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Jill Lankler and Paul Prosper have been members of our community for many years. They both were on the Egypt trip in Feb 2018 and the Greece trip in Sept 2019. As a group on those trips, it is common to enjoy the most satisfying, enlightened conversations together. We do so during the time on the bus, at the sites, on the Nile cruise, over meals, or just relaxing during some downtime, enjoying each other’s company and the iconic scenes we are within.

Jill L has distinct gifts in critical thinking and clear communication. Her loving heart, passion for liberating ideas, studies in A Course in Miracles, alongside her Ph.D. in Psychology. Regularly lead to thought-provoking, heart-centered insights. Jill L’s approachable way of discussing some of the most heady topics is refreshing, playful, and regularly includes smiles and laughter. In my own enjoyment of making enlightenment accessible, Jill Lankler is like a bold, spirited partner in light. I’m looking forward to your getting to know her through these Conversations and for you to experience her fresh, insightful way of making the most expanded ideas and philosophies relevant and practical.

In addition to the Greece and Egypt trips, Paul also joined for a Mary Magdalene tour of France in October 2016. Paul’s incredibly expansive, and intuitive questions in various courses have made him a legend over the years in our work. (most famously, his role in the Q&A sections of the Outwitting Wetiko Series).

Paul, Jill L., and I have enjoyed spine-tingling. Mind-bending, heart-stirring conversations many times over the years. As I have with many of you in this community. It felt so natural for them to come together and provide a regular commentary on each dedicated message for the Labyrinth series.

Paul is an ancestral member of the Mi’kmaw Nation. He’s served as the elected Chief numerous times and is presently the Regional Chief for Nova Scotia/Newfoundland in the Assembly of First Nations. By profession, Paul also is an Attorney with over 20 years of experience. His style of perceiving things from very expanded angles, and wanting to put vast ideas together in a logical and clear manner have added so much to my work over the years. I very much know him as a soulful ally.

The Conversations of the Labyrinth Series proves to be a treat, particularly since so many of us in these bodysuits long for such connection and deep, soulful conversations.

Conversations are posted on the 10th of each month into the private group within the jrf community platform. They range from 40-90 minutes on average in duration. Some may get what they need from the Message. Others will savor the actionability and soulful but grounding nature of these Conversations.

Why Are We Doing The Labyrinth Series?

During the heightened uncertainty and confusion of a pandemic, Jill felt led to offer our wisdom, unique insights, respectful advice, and soulful support on an actionable level, related to life and living.

We learned through this that unless we have a dedicated space for sharing the most expanded ideas, concepts, and messages, they may not be offered. One of the ways we best support this community is by expanding human consciousness. We do this alongside you, together, utilizing your humanness and your soulful range, your Source of creator energy. These experiences are incredibly liberating. Alongside you, we are creating new layers for your human consciousness to experience. In doing so, together we are expanding the layers of consciousness available… for all of humanity.

Creating New Pathways for Wisdom and Soulful Presence on Earth.

A dedicated expansion system for our widest, more buoyant, sovereign layers. Perfect for these unusual times when it is so easy to compress/flatten, feel small, and even oppressed. If you enjoy feelings of uplifting energies and the ideas to expand consciousness forward, making them available in your life, for all life.

The Labyrinth Series Includes the following:

  1. Messages
  2. Conversations
  3. Meditations
  4. Community

*If you have already purchased the Labyrinth Series please ignore the price.