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Greetings and blessings.  We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray sharing wisdom at this time to assist you in reaching the next expansion of consciousness.  Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at this magical time on your planet.  These messages are accessed from the higher realms relative to Earth’s vibrational frequency.  Let us begin with this sharing session.

Earth and humanity are in unprecedented times of change and shifts.  We witness the crumbling financial, economic, and political systems across the globe.  We see the levels of dishonesty, intentional disruption, greed and selfishness.  Many are ready for real change, real progress.  As humanity considers the varying approaches to Earth’s progression, we have noticed a growing divide between the quest for goodness compared to the discovery of God-ness.

As we describe it, goodness would perceive the various ills on Earth and pursue cooperation, sharing, caring and an increased sense of community as a reasonable solution.  The phrase, “we are our brother’s keeper” is likely to resonate.  This consciousness is likely to view the world’s resources as fixed as well as scarce.  By banding together in a sense of community those seeking goodness may be encouraged that a cooperative effort could make a difference by leveling things out.

We know of a completely different grid system for realizing the New Earth.

The key component of this upgraded grid system for humanity and Earth is your Divinity; self-actualization of your God-self, from within.  This is far beyond goodness.  Each of you have access to authentic glory.  At that vibration your God-ness melts away all of the fear, wounds and lack that are crippling humanity in the third dimensional version of reality.

The plan that we describe is more than shifting around the game pieces.  It calls for an entirely new game board, with limitless resources, abundant joy, heart-centered love,  inner peace and reverence for All that Is.  Accessing unity consciousness from within the upgraded human blueprint is on the agenda and being test piloted by some.

Any approach to change and progress that leaves out your inner God frequencies is a limited opportunity that is just redistributing the weakness, limitations and “controlling over” of the current 3D game.

A scientific approach that relies upon evidence is not a recommended reference at the high frequencies we are describing.  The Ascension plans are much more expansive in vibration and in effect than your present scientific or journalistic investigation methods can begin to examine and verify.  Until the consciousness has been sufficiently expanded, it is also much bigger than the human mind can fathom.

The recommended avenue to your God-self is through your hearts and trusting your own personal experiences from the most magical to the simply unexplainable.  For many, that will hinder their expansion into multidimensionality.  The requirements of proof typical in journalism, in science, by intellectuals, by skeptics is a brick wall keeping many trapped, confined and limited within the 3rd dimensional construct.

Each of you are on Earth to bring about this new experience, to expand human consciousness beyond what has ever been experienced on your majestic planet, starting with yourself.  The current cycles and various blueprints for Earth’s Ascension allows humanity from your collective God consciousness to access and integrate these extremely high energetic frequencies.

We, along with others with leadership blueprints are continuing to move forward with these objectives.  The plans are upgraded routinely as you continue to complete various milestones in this Ascension process.  We have elected to increase the pace of these influxes, noticing how powerfully effective they have been at shining light on all darkness.  Light and Love prevail!

An influx of higher frequency energies was made manifest in your physical realities on March 9th and they continue through 2011 in regular waves.  These new frequencies allow for ever expanding consciousness into increasing levels of light and love.  A portion of the planet are choosing and allowing this New Earth experience into their lives.  It is available to all without delay.  As more choose this degree of expansion in consciousness, humanity will increasingly notice the vast difference between darkness, goodness and God-ness.

For a portion, this just sounds too happy, too joyous, which reveals they aren’t ready, still clearly affected by the heavy programming in the denser vibrations of Earth.  This programming makes it quite challenging to even consider the possibility of a life with the love and light we portray.  The programming keeps them in the mindset of limited resources and continued darkness.

Nevertheless, the third dimension is collapsing, right on schedule.  This collapsing process is creating tremendous pressure and chaos for those using their energies to try and maintain a third dimensional perspective without a third dimensional structure.  And this chaos will continue, in increasing amounts, to prompt each to become aligned with their Soul’s blueprint for this journey.

Love, joy and inner peace is a tangible experience for those choosing to operate at these higher dimensional realities now available within the physical experience on Earth.  That is why you are on Earth in this timeline.  The mission is well under way.  The accolades from the Cosmos is continuous and amplifying.  Together we are creating a whole new game board.  And, unlike Atlantis, no one will be left behind.

You are clearing the density, the wounds, the fear from Earth’s planes and from the collective records of humanity.  This clearing is offered through your emotions and feelings.  You take on the density, the wounds, the fear and wear it as if it is your own, believing they are from your own challenging, often painful journeys.  But they are not your own.  You created the painful, challenging situations in your journey so that you could identify with it, so that you would take on these collective wounds, experience them, heal them and then release them, thereby clearing them from the collective record of Earth and of humanity.  These wounds are not yours but believing they were is part of the process the collective human consciousness created as a process for clearing.  We share this insight to assist you.  You may now choose to allow the emotions and feelings to move through your being, cleared by your inner God frequency and then allowing them to release.  At this phase of your expanded consciousness, personalizing them is a delay to the clearing and releasing.

All darkness shall be lit with Divine Light.  This Divine Light resides within each of you.  No One.  With those numbers, together we will achieve our shared desired outcome of the New Earth.  Heaven on Earth.  Home brought home.

By activating your inner light, your God frequency, you choose love, not fear.  You choose compassion, not disdain.  You choose forgiveness, not resentment.  You choose well-being, not brokenness.  You choose knowing, not faith.  You choose the real you, not the programming.

The moment has come to shed the pretend clothes of wounded warriors and to step into your Sovereignty.  No darkness shall remain in the level of light we’re describing.

Have fun everyone!  The game is getting really, really interesting.

Love and blessings,

Jill Renee Feeler and The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray