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Introducing_ Weekly Podcasts

A live 30-60 minute weekly event offered free to the planet, for sharing the latest in authentic ascension resources. Archives are available for each call.

Welcome to this episode! Event was shared live on July 19. Replay is now available.


Peeps, we don’t need to shield ourselves from the news and media in order to be divine light in this reality. After all, it’s easy to stay calm when one doesn’t know the turmoil going on in the world. It takes authentic mastery to Be Light, to Be Love while knowing and being aware and savvy about what is going on, what is REALLY going in the world. I’m pretty sure we didn’t incarnate to pretend we weren’t human, to pretend the nonsense here isn’t taking place. We are creating an authentic path forward, cutting right through the pure BS in this world, with our pure Light. YES!

(And for those who prefer to not know what is going on – hugs and honor to you as well!)

Jill (likes to keep it light And real)

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