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~ Special Offers For You ~

The Christ Consciousness Upgrade Templates initiated from galactic council meetings, and is divinely created for you, your life, your source energy to flow more freely amidst the present energy patterns and conflict-ridden dynamics now so commonly experienced within the Earth plan. To better assist with Being Light, here, now. Correcting common distortions in what the Aquarian Age is... and isn't

Throughout the Gospels we see Mary Magdalene evolving on her personal path, becoming this initiate, this contemplative of whom the Gospel of Mary speaks. Join us for this one of a kind online pilgrimage.

If your income is affected by the global chaos, inhibiting your ability to experience our for-pay offers, I have special discounts created just for you. Now more than ever, having what we need to be the light we Are, is critical.

A winning combination of wisdom, cutting edge techniques and sage advice for restoring health! Self Love starts with real food, that your body knows what to do with. Conquer cravings! It works!!

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