Ready to Live as Your Higher Self, embracing your Soul Signature? Unwilling to accept that we have to Die to feel close to God? This series is for everyone ready to embrace the power and meaning in their lives, as pure divine energy. I created this series because I cannot in good conscience keep this information to myself. I was getting such clear answers, such divine wisdom, the REAL truth about who we are and why we are here. I couldn’t keep it to myself – I love you so much, I have to share it! This information changes lives. It includes the core truths most of us have been searching for. Seekers become finders, experiencers, in this series.

Jill Renee Feeler ETNES SeriesTHE Soul Signature Series delves into the human experience, past, present and future from the perspective of our Higher Selves to:

    • Access peace and clarity, learning how this reality is structured and why things work so strangely here on Earth
    • Gain empowerment in how to move forward in your life
    • Stop trying to clear your energy field… and start learning to accept and live gracefully alongside what Is
    • Understand your Self, your life and others as your Higher Self understands
    • Enjoy a divine community of other light-based beings
    • Get smart and discerning about the choices in your life and what you really want
    • live as your Higher Self… right now

Comment from Participant:

“Oh my, my my ~ that visualization/activation [in week 3’s materials] – wowey-powey! I have benefited from each of the sessions so far but this one gave me so much to think about and begin experimenting with. “Let the house of you be flooded from the inside out by the light of God that you are.” I’m deeply grateful to you, Jill and everyone in this group and our teams for collectively opening up the floodgates to see myself and others in ever-more-meaningful, authentic, loving, compassionate ways. Thank you!”

This series is ready when you are – everything is archived and ready to go! I recommend you experience it over the course of 6 weeks, in sequence, as the materials are very deep and require ample time to process and “simmer”. Our human energy fields, including our minds, are often blown away by this information. Doing it one long sitting isn’t recommended – there is only so much revelation our humanness can handle at once lol.

Each weekly experience (6 total) of materials includes:

1) the core message, meditation and highly charged activations in recorded video and recorded mp3,

2) recording of lively Q&A call from a recent group that experienced the materials, with great questions and thoughtful dialogue you are likely to relate to and also expand from.

Questions? Contact me here

Additionally, we offer a community of others also experiencing this divinely sourced material. Finally, someone to have these deep conversations with that understands! We will do this via a dedicated Facebook group.

I am here for many things including helping Masters re-member their mastery. This is what I do. I see your Mastery. I’m looking for it and it’s always there… I offer you the soul-stirring memories of a foundation of Self to access and experience You, your Soul Signature, you Highest Self while being fully alive and present in your human journey. We share the truth of this very unique timeline, creating an unprecedented Age on Earth, so that You can be a part of it. This wisdom is eternal and highly activating, allowing you to Consciously Create in this magical reality, from the expanded energy field of a whole-ly Divine sense of Self. I am honored to be sharing this information with you.

Client Comment on Week 4 materials:

“Thank you for explaining the concept of free will. Finally I understand… and I can see the bigger picture that led me where I am now. I can be very stubborn at times. Now I can see how my life situation was leading me for growth and gather strength. There were so many obstacles on the way I was desiring, had to make unwanted “detours” , got so upset that started to doubt “where’s the free will if I can’t go the way I want and my higher self has other plans I don’t even know about”. Ok, got it! Finally got it!! Thanks a lot!”

For this 6 week experience of ~5 hours per week, the value exchange is less than $100 per week, the actual value being beyond measure. This series delivers life-long lasting benefits that often start immediately, raised vibration and game-changing expansion. For those who feel in resonance with this experience, I cannot wait to get started with you!!! For some this feels like a big investment, and it is. I wouldn’t be placing this meaningful exchange value determination if I wasn’t sure that we are delivering much, much more than that in value/service. I hope you agree that you and your human journey are definitely worth such an investment. Many within Consciousness and Spiritual communities have been on a hamster wheel of teachers and programs for decades, only to still find themselves feeling like a mouse in a maze chasing cheese that keeps getting moved. My work, especially in this foundational set of re-Sources, is designed to set yourself free from that game of separation, right into the Source energy of You!


Be your Light – from the Inside, Out. Let’s do this!!!

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