Creating a life that matters (to you)

Some helpful, grounded words to inspire agency within us all.

We create our own lives, by what we are, what we share, what we do. 

That can be anything. 

We each get to decide.

That doesn’t mean that what we care about is pretending. 

That means that what we care about doesn’t have to be… what we care about.  We each get to decide ~ what we care about ~ what matters. 

We choose based on many variables, all of them, variable.

And there are many, many influences and influencers in the world that are sure they know, what you should care about, life for, or even die for.

We are going to be quite blunt here, for the purpose of offering more clarity about how this reality works and how easily we can get caught in some unconscious games, that can feel really, really important. 

I observe many who are trying to find a life, or a purpose, for themselves, as if it exists already, outside of themselves, laid out for them by some higher power.  If they are unhappy or if things they care about in the world aren’t getting done, then they may push harder.  When another choice is to let it go…

In our lives it is easy to end up in patterns where we decide our life is a certain thing (example life purpose statements are: I am here to heal ancestral trauma, or maybe I am here to wake humanity up, possibly I am here to raise the vibration of Earth, or even I am here to save Gaia, and I am here to learn lessons, or I am here for my children). 

What is your story? 

What if that isn’t … why you are   here? 

What if you are just acting like that is why you are here? 

What if it is something else? 

I had a life before I had children and it was real and whole and complete. 

Ancestral trauma can be re-framed such that it isn’t even about you, so why make it so personal that you make it your life purpose?  And doesn’t making it your life purpose make it even more difficult to let go/move beyond/heal? 

Humanity doing anything together is very unlikely, including “waking up.” 

What if the vibration of Earth is a collection of vibrations of each life form and the supposedly higher vibrations are not any more powerful than the lower vibrations, making a goal of raising the vibration of Earth into a job of managing everything on it?  Impossible, yes? Especially since each of us can only operate/control ourselves. Also, I like to keep in mind that Jesus wasn’t able to do it, and the Earth all these years later is, well, this.  If Jesus couldn’t do it then I’d rather not try to act like I can. 

What if Gaia is flattered that you feel like are here to save her, but actually she is just fine and able to manage any of her ailments far better than we can?  That would be like a tiny mosquito bite on you thinking it can save your whole human from eventual death.  But it sure feels special and important, doesn’t it?

What if your infinite self is already whole and complete, perpetually ascended, not needing any lessons and therefore not here for the purpose of learning lessons?  We can learn and some do learn new things but that doesn’t mean we came here for that purpose.

So here is my question:  What do you want to be here for? 

And why shouldn’t you get to choose this, for yourself? 

Those who are active in new age and consciousness activities are often guided that they are not in charge of themselves and cannot make such important decisions. Such matters are up to a higher power, that only certain individuals have access to. 

Does that feel ok to you, now, upon further reflection?

Why should anyone have more power… of what you decide are here for… than you?  What if you are not only the best person for that job, but really the only person for that job, of deciding, choosing your purpose?  And, thankfully, it never had to be one big, grand thing.

You do get to decide.  You even get to decide that someone else gets to decide.  And you can decide that you get to decide, from now on. 

Do you want to earn your own living, or partner with another to help with that big job?

Do you want to have children or not have children?  For those with children, are you deciding to acknowledge that they are also themselves, just like you are a distinct and separate being from your own parents?  How will/does that affect your parenting of these individual beings, who in many ways are making their own life, their own purpose, their own person?

What career/source of income/ways of taking care of your material needs do you want, at least for now, and what criteria do you have for selecting a career?  Are you ok if it isn’t your life purpose if it pays the bills, and gives you free time for your passions and hobbies (which the world may not be inclined to pay you for)?  I mean my singing is super fun for me and I love it, but I wouldn’t ask the world to pay me for it.

Are you going to decide that earning a living is low vibe or is it a relevant part of being a responsible adult? 

Are you going to live by the ocean and can you afford to do so? Or, will you choose something that maybe isn’t paradise but you can pay the bills and making a home can be accomplished wherever you are, a personal space to call home, wherever that may be.

Are you going to prioritize your own health and nutrition, making that another job you have for your own best life?

What will you do? What will you be?  What will you offer?  Who and what are you?  We each get to decide, every day. 

If you like how things are going then you’ll probably want to continue on, as you must have a rhythm that you’ve created that works for you. 

If you are feeling unsatisfied, what do you want to change first and try next?  What might you want to let go of?  Any outdated ideas in there that aren’t serving you? 

Life is very much a creation. 


are a living creation.  And you matter, no matter what you do.

With love,


A visionary in cosmology, consciousness and spirituality, Jill’s game changing lectures shatter outdated paradigms, with wisdom, humor, compassion and courage.

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