Happy to have this option for a balanced energy exchange through a monthly membership feature. I’d love to have You in my monthly membership, honored actually. Sign up at https://jillreneefeeler.com/inspirationpostjrf/ . And, thank you for your support of my work and what I offer here on Earth. I appreciate you, and what we are doing here, together, in this reality. Thank you!!!

Member Post: We Aren’t Returning to Source, We Never Left Source… part 1

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It is common to hear/believe that we are returning to Source, like returning to your residence after a trip. Earth can be a trip :-) But we didn't leave our residence, in Source.

Monthly Members Lunar Eclipse/Super Moon Message from the Team

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Empowering message with some Huge Truth Bombs, all for liberating our Eternal Light of God in our lives and in this reality.

Inspiration post JRF

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The all that is includes here. Your eternal self includes you. Eternity includes now. You are [more]

Dec Solstice Special Message

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A Special December Solstice message from our teams for the Bringers of Light on Earth. Eternal light, love and wisdom, brought here.