Strategies for Staying Calm Amidst Disagreement

We can all feel agitated and tense when we are in any form of not seeing things the same way. This member content provides ten informative, strategic actions for liking yourself and being your best during a disagreement. (There are at least two you hadn’t thought of ~ I promise!)

I use these strategies regularly in my own life as well as the advice that comes up in my client work. Sometimes I forget and get deep into an unproductive disagreement, wondering how I got there. It can happen quick! But having a way out of those prickly layers, into the more aware, effective, stable versions of myself is always available, when we remember all the choices we have, in what and who we are.

Disagreements are a part of this reality and the unique individuality we each have. The goal to me isn’t always about reaching agreement but it is always about being a version of me that a) I like/prefer/choose and b) that is providing my own representation of love, compassion, wisdom, and grace, in my best moments anyway.

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