allow you to be more confident, whole, wise and self-assured. You will also perhaps have fresh eyes to observe those in authority positions who consciously or unconsciously diminish others self-confidence and inner wisdom. We will also leave this experience feeling deeper appreciation for those inevitable moments when we can feel unclear, or uncertain, which is a condition of this reality and not to be viewed with condemnation. I hope this message also helps us add some God-ly humility to our human experience, as an attribute.

Goddess Isis was the primary source this message. Her explanation of how she envisioned and led the mystery schools of Egypt may be inspiring for anyone here who leads and supports others in accessing and being their soulful range in human form. 

Anyone interested in consciousness, philosophy, metaphysics, science, spirituality and mind-bending meditation is sure to love this experience. . In some monthly experiences we are led to provide unique, inspired insights into current events.  Some of these types of messages include prophetic trends, in which case we also provide strategies and recommendations to best experience the upcoming cycle.

I don’t prepare in advance for the monthly messages, instead letting the inspired flow develop as I am sharing live.  The premium subscriber experience is shared live each month, recorded and posted to this same link, typically within the same day.

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