Uniquely Inspiring and Informative Podcast

Jill’s podcast offers connection to self with meditations and inspired messages. Intelligent answers to existential questions to better understand this world, yourself and why you are here. Re-sets and strategies to create a better you.


The coach’s coach, consciousness teacher’s teacher, intuitive’s intuitive. Advising practitioners in the fields of consciousness and esoteric understanding around the world since 2010. Jill helps this world better understand itself, its purpose and why it’s here. In 2008, she had a transformational experience. It wasn’t from hitting rock bottom, nor from a near death experience. She was stressed about a career decision and her sister-in-law recommended her psychic, which as an MBA sounded crazy. That reading set in motion dominos of unfolding into a transcendent version of herself. She tapped into an internal access for wisdom, insights, and philosophies.  Jill provides rational, effective access to transcendence, agency, self-actualization.

Jill’s podcast began in 2010, before they were called podcasts.  It is available wherever you enjoy podcasts, as well as any Alexa device or Hey Google interface. Simply request “Jill Renee Feeler podcast,” enjoy, expand, connect, create… you.