Gaia, the consciousness of planet Earth shares how she feels the Ascension process is proceeding, how she is be-ing, and many other insights that help us better understand what she experiences as a planetary consciousness hosting each of us sharing this experience of life with her. She also answers how we can assist her. This is a unique perspective of Gaia, rooted in the New Energies and higher vibrational perspective that All is Well, All the “Time” (this perspective is very rare at this point in our Ascension and can be challenging for many beings’ consciousness to fathom). It is because of this unique perspective that it felt important to share her message. We noticed Sandy’s questions are difficult to hear with the sound mic Jill wore during this live taping of Please adjust your volume as needed. Also, we can edit it to include a text box with the questions if needed, please leave comments if that would be helpful. Enjoy and, as always, discern for yourself what feels true for you.