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Jill Renee Feeler

No experience, choice or decision denies the Light that we Are... here there and everywhere (and even beyond the time space continuum where there is no "there" lol)

4 days ago

Cecilia GreenLoven it Thankyou3 days ago

Jill Renee Feeler

Your naturally loving intentions speak volumes about your Soul Purpose <3 trusting this, you, unleashes even more Light and love into this reality. Source from within You <3 Love, Jill Renee Feeler

6 days ago

Piia Vann... thanks Jill for reminding it again and again ... <3 ...helps focusing on the heart not the mind and the fears ...6 days ago

Jill Renee Feeler

"What can I do to Connect with my Team?" this is easily the most popular question I am asked. Please consider for a moment the question... as it implies inherent dis-connection, which then leads to trying numerous approaches to access something that is perceived as not there. It is like needing that one special cable you don't have to connect the television monitor to the wall's cable port. Two separate items needing an external transfer mechanism to get them connected and functioning as intended. Do you know why the many approaches and attempts made are typically dissatisfying or unsustainable? Because the base energetic system being used doesn't fit what you want. You don't want an external transfer mechanism. The question indicates this mismatch. I turn questions like these from my fellow spiritual comrades upside down and inside out all the time. Your questions actually guide me to what can be adjusted in your awareness to help You achieve Your true spiritual goals. And we don't use external cables Your questions tell me what you want and they tell me energetically how you are perceiving yourself in relation to your Source Creator God energy. You aren't needing an external cable to connect two separate things: your human and your Light. Because, my beautiful Comrade and fellow Bringer of Light, they aren't two separate things.... and they never were. I love to provide ample resources and approaches for helping You experience your inherent Light and your human as an integrated, whole system. Because it is. To me there is no other Authentic approach to Ascension then to start with that inherent energetic system and understanding. Your Light and your human, fit together. Eternally and now. I see this. I know this. I operate in this manner and help others do the same. I love helping others see this for themselves, to make it real, and personal and relevant to every day living on Earth. We offer: * numerous and deeply effective written messages, several of which have been published in the well-regarded Sedona Journal of Emergence. Written messages are all in archive at http://beaconforlightworkers.com/…/ca…/… * hundreds of highly expansive videos, all available in archive at http://beaconforlightworkers.com/info/category/…. The above resources are entirely gifted. They are not teasers for other offerings. They don't ask for a donation. It's simply a full enchilada of gifted and enriched yummies to tempt your further experiencing the Light of God you Are into your human form, realizing they do, indeed go together. Naturally Divine. So, that's the treasure trove of gifted re-Sources. On the for-pay side, we also offer personal services such as private sessions as well life-changing retreats, amazing sacred travel and a highly specialized 10-week online series designed to help you shift your energetic structure in further alignment with the Light that you Are. The 10-week online class is an intensive, and glorious group experience and I would love to have you join us for the upcoming session launching in just a couple weeks, on Dec. 1 if you feel led. Register and get more details for this at http://tinyurl.com/jillreneefeeleretnesdec2014. So much to share and offer for anyone and everyone desiring to experience their unique Light of God in their present human forms. So excited for you, and this reality, to more fully experience the eternal Light you Are, and all are No external conduits required You are the Light !!!! With love and gratitude, Jill Renee Feeler www.beaconforlightworkers.com

1 week ago

John GoodallJill, you are and have been for 2 years a plethora of *just in time delivery * messages from you to me! your team to my team! our team which is one! I resonate with everything you say and do, yell and spit, call out and challenge, calm and reassure, hug and love through it ALL...........I Love You SiStar Jill1 week ago

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