Human Trafficking Awareness

A collection of information and resources I hope will assist in a) raising awareness, b) prevention, c) healing and d) supporting its victims to get out and to move forward in their lives.

In March 2019 I felt led to dive into the topic of human trafficking, wanting to learn about how the victims become caught in that experience and unable to get out.  It is now July 2020 and I realize I never posted the resources that helped me better understand the situation.  And now we have the Epstein case that is bringing the topic more to light.  And, sadly, I don’t imagine human trafficking going away anytime soon.

I don’t know exactly why I am led to post this, but I’ve learned to trust.  I am not certain who this may help but if it helps anyone, on any side of the experience, I’m going to try to help. Some of my regular audience may know more about this issue than I do in which case you find nothing new to you. I’m intentionally not going into un-centering or conspiratorial layers as I find they can often disconnect us from the layers need to address the actual problems.

You are loved.  You matter.  And there is always a way forward, especially with God’s grace. 

This collection of videos and articles is offered with love and positive intentions for all who may come across it. It is not portrayed in any intentional order – please click on whatever you are drawn towards. As an empath I have not posted videos with graphic accounts, which can be highly upsetting and de-centering (albeit very real for those directly involved, who lived it).

My own message:

To parents of a child that is missing, or has runaway: please don’t give up.  If the authorities in your area are not helpful, you may find private, charitable groups as an additional resource, like this mother did in this video.  Also, an intuitive may be helpful, again not as a replacement to working with authorities but in addition to working with the authorities. I don’t specialize in this area, but some intuitives do.

To a young person considering running away: please get help where you can from where you are.  If you are seriously considering running away from home you probably have some trouble in your home life.  I’m so sorry.  Everyone, including you, deserves a healthy, safe place to live and grow up.  It isn’t fair that you don’t have that.  Who comes to mind that can help you?  Maybe it is a teacher you trust, including a former teacher, a counselor, a church leader, a doctor or nurse, a counselor, a police officer, a neighbor, a friend’s parent?  They may say they can’t help but you are worth it to try, and try again if needed, and ask, ok?  Please try ways of getting help without running away.  Running away puts you more at risk of getting help from those with bad intentions, that will say they care about you but they do not and then you might find yourself in a horrible situation you cannot get out of.  Finding friends online (men or women) that say they can help you, and promise you a good life, and encourage to leave what you have and seek shelter with them, may be lying to you, although they are manipulative enough to tell you anything, everything, you want to hear.  It is confusing to know who can help you and who is tricking you. That is why trying to get help from a teacher you know or someone else from the list before is a better place to start than a stranger you met online.

If you are a young person or young adult who has run away, trusted the wrong people and doesn’t know how to get out of a horrible situation:  You maybe are ashamed and feeling like your parents won’t understand or that you they don’t want you anymore.  What if that isn’t true?  What if they have missed you every day you’ve been gone and are praying you will reach out to them, praying you are safe and alive?  If you have been trapped by someone who wouldn’t let you leave, they have lied to you so much that they have turned you away from those who actually love you.  Loved ones always want you back!  If you can’t reach out to a loved one, please reach out to the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or text BeFree with the simple words “help”.  As a parent myself, there is nothing, absolutely nothing my child could ever do that would make me not want to help them if they needed me, ok?  God’s grace is endless.  All can be forgiven, by just accepting it.  Someone may have done something to you that is horrible, and wrong and that doesn’t make you horrible, ok?  Get help. Call for help.  I hope you get the help you deserve to get you into a safe, loving, healthy environment.  I’m praying for you and your safety, right now. 

If you suspect that someone is being held against their will:  please call your local authorities, even if you have no evidence and are just concerned.  It is better to call and check than to not call.  A life may be at stake. 

If you been in any way involved with tempting someone into a bad situation or involved in any way in keeping someone in a bad situation: please, please turn yourself into the authorities.  Not turning yourself into authorities could make a bad situation become worse and worse. You can’t change what you did but you can stop doing it going forward, starting right now.  Evil/unGodly actions are like a spell that takes us over. The influence of drugs and alcohol as well as mental illness can make us even more susceptible to evil/unGodly actions.  Claim your clarity, turn yourself in, stop harming others and then hopefully get yourself the help you need as well.

For anyone trying to wrap their heads around how humans can act like monsters, I highly recommend the Outwitting Wetiko series.  It was a course I never wanted to do but I’m glad I did as it helps us understand the darker side of humanity.  This doesn’t make it go away. But it does help us more clearly face energetic forces that are not for the betterment of humanity and not for the honoring of life as a gift, and is willing to do and say things that are utterly against the nature and love of God. 

Avoiding being Kidnapped by Trafficker

They are all youtubers, all most likely in their 20’s and for those that don’t know anyone like that, there are a lot ramblings, a lot of drama and a lot “like”s but it feels relevant, authentic and real nonetheless.

Human Trafficking Caught on Camera – Do’s & Don’ts In That Situation

Was I almost a victim of human trafficking or a coincidence? *signs*

College Student Almost Human Trafficked in Disneyland

(tip: start at ~5:13 minute mark, just past the youtuber’s less pertinent horrible roommate story)

I was almost sex trafficked in NYC.. (Story Time, Warning Signs, What Happened)

(this one is really long but the suspicious event happened over 5 hours and for the potential victim didn’t feel that suspicious – comments are helpful confirmation of just how often this happens)

Other key points of prevention for when it isn’t kidnapping/abduction: 1) abusers/traffickers will lure victims with whatever they can to entice victims to go with them (money, a job, compliments, attention, education, travel, romance, a warm bed to sleep in, drugs, friendship), 2) an actual nice person doesn’t have strings attached (sex, a massage, etc.), 3) boyfriends/spouses don’t ask you to sleep with other people (for free, drugs or for money).

Rescue Stories

USA Postal Service Worker Saves Teenage Girl From Sex Trafficking

(I think the young woman also deserves more credit than provided in this news piece for her own heroics, but it is still a wonderful and encouraging story)

Hero Flight Attendant Saves Girl From Human Trafficking

Child Predator Targets Young Girl He Meets Online | What Would You Do? | WWYD

(luckily these are just fictional instances but others reactions may help you choose what you would do if it were real, you were right there and you could potentially help)

My story: Sex trafficking

For anyone that is not sure why victims don’t just get help, reach out, or go to police, what you may not appreciate is how successfully perpetrators make victims feel guilty, shameful, dirty, tainted.  This horrible double victimization prevents many victims from coming forward to authorities or loved ones.  It is a tragic situation on so many levels.  Those who specialize in trauma and healing can hopefully help victims move forward in their lives.

Learn to Spot Signs of Human Trafficking

Learn the signs of human trafficking

How to spot potential human trafficking victims

How to spot human trafficking | Kanani Titchen | TEDxGeorgeSchool

Charities that help to Assist and Rescue Victims of Trafficking

National Human Trafficking Hotline



Text Help or Info to BeFree (233733)

Operation Underground Railroad


How Traffickers and Abusers Select Their Victims

Seattle Special Agent Describes David Delay Sex Trafficking Case

Seattle Detective Describes Sex Trafficker David Delay’s Methods

Seattle Sex Trafficking Survivor Shares Her Story

5 Common Traps of Human Traffickers

Victim of Underage Human Trafficking Speaks Out

Other News Reports and Coverage on this important Topic

 Mother Seeks out Ex-Navy Seals group to help find her daughter (success!).  Police couldn’t help because her daughter was classified as a runaway.  This is common and presents a huge challenge for parents trying to find and rescue their children.

Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US

(runaways are regularly sought out by traffickers)

Noy Thrupkaew: Human trafficking is all around you. This is how it works