In this month’s gifted webinar, we explore Divine Technology, what it is and how it is put use in Ascension and upliftment cycles like the one underway on Earth at this time. An expansion of our mastery.

We also discuss experiences where it feels like another consciousness has taken over… a “takeover” and whether this is acceptable to you. Please note takeovers don’t have to be negative. When we fully claim our inherent sovereignty as light in human form, the choice is ours. This is a personal decision. If ascension meant handing over authority of my life to another force felt to be outside my soul signature, my answer would be a resounding No, or even Hell No. Making room for expanding consciousness of your light body is not the same as an energetic presence indicating we need to step aside for them to step in and take over. I have opinions about this, but they are mine. Please consider your own value system and what ascension means, what expansion means and what light in form means to you. Even the ego need not step aside, as in being thrown out, for it simply needs a new role with the ascending human. Nothing needs to be thrown out to be the Light you Are (eternally) represented in human expression (you).

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