Special Offers2021-02-15T11:12:29-07:00

~ Special Offers For You ~

After years of being asked for a mentoring program using my unique enlightenment gifts, I have created one of a kind soulful coaching programs to my current clients and to those ready for authentic transcendence, now.

A free six part video training in Jill's leading edge connection method, 21st Century Enlightenment.

It can be quite challenging to explain readings, psychic abilities, consciousness, mediumship, spirituality to others, especially the very approachable, rational ways that I do my work. So, let's show them, and ourselves, at even deeper levels of self...

If your income is affected by the global chaos, inhibiting your ability to experience our for-pay offers, I have special discounts created just for you. Now more than ever, having what we need to be the light we Are, is critical.

A winning combination of wisdom, cutting edge techniques and sage advice for restoring health! Self Love starts with real food, that your body knows what to do with. Conquer cravings! It works!!

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