Q&A #26 for Premium Subscribers with Jill

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Experience your soulful layers as if they are a natural part of you and your life in this inspired online event with Jill. Jill is paving the way for living transcendence without the culty, new-age, elitist dogma of "outside in" spirituality. Because it isn't our job to awaken others and everyone is not going to awaken anyway. Awaken yourself to the light you are ~ infinitely and now

Monthly Q & A Call | Jill Renee Feeler subscriber event

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What unfolded, from one question, led to a fascinating, expansive conversation about what we would offer is 21st century Spirituality and Consciousness that very much undoes a litany of other belief structures and paradigms that get in the way of the creator energy we each are in this world, and beyond this world.

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