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Mind-benders and consciousness breakthroughs are available here.

Our messages have been a haven for those interested in ascension, awakening, and unique cosmological theory since 2010.  Members often report feeling incredibly relaxed with these experiences. Others feel inspired, informed, and centered in layers of themselves that they didn’t know they had.

Anyone interested in consciousness, philosophy, metaphysics, science, spirituality, or meditation is sure to love this experience. In some monthly experiences, we are led to provide unique, inspired insights into current events.  Some of these types of messages include prophetic trends, in which case we also provide strategies and recommendations to best experience the upcoming cycle.

I don’t prepare in advance for the monthly messages, instead of letting the inspired flow develop as I am sharing live.  Each month the experience is shared live, recorded, and posted to this same link, typically within the same day. I will also email active premium subscribers the recording.

For those who want to participate live, please note there will not be an email reminder. I do recommend you add the item to your personal calendar with the zoom link if you’d like to join live.

When: Sunday, May 1 at 8 am Pacific/11 am Eastern/16:00 London


Why Become a JRF Subscriber?

~ Accessible Enlightenment

Subscribers receive exclusive, leading-edge content, tools, resources, and divinely designed resources for creating your life purpose and your best you, with the infinite light, the original love, the timeless strength, that you are, and can access more of, right now.

no caves nor hallucinogenics are required

We offer a practical approach to transcendence in this reality, supporting your personal transcendental layers, that you may not be fully accessing,

  1. No need to hear your team, “channel” or become psychic
  2. Without needing to save/ascend the world
  3. No need to dedicate your life to spiritual or enlightened pursuits.

We start with transcendent energy. You are, eternally, beyond spacetime. Assist you in incorporating those frequencies, wisdom, and these insights into your life as it is right now. We don’t ask this world to be anything other than exactly what it is. Which would be fantasy unstable and impractical. Requires a tremendous amount of energy to maintain/pretend. We stay real, while also being utterly expansive and supernatural. Because this reality is tough, weird, and full of surprises.

Be fully prepared (finally) for a sense of wholeness, wellness and living transcendence most humans are still waiting for or forgot was possible.

  • For just $14 USD per month, you can begin our renewing monthly subscription (cancel anytime). Access all live events for that month plus the full library of replays and our 24/7 online community server! Dive into whatever you feel called towards, or take it all in, your choice.
  • Save $24 USD with our full-year subscription in one convenient payment of $144 USD. Access all live events for a complete year at smart savings. Wander into whatever live events feel interesting to you, or join us for all of them if your schedule allows ~ your choice. Plus you have a year of access to the complete library of replays – soulful experiences and great use of time. Get comfy for mind-bending topics and feel-good vibes in our video replays or grab the audio replay and listen on the go, while running errands, getting work done, or even during exercise for fulfilling, high-quality content to feed your mind, body, and spirit.  And you’ll have access to our 24/7 online community server!
  • Only want the replays? Perfect! Our Roku and FireTv channels offer all subscriber content video replays for just $9.99 USD per month.