Deeper Conversations on Race

In the USA in particular it seems society is being pulled apart at the seams, stemming initially in this recent swell with the murder by a police officer of George Floyd.  We are now in the midst of an apparent redefining of racism which infers that anyone that is not black is therefore racist.

This is troubling, especially if one is questioning the accuracy of such a prejudicial and nonfactual, harmful conclusion.

Where can we go from here? This collection of deeper conversations of race may help people of all shades of humanity center into their true nature, and their best layers of self, for the betterment of the human race.

There is a lot here, intentionally from various sides of this extremely important topic. It isn’t offered in any particular order ~ please experience what you are led towards.  I hope you enjoy these materials. They have helped me better understand the topic of race, beyond the sound bites and the very narrowly contained views that are often presented in media. 

Black Intellectual Roundtable

(note: sometimes, to me, Bret Weinstein is annoyingly self-important and he regularly feels to me like that type of person that has little interest in what others are saying ~ most interested in sharing their own points)

Sam Harris: Can We Pull Back From The Brink?

Historian: Woke Politics Destroying US History & Academia | Niall Ferguson


Candace Owens: “I do not support George Floyd & Here’s Why”

(Caution: This one is triggering for some, please only proceed if you can stay in your heart.  Listening to another, does not mean agreement.  I don’t agree with Candace on many issues but am sharing because she presents a different side of a very multilayered issue that helps expand the conversation in ways you may not have heard.  Can someone be a victim of murder but not an angel in all of their humanity?  I would offer, of course.) 


Real Racism, Trump, Fake News, and More | Larry Elder

Conservatives, Black Lives Matter, Racism | Larry Elder

Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody 

Evergreen State College Racism Controversy | Bret Weinstein

Matt Taibbi DISMANTLES woke corporate race book ‘White Fragility’ 

The MOST IMPORTANT Conversation Of 2020 – Black History Panel (Full Version)

Opinion | Black Lives Matter won’t work until black lives matter to blacks

Why We Never Talk About Black-on-Black Crime: An Answer to White America’s Most Pressing Question