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The Messages

In the Labyrinth Series, we provide “highs” through Big ideas and Huge energies. Contained in monthly pre-recorded, channeled messages from Jill Renee Feeler. (audio recording plus a transcription)

Messages are posted on the 1st of each month into the private group within the JRF community. They average 45 minutes in duration. This focus on quality, not quantity, will prove extra useful for those too busy for hours and hours of enlightenment practicums every month just to feel those big and high soulful layers.

Why Are We Doing The Labyrinth Series?

During the heightened uncertainty and confusion of a pandemic, Jill felt led to offer our wisdom, unique insights, respectful advice, and soulful support on an actionable level, related to life and living.

We learned through this that unless we have a dedicated space for sharing the most expanded ideas, concepts, and messages, they may not be offered. One of the ways we best support this community is by expanding human consciousness. We do this alongside you, together, utilizing your humanness and your soulful range, your Source of creator energy. These experiences are incredibly liberating. Alongside you, we are creating new layers for your human consciousness to experience. In doing so, together we are expanding the layers of consciousness available… for all of humanity.

Creating New Pathways for Wisdom and Soulful Presence on Earth.

A dedicated expansion system for our widest, more buoyant, sovereign layers. Perfect for these unusual times when it is so easy to compress/flatten, feel small, and even oppressed. If you enjoy feelings of uplifting energies and the ideas to expand consciousness forward, making them available in your life, for all life.

The Labyrinth Series Includes the following:

  1. Messages
  2. Conversations
  3. Meditations
  4. Community

*If you have already purchased the Labyrinth Series please ignore the price.