A Very Revealing Solstice Message

A truth session as well as a deep activation to strengthen you in the light you are.

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Comment Section from live event:

16:42:32 From Amanda : I really only want the TRUTH! if not truth then I end up chasing my tail 😩
16:47:51 From Jean: not giving our attention to it?
16:48:55 From Pat : from Pat, yes I don’t give my energy to this low level energies, send it love
16:49:55 From Melissa B : what interest do outside forces have in our simulation, our reality, and why do they have access to interfere?
16:51:55 From Jean: isn’t sending it our Love, giving something our attention?
16:53:24 From Jean: staying Neutral, and focusing on what is joyful seems what is needed..and yet, it can feel like we are being neglectful.
17:00:38 From Jean: Right, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.
17:13:33 From Amanda : I really needed to hear this message now! I have been angry and getting bitter about the way this virus is being handled ~destroying economies~ devastating lives!
17:37:06 From Jean: so helpful..thank you, beautiful Jill – XOXO
17:38:55 From Amanda : Happy Solstice and Solar Eclipse everyone!
17:39:12 From Amanda : ❤️❤️❤️
17:39:36 From Pat : From Pat, Each day is a new experience, walk in joy, love, compassion, and trust, breathing into my heart space helps also
17:40:26 From Jean: yes, so lovely, Pat
17:43:03 From mary : Love to everyone…be your glorious one! Happy solstice.
17:43:38 From Patti : I am grateful for my simple pleasures…..keeps me distracted from the craziness.
17:46:19 From Cheryl : Thank you, THIS is why I tune into you . . . so grateful for your voice of truth on earth – your team’s intent and openness is refreshing. c
17:46:27 From Eileen: Stopped posting/viewing social media a few weeks ago and disabled my news alerts. I’ve been using the time to take care of myself and get out in nature. It made me realize how much time was wasting scrolling through the channels. My nervous system is grateful.
17:46:38 From Connie: Wetiko is having a ball! 🥳 so great to bolster our foundation!!
17:50:48 From Jean: Need to go…so much Love.
17:51:02 From Amanda : I know what you have said before BUT are you sure
17:51:49 From Alicia: Since I got disabled from Facebook due to my posting interviews with doctors that narrative was different from the narrative of Facebook, I have been off social media. All the information felt slimy and like mental programing. I have been at peace listening to my inner silence. I haven’t been able to listen to all but will when you post replay. This is the time to cultivate the art of critical thinking. I am grateful everyday for my nursing background to sift through all the information. Thanks Jill!
17:53:39 From Amanda : this wasn’t created by the Wetiko-like energy? sounds like something they would love to add to simulation especially knowing the media can manipulate it into whatever it wants it to be.
17:54:27 From Amanda : above- I was talking about the coronavirus
17:57:39 From Tom: So many layers of meaning in today’s session…will be worth playing the entire replay. thanks for persevering thru the throat interference Jill 💜
17:59:22 From melissa : Lots of love, thank you for the support always
17:59:52 From Connie: love to all!! great job Jill ♥️♥️♥️
18:00:03 From Patti : Thank you so much, Jill! So eye-opening!
18:00:42 From Julie : Love to All!! This was frickin awesome Jill. Thank you so much. Huge hugs