April was a very powerful series of expansion. It was coupled with various opportunities to experience our newly expanded state amidst continuing Separation Age events. All of this allows us to create New Endings to old drama.

Did it suck you in? Did it help you realize the broader responses rooted in love you can now access more easily?

So many choices we now have. This is evidence of the releasing polarity in our personal journeys. This is occurring regardless of mass consciousness choosing the same or not.

New endings are an internal experience, related to how you to choose to run energy within your personal energy field.

Not all feel this as personally and tangibly as we do. The more we can accept this… and expect this, the more easily we can embrace our unique soul signature, while honoring others as well.

April’s power and intensity has been followed up by a much more stabilized light grid in May. Because we did choose New Endings, we stabilized our light-based energy patterns. This allows us to more readily know and Be our Light. Can you feel it, too?

Power in Light, beyond might 😉 Choosing Love, beyond fear. It isn’t either/or but spectrums of experiencing our Selves. Bringing on line a New Age; a Platinum Age.

Namaste, love and blessings,